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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 35 Recap

Yan Dan was annoyed. The script of “Hong Chen Lu” was placed on the table, and he couldn’t write a word. He just sat there and sighed. Yu Mo made egg fried rice to make her happy. Yan Dan smelled the rice but couldn’t eat it. Seeing that she had something on her mind, she persuaded her to open her heart, but Yan Dan couldn’t tell what happened to her.

Every time she saw Tang Zhou, she couldn’t control herself. Yu Mo guessed that she was tempted by Tang Zhou. Yan Dan had never experienced that kind of feeling before and didn’t know what a temptation was. Yu Mo advised her not to be impatient and slowly experience the emotions in the world. Yu Mo reminded Yan Dan to treat Tang Zhou’s feelings with caution. Tang Zhou would take over as the head of Lingxiao Sect in the future, and he must cut off his love.

In order to save her younger brother Ziyandu, Linlang gave him 500 years of demon power. After a long period of time, despite Linlang’s efforts a hundred times and a thousand times, it was difficult to recover the demon power. She was very anxious, Zilin tried her best to comfort her, but she still couldn’t let go. , Zilin looked at Linlang’s lonely back and came up with a good idea, he summoned the brush tool spirit to help.

Qi Ling knew that the fox clan hated being deceived the most, and worried that things would be revealed and cause trouble. Zi Lin promised to replace him with wolf cents after everything was done, and Qi Ling reluctantly agreed.

Zilin asked Qiling to pretend to be a pen fairy to give Linlang a divination. Penxian firmly believed that Linlang’s demon power could be restored to its original state. Linlang wanted to ask about her marriage, and the pen fairy pointed to Zilin. Lin Lang saw that Zi Lin and Pen Immortal were working together, forced Pen Immortal to show his true shape, and threatened to impose a heavy penalty on him. Qi Ling had to admit that Zi Lin planned it all. Zi Lin repeatedly explained that he only arranged the first thing.

The marriage is the fate of the two of them, Linlang gritted her teeth in anger, Zilin asked her to verify how the monster power was restored. Linlang exerted power on Zilin and Qiling, Zilin was knocked to the ground, Qiling complained that Linlang’s shot was too heavy, Zilin stood up to protect Linlang, and kept saying that he wanted to marry her, Linlang was so angry that he chased and beat Zilin, Qiling saw It turns out that the two of them have a fate, and they don’t want to provoke trouble again, so they have to shut up.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou went to the jewelry store to check and kill Xiao Qi’s plum blossom hairpin, but they found nothing. Tang Zhou explained to Yan Dan that he and Fushuang were just playing on the scene, and would never give the Shenhua hairpin to Fushuang, but also gave Yan Dan a bouquet of flowers to apologize. , Yan Dan forgave him on the spot and took back the Shen Hua hairpin. Yu Mo came to meet them. The owner of the jewelry store saw Yan Dan’s Shenhua hairpin and wanted to make a custom hairpin for her. Yan Dan took the opportunity to ask about the plum flower hairpin, and the boss remembered that Fushuang had custom-made a plum flower hairpin.

Yan Dan suspects that Fushuang is a disciple of Shenxiao Palace and the murderer who assassinated Xiao Qi in the incarnation of an old lady. As long as she finds the three-petal plum tattoo on Fushuang’s body, she can be sure that she is the real murderer. This kind of tattoo will be engraved on a hidden part. It is difficult for ordinary people to find out, so Yan Dan took the initiative to ask to investigate the matter. When Fushuang was taking a bath, Yan Dan took the opportunity to come over to have a look, and accidentally found that the butterfly tattoo on Fushuang’s arm turned into a three-petaled plum pattern after encountering hot water, and believed that she was a disciple of Shenxiao Palace.

Yan Dan reported the matter to Tang Zhou and Yu Mo. Tang Zhou felt that Fushuang had exposed his identity and would definitely notify the other palace staff in Shenxiao Palace. They waited quietly, then followed the vine to find Shenxiao Palace, and then took back Lichen, Liu Weiyang’s The parrot could hear clearly outside. As expected, Fushuang went out while it was dark, Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Tang Zhou quietly followed her to a place. It was night just now, but it turned into day in a blink of an eye.

The ground was full of plum blossoms, and the river was gurgling. Yan Dan remembers that this technique is recorded in the classics as Jinghu Shuiyue. People can transform their spiritual power into a spiritual realm, and then hide in it to cover up their tracks. The scenery can also change according to their mood. Yan Dan speculates that this is Shenxiao. The spiritual realm of the palace master.

Sure enough, as Yan Dan expected, this is the spiritual realm of the palace master of Shenxiao Palace. The three of them were trapped in it, and the palace master floated over. It turned out that he was Liu Weiyang. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou had long suspected Liu Weiyang’s identity, because there was no big family named Liu in the city.

Liu Weiyang saw that his identity was exposed, and threatened to drain the spiritual power of the three of them and turn them into dead bones. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo joined hands to test and found that Liu Weiyang’s array was really powerful. Yan Dan guessed that Liu Weiyang couldn’t use Lichen, so he did everything possible to lead them here for help, and Liu Weiyang confessed to this.

Liu Weiyang took Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Tang Zhou came to Shenxiao Palace, and a huge black vortex appeared in front of them. Liu Weiyang introduced that it was the demon, and also described his experience in detail. At that time, Liu Weiyang was seriously injured and lost his memory. When he woke up, he was already in Zhu Cuishan. There was only an old man and a black maelstrom in front of him. The old man introduced that this was a demon, and he taught Liu Weiyang to rely on demons to cultivate spiritual power. He also taught him how to transform into someone else’s appearance. Liu Weiyang wanted to ask the identity of the old man, but he just didn’t say it, and he died in the end.

Liu Weiyang created a spiritual realm in Zhu Cuishan to hide the existence of the demon. He wanted to retrieve the lost memory through the demon, but

The miasma at the entrance made it impossible for him to break through. Liu Weiyang had to build the Shenxiao Palace and trained a large number of palace servants. The dancers in Jinhuan Square were all his disciples. Liu Weiyang sent them to find a way to break the miasma. Finally, he found out that Lichen could get rid of the miasma. Brain juice can not use the dust.

Liu Weiyang asked Tang Zhou to help use Lichen to break the miasma into the demon, and agreed to write off the past grievances. Yan Dan wanted to go to the demon to find the artifacts left by the battle of the fairy and the devil. The two reached an agreement, and Tang Zhou used Lichen to successfully crack the miasma. , the four people entered the demon phase one after another. Yan Dan woke up and found herself trapped in the sand pit. She struggled to break free.

Yu Mo, Liu Weiyang and Tang Zhou were gradually engulfed by the sand. She called out to Yu Mo and used the lotus root as a rattan to pull Tang Zhou out, but the rattan was pulled off. , Tang Zhou was still in a coma and continued to sink, Yan Dan rushed over to hold Tang Zhou, and suddenly found that her heartache was unbearable, and she wanted to cry, she was puzzled. Yu Mo and Liu Weiyang woke up, they broke free from the sand pit, and found that the sand would drown the sleeping person. Yu Mo loudly reminded Yan Dan to wake up Tang Zhou, and the three of them shouted Tang Zhou’s name together.

Tang Zhou dreamed in a daze that he and Yan Dan returned to the Lingxiao faction. The head forced him to choose between Yan Dan and Zhengdao. The disciples shouted together for Tang Zhou to kill Yan Dan, and the head handed over the dagger To Tang Zhou, hold his hand and pierce the dagger through Yan Dan’s body. Tang Zhou was frightened and was freed from the sand pit. Before leaving, Yu Mo picked up a piece of lotus root and hid it in his arms.

Yan Dan and the others continued to walk forward. There was a small river in front of him. Yan Dan wanted to fetch some water, but a snake jumped out of the water. Yu Mo recognized it as a hydra, a demonic beast, and reminded everyone to be careful about hydra With the poison on their bodies, the Hydra was pressing on them step by step. Yan Dan remembered that the Hydra had a strange tail that could not be reborn, so he instructed the three of them to hit the Hydra’s tail. The Hydra wanted to perform an illusion on Liu Weiyang. Tang Zhou flew out a dagger and blinded the snake’s eyes on the spot. The Hydra fell to the ground and died. Liu Weiyang pulled out the snake’s teeth and took it away.

Liu Weiyang took Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo came to a hall and found a lot of mirrors inside, guessing that this was the place to evoke memory, Liu Weiyang tried to evoke memory, but the headache was splitting, Yu Mo accidentally summoned the third artifact Chumo. Yan Dan saw the old scene here in the mirror. Tang Zhou saw the evil magic spell with blood charisma in one of the mirrors, and he suddenly felt dizzy. Yan Dan found out that the nine-tailed snake was about to be resurrected, and reminded everyone to take Chumo away.

A man in black jumped out of the mirror and wanted to catch Liu Weiyang. Liu Weiyang was too frightened to move. The man in black attacked Yu Mo and Tang Zhou. , and immediately decided to let Yu Mo and Liu Weiyang lead the man in black out, and she and Tang Zhou took the opportunity to take Chumo away. The four of them acted separately. Tang Zhou successfully took Chumo and collected Yan Dan’s scattered lotus petals and returned them to her. Yan Dan gave him a petal as a souvenir.

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