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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 2 Recap

Ye Zhenzhen drove Fang Zhiheng and He Minhong home, He Minhong saw Fang Zhiheng get out of the car and got into a luxury car, and the driver was an elderly man, she couldn’t help but think about it, Ye Zhenzhen advised her to stop fantasizing, even if Different ways can also live in peace.

Qi Mu asked Fang Zhiheng if he had been recognized when he joined the company. Fang Zhiheng was very satisfied with the current state, and also had a good impression of the neighbors around him. Qi Mu suggested that she help him handle the company’s business after two days of playing, and Fang Zhiheng readily agreed.

A room attendant under Zhu Zhe suffered sexual harassment. She smashed the customer with the toilet brush, so she was held grudge by the customer and framed the room attendant with the reason that the suitcase was destroyed. Seeing the unfortunate experience of the waiter, Zhu Zhe reported to the leaders, hoping to report to the police and give an explanation to his subordinates. The upper management of the company did not support Zhu Zhe’s suggestion. The company where this client belongs to the hotel has a lot of orders every year. Of course, it will not be because of a waiter. Customer orders are ignored.

While Zhu Zhe contacted Ye Zhenzhen and asked her, a professional chemical engineer, to come out, he also contacted his subordinates to find evidence in the client’s room during the unpacking period to prove that the suitcase was destroyed by the client himself. Ye Zhenzhen borrowed the chemical solvent from the laboratory. She came to the hotel and saw the arrogant and domineering appearance of the client. She immediately decided to open the box in five minutes. Zhu Zhe introduced that Ye Zhenzhen was a famous chemical researcher, and she whispered to Ye Zhenzhen. Zhen Zhen gave them some time, Ye Zhen Zhen was very understanding, and immediately said that the chemical reagents she used to open the box were volatile and poisonous.

The waiters and customers around were hiding far away, while Ye Zhen Zhen used chemical reagents to dissolve the glue on the suitcase, while cooperating with Zhu Zhe to help her find evidence. Finally, Zhu Zhe’s subordinates found a bottle of 502 glue. With this evidence, the client would not be able to turn around no matter how harsh the conditions were.

Sure enough, the client did not buy it, saying that he used 502 glue to stick shoes, and bite back, saying that Zhu Zhe was slandering and slandering, and they also exposed their hotel. The client’s attitude was so arrogant, Zhu Zhe was a little troubled, and at this moment, Ye Zhenzhen who was on the side immediately reminded that there is a medium in the glue, just check that the glue on the suitcase contains the same medium as the glue in the 502 bottle, Just enough to prove that the glue in the suitcase comes from the same bottle.

Zhu Zhe was determined to call the police. The customer was anxious and wanted to reconcile. At least the waiter would not be humiliated. Zhu Zhe personally took Ye Zhenzhen to the elevator, Ye Zhenzhen admitted that the theory just now was improvised weaving, but Zhu Zhe praised Youjia, obviously the client was guilty of being a thief.

The upper management of Zhu Zhe Hotel heard that the customer was taken away by the police, and was so angry that they were about to punish and deduct her bonus. Zhu Zhe thought that he had got the customer’s handle and could take the opportunity to let the customer sign a non-disclosure agreement. Let the client promise to arrange all the company’s parties and accommodation in this hotel in the future.

Yu Chuhui usually works as a substitute in a dance class. She works diligently and has never missed a class. When she saw He Minhong secretly tweeting bad things about Zhu Zhe in a circle of friends, she immediately took a screenshot and showed it to Zhu Zhe. He Minhong was very embarrassed when he learned about Yu Chuhui’s actions and saw Zhu Zhe again.

Hearing what happened in the hotel, Yu Chuhui was very curious, so Zhu Zhe told everyone what he saw today, Ye Zhenzhen was worried that Zhu Zhe would be implicated by this incident, and that there was a big company behind the client, Zhu Zhe didn’t take it seriously. In recent years, she has seen all kinds of sexual harassment and violence incidents. After witnessing countless little girls being sexually harassed, they were warned to swallow it up, and her whole value was overturned. When my friends heard that Zhu Zhe had 16 years of work experience, and that she was self-taught and sat in the position of the manager of a five-star hotel, she was in awe.

In order to express his gratitude to Ye Zhenzhen, Zhu Zhe made beef sauce for everyone. Worrying that the room would be smoked, he took the whole cooking to the corridor. After ringing the doorbell for a long time, no one answered.

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