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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 48 Recap

In the past, Ling Budo would rather go against the holy will and be infamous for being unfilial, and would not go home to visit Ling Yi, but now it is uncharacteristically, which makes Chunyu’s family full of suspicion, lest Huo Junhua tell the truth of the Huo family’s annihilation before his death. However, as soon as these words came out, Ling Yi slapped the Chunyu family back, and warned her with a gloomy expression to keep her mouth shut, not wanting to divide the relationship between father and son.

It was this slap that made the Chunyu family completely disheartened. The reason why she was able to ascend to the throne back then was because she had the evidence that Ling Yi killed the Huo family, forcing Ling Yi to accommodate her and marry her. For many years, Chunyu’s family had no children. She thought that by serving Ling Yi wholeheartedly, she would be safe and wealthy for the rest of her life, but Ling Yi’s attitude made her wake up and decided to find a way out for herself.

Now that Huo Junhua is dead, Ling Budo should keep his filial piety for three years. Since Emperor Wen cannot postpone the marriage for three years, he simply announces that the original wedding date will not be changed, so that Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang should get married during the period of hot filial piety. Empress Xuan regretted that as a result, the wedding ceremony should not be arranged too much.

At this time, there were only three days left before the wedding, and Queen Xuan personally saw Cheng Shaoshang off, and at the same time ordered someone to prepare a dowry, and ordered Ling Budo to follow the etiquette, not to meet the bride alone before the big wedding. But when Cheng Shaoshang was about to leave the palace, he suddenly found Ling Budo in front of him. Ling Budo came to send Shaoshang out of the palace, but he didn’t say a word during the whole process, and he still refused to tell him frankly.

The night was covered with dark clouds, like an abyss, but Cheng’s house was brightly lit, and the female relatives all gathered around Cheng Shaoshang, trying on the phoenix crown for her. Cheng Shaoshang didn’t have the slightest joy, saying that a daughter’s marriage was equivalent to hanging her half of her life on her husband’s body. Xiao Yuanyi and Cheng Shi stood at the door, thinking that their daughter was about to marry a woman, they were naturally reluctant.

On the other side, Ling Budo took the Liang brothers to the birthday banquet, and publicly disclosed the truth of Peng Kun’s murder. If Ling Yi had not bought the gardener in the backyard of Tingwei’s mansion, how could it have caused Peng Kun’s illness and death. The two boxes of congratulations contained money and the head of a gardener respectively. Ling Budo recalled the three thousand dead souls in the lonely city. It was obvious that today was the end of Ling Yi’s death.

Ling Yi also wanted to empathize Ling Budo with the affection of father and son. He felt that he didn’t really want to kill him. The guests on both sides suddenly changed their faces, and instantly turned into a killer sword finger Ling Budo. After all, Ling Yi is a wily man, and he has already deployed his troops inside and out. The so-called father and son have reached the point where they meet each other.

Cheng Shaoshang dispatched Fu Deng to back up the congratulatory gift to the Chengyang Marquis Mansion. Fu Deng reported that the birthday gift had not yet arrived at the Chengyang Marquis Mansion. The strange thing is that the birthday banquet should be a grand celebration, but Fu Deng did not hear any sound of silk and bamboo. Cheng Shaoshang sat by the window facing the moon, and his face was already full of tears.

Not far from the Chengyang Marquis Mansion, the swords showed their sharp edges one after another. The Liang brothers and Ling Budo faced the heavy siege, but they were still decisive. Cheng Shaoshang was about to go to find Ling Buxuan when he found that her parents were standing in the yard with the whole family, intentionally preventing her from going to Chengyang Hou’s mansion. However, at Cheng Shaoshang’s insistence, everyone respected her decision, and they all went into battle to lure away the troops.

Although Ling Yi was often looked down upon by Cui Hou and other important officials, he started out in martial arts, and he followed Emperor Wen to conquer the east and west for many years. Therefore, after the tragic battle, the soldiers of the government were all dead souls under the sword. Ling Budo supported the injured body and walked towards Ling Yi step by step, cruelly and desperately telling the truth of Ling Yi killing his own son.

In the end, Ling Buxuan raised the knife and fell, and personally ended Ling Yi’s life. When Cheng Shaoshang pushed open the door of the banquet hall, it was the blood-drenched corpses lying on the ground, standing on the ground, and Ling Budo was standing among the corpses and noticed that there was someone behind him, so he slowed down. Turn around slowly.

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