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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 47 Recap

Ling Budo did not report to the Holy Master first, and intercepted the prisoner for interrogation in private, so the matter quickly spread to the Tingwei Mansion. When Yuan Shen rushed to the inner prison, Peng Kun was already covered with bruises and bruises, and his whole body was weak, so regardless of the obstacles, he insisted on taking Peng Kun away, and warned Ling Budo to think twice before making Cheng Shaoshang in trouble. , he will replace it.

As Wang Li cried and complained outside the Changqiu Palace, there was another battle of words in the courtroom. Lord Zuo wanted to impeach Ling Budo, but Cheng Shaoshang and the third prince responded instead. The prince still pretended to be a good man, trying to resolve the conflict between the two sides, only Ling Yi sat beside him without saying a word.

Cheng Shaoshang told the truth about the connection between Peng Kun and the Gucheng case, and begged Emperor Wen to pardon the child in Wang Ji’s womb. At that time, she would go to the Tingwei Mansion to persuade Peng Kun to confess. Emperor Wen also felt that the child was innocent, and promised Peng Kun that his wife and children were safe on the spot, and agreed to let the Beijun Prison and the Tingwei Mansion jointly investigate.

After the early morning was over, Cheng Shaoshang walked forward in a fit of anger, completely ignoring Ling Buyu until Ling Buyu grabbed her, and then stopped. If it wasn’t for Wang Ji’s revelation, Cheng Shaoshang would have been kept in the dark until now. It turned out that Ling Buxuan’s scheming was so deep that she felt horrified.

At the beginning, Ling Budoubt wanted Xiaoyuehou to show off, and watched the other party collude with Liang Xia to kill Liang Shang, and then framed it and put the blame on the crown prince. Later, Wen Xiujun was designed by Xiaoyuehou. In fact, Ling Budo knew it a long time ago, but he never thought of telling Empress Xuan that he would rather be disappointed by the empress and her son than to help cover it up.

Including Ling Budo’s rectification of Wen Xiujun, leading the black armored guards to hit the censor’s desk, not so much to avenge Cheng Shaoshang’s personal revenge, but to deliberately make the matter of the fifth princess a big one, forcing Xiaoyuehou to take the lead in attacking the East Palace, and finally Self-exposed. In Cheng Shaoshang’s opinion, the prince treats Ling Budo as his own brother and has a close relationship, but Ling Budo did not hesitate to take advantage of the prince in order to retaliate against Xiao Yuehou. Although there was no one in the court to hold the prince accountable, the East Palace was left out in the cold.

But Ling Budo never thought of hurting the prince, instead he protected each other everywhere, just because the prince was soft-hearted, and he valued Wang Chun and Mrs. Lou the most. These two were either incompetent drunkards, or resting on their laurels. the hypocrite. Therefore, if the prince continues to do this, it will inevitably lead to a catastrophe. If the weeds and barnyard vines are not removed, how can precious treasures be planted.

Cheng Shaoshang’s idea is very simple, just want to understand Ling Budo, and desperately hope that he can have no reservations about himself. Unfortunately, just as Ling Budo was about to speak, the crown prince suddenly sent someone to invite him to the East Palace, but it was actually entrusted by Ling Yi to arrange for the father and son to meet. Ling Budo still had an indifferent attitude towards Ling Yi. He didn’t want to ease the relationship between each other at all, but mocked the other party’s shyness, and walked out of the East Palace after speaking.

Wang Ji received the sage’s will and specially prepared wine and food to visit Peng Kun. How could he know that he had died of breathlessness as soon as he arrived at the Tingwei Mansion. Ling Wusu believed that it was Ling Yi who did it, but there was no evidence, so he had to leave angrily.

The death of Peng Kun meant the clues were interrupted. Ling Budo used alcohol to drown his sorrows, and broke down and cried bitterly in the rain alone. Cheng Shaoshang looked distressed, stepped forward and hugged each other gently, saying that no matter what happened in the future, he would stand by his side. Just as Ling Budo was about to confess his identity to Cheng Shaoshang, the news that Huo Junhua was critically ill suddenly came, which made him swallow his words.

When Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang hurried away, Xinghua Bieyuan was already in the middle of Yin and Yang. Cui You was dark and sad, sitting on Huo Junhua’s couch and wept silently. Huo Junhua is no longer mad and stupid in the past, but seems to be sober, and because of the years of trial and error, he gradually realized that Cui You in front of him was a good match, but it was too late.

After Huo Junhua saw Ling Budoubt, he let him come to his side, his eyes were no longer the deep feelings and regrets just now, but a kind of fiery, strong and excited hatred, and repeatedly told Ling Budoubt not to forget to take revenge. It was not until he heard Ling Budo’s promise that Huo Junhua slumped back onto the couch, breathless.

It rained heavily that night, and the apricot blossoms were devastated. In the early morning of the next day, Ling Wusu screened the crowd and knelt alone in the mourning hall, as if he had lost his soul, his eyes were dull and expressionless, and no one knew what was in his mind. Cheng Shaoshang thought that he had fallen in love with Ling Budoubt in this life, and then he became an alliance with him, never leaving. However, Ling Budo looked at Huo’s spiritual position, and after all, he still did not tell Cheng Shaoshang the truth.

Cui You’s scolding came from outside, Ling Budo heard the sound and went out, and saw that Cui You beat Ling Yi, and did not give up until he stopped it. It turned out that it would be Ling Yi’s 50th birthday in seven days. He wanted to invite Huo Junhua to the birthday banquet, but he did not expect such a thing to happen. Ling Budoubt uncharacteristically agreed to go to the banquet. Cheng Shaoshang, who was not far away, noticed something strange.

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