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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 45 Recap

The meaning of Ling Budo’s words was obvious enough, but Lou Ben was no longer calm and calm. After a moment of silence, he suddenly smiled and readily admitted that his acquaintance with each other originated from the same experience. But in Lou Ben’s view, the friendship between the two gentlemen is as watery as water, and it is not very deep. In the end, it is Yan Zhong who listens to Ma Rong and wants to save the old mother’s life with 2,000 fine copper. He never thought that Ma Rong was cruel and killed directly. The Yan family is full.

It was obvious that no one had made public the discovery of the body in the post pavilion, but Lou Ben had already known about it. Cheng Shaoshang was about to get up and asked, when he saw Ling Budo’s expression, he had to hold back. Now that Lou Ben was ordered back to Beijing to take up his post, Ling Budo reassured Cheng Shaoshang not to be impatient. Ma Rong is not a stupid person, so he must be hiding behind him, so there is still time to investigate.

Cheng Shaogong deduced that they would survive in desperation according to the hexagram, but Cheng Song did not believe it at all, saying that he had previously asserted that he would get married before the younger sister, and as a result, he died before marrying a bride. Just when Cheng Song was thinking of Wan Qiqi, how could she know that Wan Qiqi came in a hurry, then took off his shirt and stood in front of him wearing a red wedding dress.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this, and before they could react, they heard Wan Eqi swearing that Cheng Song would not marry in this life. If the Cheng family couldn’t settle their grievances and died unfortunately, she would be a widow for him. Cheng Song naturally did not want to implicate Wan Eiqi, and decisively rejected the marriage, but Wan Eiqi took out the scissors and wanted to break his ambition.

Mrs. Cheng, who originally disagreed with Cheng Song’s entry into the family, was moved by Wan Eqi’s remarks and recognized her as her grandson’s daughter-in-law on the spot. For the first time in the world, Xiao Yuanyi did not object, but it made Mrs. Cheng feel incredible. In fact, Xiao Yuanyi has realized through this period of time that no matter how many contradictions and grievances were in the past, now in the face of life and death, they are all family members who think about each other, why is the so-called overnight feud , between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Now that Lou Ben entered the court as an official, he was widely used by Emperor Wen, and he has become a popular figure in the capital. Lou’s family organized a banquet for him to entertain the guests, and there was an endless stream of people who came to pay their respects. Even Lou Li, who was bitter and mean in the past, also showed the girls the token of love that the eldest brother gave to Wang Yanji.

This object is the familiar bronze mirror, but the engraving on it is from Lou Ben’s hand, and there are as many as ten different characters, which are gathered into a song. After Cheng Shaoshang heard it, he begged to come to the bronze mirror to check, and he really sat down and guessed. Then Ling Budo led Heijiawei to appear, and publicly accused Lou Ben of colluding with Peng Kun’s general, Ma Rong, to trick Tongniu County magistrate Yan Zhong into entrusting Jingtong and his family, and then slaughtered as much as possible.

Lou Ben tried his best to ask Ling Wusu to give evidence, but Yuan Shen suddenly opened his mouth and directly debunked his conspiracy to kill with a knife. Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang found Lou Ben’s letter to Yan Zhong in the county government office. From the acquaintance and appointment to the meeting, they finally incited Yan Zhong to bring his mother and children to accompany Cheng Shi to transport supplies out of the city. Agreed time and place.

Originally, Lou Ben refused to recognize his death, until Ling Wuxuan pointed out that the font of the bronze mirror was the same as that of Lou Ben’s letters, and the overall situation he had carefully planned was still exposed to the public. But Lou Ben has no regrets at all. He just hates that he didn’t give birth decades earlier. Even Ling Budo admires Lou Ben’s talent. If he was born at the right time, he would definitely be able to guide the country and make a career. Astray.

Ling Budo knows Lou Ben’s ambitions well, but he can only become the pillar of the country by taking it step by step and accumulating official rank. Lou Ben said that he was born with such a temperament and could not be subservient to others. If he were to start as a barnyard official and a small official, instead of spending all his ambitions in insincere compliments and innocuous dealings, I would rather not step into the courtroom for the rest of my life.

Lou Ben rebuked Taifu Lou for his selfish desires and humbly declined His Highness’s recommendation, causing him to be deliberately buried and not enabled by the prince. Not only that, but as the head of the family, Taifu Lou actually pushed all the dirty things to the woman, which really made him look down.

Cheng Shaoshang asked Lou Ben to explain the whereabouts of Cheng Shi. How did he know that Lou Ben wanted to talk alone? After leading him to the side hall, he gave Cheng Shaoshang the map of mountains and rivers he drew by himself as an apology. May she be imprisoned in Japan in the future In times of distress, the world can be seen, and there is an unfathomable theory of cause and effect.

Everyone was waiting outside the door, completely unaware of what was going on in the hall, until they saw Lou Ben holding Cheng Shaoshang out, Ling Buxu ordered someone to control Wang Yanji, and warned the other party that since he was a smart person, there was no need to cause trouble. In fact, Lou Ben never thought of hurting Cheng Shaoshang at all, but he was unwilling to face the current situation, so after exhorting Lou Yao and others, he committed suicide on the spot.

Wang Yanji was distraught, and rushed over to hug Lou Ben’s corpse, but it was a pity that the world was forever separated, and she hadn’t had time to tell the news that she was pregnant. Mrs. Erfang and Lou Yao were heartbroken, Ling Budo also felt a lot of emotion, only Cheng Shaoshang fell into contemplation, repeatedly recalled what Lou Ben said to her, and finally realized that the words implied Cheng Shi’s whereabouts.

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