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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 33 Recap

Yu Mo took out Niscale and returned it to Chaolan, but Chaolan refused to accept it. Yu Mo knew that Niscale was insignificant to her, and insisted on returning to Zhao. When Chaolan proposed the succession ceremony, Yu Mo was crowned for her. Mo felt that he was not worthy, but he couldn’t stand Chaolan’s hard pleas, and Yu Mo agreed.

Today is the day when Chao Lan takes over as the Dragon Lord of the Four Seas. Yan Dan came to congratulate her. Chao Lan wished Yan Dan and Yu Mo happiness. Yan Dan repeatedly explained that Yu Mo already had a place in his heart, but it was a pity to miss it. Chao Lan revealed that Yu Mo was right Yan Dan has a special liking, because she is afraid to scare Yan Dan away and does not dare to tell her what she thinks. The extreme suffering in the world is infatuation. Yu Mo suffers like this just to make Yan Dan live a carefree and happy life. The auspicious time has come, Yu Mo personally crowned Chaolan, Chaolan accepted the worship of the dragons of the four seas, and then officially succeeded to the throne.

After the ceremony, Yu Mo said goodbye to Chaolan, wishing her to find the person who she loves as soon as possible. When Lu Ming returned to the heaven, Zhixi couldn’t wait to ask him about Yan Dan’s current situation. He learned that Yan Dan was very happy now, and Zhixi was very pleased. Lu Ming advised her to visit Yan Dan, but Zhixi faced Yan Dan without face. . Tang Zhou, Yan Dan and Yu Mo all saw that Ying Deng was by no means good, and suspected that she knew how to use Lichen to say the trick. abacus.

Yu Mo and his party came to a dense forest. After passing through this forest, they were Ying Deng’s master gate—-Hexin Gate. Ying Deng knew that Tang Zhou and Yu Mo had grudges against her, and promised to say everything when they arrived at the master gate. . Lichen suddenly changes, Yan Dan guesses that Lichen has something to do with this forest, Ying Deng admits that she picked up Li Chen here, Yu Mo is worried about an ambush, and lets Ying Deng lead the way in front, Ying Deng claims that he often cuts in the woods Chai, who knew the terrain very well, she excused the dangerous swamp to the west and led them around from the north.

Tang Zhou soon discovered that the trees were not naturally rehearsed, but were arranged in a nine-square gossip formation. Once they entered the center of the formation, the formation would be triggered. Before Tang Zhou could react, a vision suddenly appeared in the sky, and the sky was covered with clouds. The fluorescent lights explained again and again. It was here that she found Li Chen back then. It turned out that when Ying Deng came to the woods to chop wood, he accidentally triggered the gossip array formed by the spirits of the demons. The same senior sister followed and reminded her not to be lazy. Ying Deng used the gossip array to cultivate the “Xiao Han Sutra”, and the result was great. Zeng, she turned her senior sister into a stone sculpture in a fit of anger, and then completely destroyed the stone sculpture. Ying Deng found Lichen from the ground and took Lichen as his own.

According to the gossip array, Tang Zhou figured out that the north is the exit, so he took Yu Mo and Yan Dan to the north, Ying Deng took the opportunity to sneak up on Yan Dan, and Tang Zhou and Yu Mo joined forces to protect Yan Dan. Ying Deng hated Yan Dan deeply, she took great pains to gain Pei Luo’s trust. Seeing that she was about to become a princess, she was completely screwed up by Yan Dan. Ying Deng admitted that all the plots were for Tang Zhou. Yan Dan kills and heals Tang Zhou with her heart, and then she casts a spell to make Tang Zhou forget the past, and the two of them can stay together forever.

A black fog suddenly appeared in the air, Yu Mo felt that something was wrong, and reminded Tang Zhou and Yan Dan to be careful. Ying Deng claimed that these black mists were the souls of demons, and threatened to dilute Yu Mo and Yan into stone sculptures, so that she would be able to use the two artifacts, Lichen and Nine Fins Dragon Pill, to dominate the mortal world. Ying Deng used mana to deal with Yan Dan and Yu Mo. Tang Zhou joined forces to fight against them. Ying Deng’s skill was strong, and Yan Dan gradually became weak. She reminded Tang Zhou to quickly take the recalling beads that Chaoyan gave him, so that he could remember all the immortals. Law, Yu Mo persuaded Tang Zhou to fight back with the dust.

Yingdeng became angry, she used Xiaohan Jing to press the three of them step by step, Yu Mo instructed Tang Zhou to use Xiao Han Jing to manipulate Lichen to deal with Ying Deng, Yan Dan felt that Xiao Han Jing was familiar, and could not remember where she heard it. . Yingdeng didn’t expect Yu Mo to know the Han Sutra, so Tang Zhou quickly subdued Yingdeng. Yingdeng claimed to have served Tang Zhou for thousands of years, but died at his hands. Yingdeng vowed to make Tang Zhou feel guilty for a lifetime. As soon as she finished speaking, she turned into a stone sculpture. Yan Dan felt that Ying Deng deserved what she deserved. She became crazy because of love. Yan Dan worried that the woman in Tang Zhou’s dream was also such an obsessive person. Tang Zhou remained silent.

Yan Dan suggested to go to Hexinmen to find an insider to inquire about Lichen’s magic formula. The three of them came to an inn, and Yu Mo asked the boss about the situation of Hexinmen, and learned that Yingdeng had practiced a lot of slander here, because his mind was evil Evil was hated by his fellow senior sister, Pei Luo came here to pay homage, Ying Deng cast a spell to charm him, Pei Luo made her a concubine and brought her into the palace, the night before Ying Deng left, the Hexin Gate suddenly burst into flames, and all 57 people were counted. Neither Yan Dan nor Tang Zhou expected Ying Deng to be so vicious.

Yan Dan felt scared when he thought about it, thanks to Yu Mo’s knowledge of the Han Sutra, otherwise they would all turn into stone sculptures, Yan Dan immediately decided not to be Yu Mo’s little follower, and wanted to practice with Yu Mo, not only to protect himself, but also to To protect Yu Mo, Yu Mo naturally couldn’t get what he wanted, and Tang Zhou felt sour in his heart. The little boy next door, Xiaoyu, got stuck in his throat while eating. Yan Dan hurried over to help and took a picture of what was stuck in his throat. Xiaoyu’s grandmother was grateful to her and invited Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo to the inn.

At the Dragon Boat Festival, five yellows were prepared for them. Yu Mo didn’t eat the same kind. Yan Dan was worried that the realgar wine would make them show their original shape, so Tang Zhou took a few bites. The grandmother poured a glass of wine for Yan Dan, Tang Zhou quietly tested the wine to be non-toxic, Yu Mo drank a glass for her, the grandmother toasted Yu Mo a glass of wine, Tang Zhou took it and drank it, claiming that Yan Dan was picked up by him The maid, Yu Mo claimed to be Tang Zhou’s housekeeper, and complained that Tang Zhou beat the mandarin ducks to separate him and Yan Dan.

Yu Mo excused having a headache and couldn’t drink, Yan Dan lied that he couldn’t drink alcohol even if he had asthma, Tang Zhou had to bite the bullet and drink cup after cup, and soon became unconscious. Yu Mo sent Tang Zhou back to the room, Tang Zhou kept calling Yan Dan, and Yu Mo immediately understood Tang Zhou’s intentions for Yan Dan. Tang Zhou dreamed of the woman who asked him for his heart, the woman jumped off the bridge beside him, and Tang Zhou shed sad tears in the dream.

The old grandmother quietly came to Tang Zhou’s room and stole his Lichen. It turned out that the grandmother was sent by the Palace Master of Shenxiao Palace. The Palace Master knew that Li Chen had already recognized the master, so he would not use it if he stole it. He just wanted Tang Zhou, Yu Mo and Yan Dan to join the game and help him accomplish his great cause. Tang woke up early on Monday and found that Li Chen had been stolen. He felt a little stunned in his heart. Yu Mo went to the nearby area to investigate and visit, and learned that the inn had been empty for a long time. Xiaoyu, Yu Mo concluded that someone had set a trap in advance. Yan Dan found that a lot of realgar powder was added to the wine, which covered up the peculiar smell of Mongolian sweat.

Yu Mo suspected that they had been targeted for a long time, knowing that he and Yan Dan were demons and could not drink realgar wine, so he deliberately let Tang Zhou drink it, and then found an opportunity to steal Lichen. Yan Dan remembered that the main ingredients of Menghan medicine recorded in the book are only Zhu Cuishan can be planted. Tang Zhou, Yan Dan, and Yu Mo came to Zhucui Town at the foot of Zhucui Mountain. They couldn’t make a big splash in the search for Mongolian sweat medicine. Yan Dan came up with an idea to find clues in the dance workshop, Jinhuanfang.

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