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Being a Hero 冰雨火 Episode 4 Recap

As a result, after Chen Yu went out, he heard Liu Kaihua ask Wu Zhenfeng why Chen Yu didn’t arrest him, Chen Yu was stunned, Wu Zhenfeng raised his eyebrows, and asked Liu Kaihua if he didn’t trust Chen Yu. Lin Dezan was afraid that Chen Yu was in his heart. It’s uncomfortable, explaining that this is a normal procedure, but Chen Yu doesn’t care. After all, his real reason is to hope that he can be arrested alive.

When Lan Anran was calling for surveillance, he suddenly saw Lin Dezan’s figure, and hurriedly called Chen Liwen, hoping to meet and report alone. Wu Zhenfeng in the interrogation room admitted that it was Ba Peng who reported it himself, and that Huang Daxian wanted to frame the Weixiang restaurant murder case on him.

The forensic doctor Leng Feng also found Wu Zhenfeng’s hair in the Weixiang restaurant from the DNA comparison. While reporting to Chen Liwen, Lan Anran brought the surveillance video. She didn’t know who to report to, so she could only come to Chen Liwen.

At that time, when she was a student, she was brought to the police station for catching drug criminals. Lin Dezan felt that a girl was unsafe and persuaded her to go to school, but Lan Anran didn’t care about her own safety at all. In her mind, her parents died because of drugs. , Lin Dezan encouraged Lan Anran to take an anti-drug major and then come to work in the police force.

Chen Yu brought the pieces of the jade pendant to Wu Zhenfeng. Wu Zhenfeng recalled the situation when he went to Weixiang Restaurant to find Hu Qingshan. Because Hu Qingshan was also a drug criminal, Wu Zhenfeng wanted to ask where his brother was, but Hu Qingshan did not know, nor did he Dare to let East Brother know about his drug trafficking, the two had a disagreement and fought. During the fight, Wu Zhenfeng’s jade pendant shattered, but he did not kill Hu Qingshan. Wu Zhenfeng lied that he only bought drugs from Hu Qingshan. It was Hu Qingshan who put the drug in the wine. He has always been in a broken situation, but he was sure that he did not want to kill Hu Qingshan. Give him the innocence.

After investigating the video, it can be determined that the call to the police was indeed called by Wu Zhenfeng. Chen Yu raised his doubts, believing that a drug addict would not report others for drug trafficking. In the end, there was not much progress in Wu Zhenfeng’s interrogation. , Chen Yu felt that the more the trial, the more chaotic.

In fact, Wu Zhenfeng turned himself in on purpose. He also knew that the police had locked his position. He called Erliang in advance because he found a small gangster who had been with his brother and was now locked in a drug rehabilitation center. Do whatever it takes to find that person.

Lao Zhang was caught by Huang Wenlin and learned from him that Jiang Lei belonged to his brother. Huang Wenlin locked Lao Zhang in an iron bucket. The punishment for him not paying back the money was to set firecrackers in the iron bucket, scaring Lao Zhang. Begging for mercy.

The drug criminal Gou left was beaten at home by Jiang Lei, and asked if Gou was betrayed when he was arrested by the police. Although Gou denied, he was beaten by Jiang Lei because he owed money to Jiang Lei. Seeing this, his mother hurried They called the police. At the same time, according to the trace provided by Wu Zhenfeng, it was proved that Hu Qingshan went to Yimingchuanchuanxiang to buy medicines from Huang Wenlin on the day of the accident. The two fought because of the price. The police found Wu Zhenfeng’s figure on the monitor. According to the time of his appearance, it was not the time to kill Hu Qingshan. Liu Kaihua asked Wu Zhenfeng to determine whether Huang Wenlin was Huang Daxian.

Liu Kaihua hurried over after receiving a call from Wang Kai of the police station. Liu Kaihua was Jiang Lei’s uncle. He was so angry that Liu Kaihua wanted to slap Jiang Lei a few times. After paying some compensation, he gave Jiang Lei a kick when he went out to the police station, blaming Jiang Lei for causing trouble every day. Liu Kaihua only hoped that Jiang Lei would stop causing trouble before going to see his mother. As for the money, Jiang Lei’s explanation was that he asked his mother for 150,000 yuan to buy a car, 50,000 yuan was eaten and drank, and only 100,000 yuan was left to lend to Gou Yu, Liu Kaihua did not doubt it.

When Chen Yu and Lan Anran came to ask Wu Zhenfeng about Huang Daxian, they confirmed that Huang Wenlin was Huang Daxian. At the same time, Wu Zhenfeng also revealed Huang Daxian’s den, but they were sure that the police couldn’t find evidence even if they said it, just like Ba Peng’s place. In the same way, the implication is that there are ghosts in the police force.

After all, the clues that Wu Zhenfeng said are not known to be true or false. Chen Yu and Lan Anran planned to inquire about the clues first. Chen Yu took Yang Yi to meet them outside together, while Lan Anran disguised as a escort girl and went to Huang Wenlin to get the medicine. , claimed to be introduced by Ba Peng, but it aroused Huang Wenlin’s suspicion, because Ba Peng didn’t know the bar at all.

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