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Being a Hero 冰雨火 Episode 3 Recap

In the middle of the night, Zhou Bowen, a police officer from the Anti-drug Brigade, was still busy in front of the computer. He logged into Ba Peng’s account when he suddenly received a message. At this time, Wu Zhenfeng was hiding in a corner eating instant noodles, and he actually received the same content as Zhou Bowen’s message on his mobile phone.

Chen Yu and Chen Ling told the story of fighting with drug dealers on the bus. Wang Yikun, the drug criminal K, brought someone to find Wu Zhenfeng, forced him to hand over his things, and also told Wu Zhenfeng to know if he wanted to go to Mengya. Mengyao’s family is Erliang, and Wu Zhenfeng also guessed the identity of the other party. Wu Zhenfeng asked whether his father was killed by them, but Wang Yikun said nothing, just shot the passengers, in order to coerce Wu Zhenfeng to hand over things. . Chen Yu rushed over and held Wang Yikun hostage, threatening to take Wu Zhenfeng away.

The two fled all the way to the bushes, and there were countless people chasing them. In the torrential rain, the two slipped many times. Chen Yu grabbed Wu Zhenfeng and didn’t let go. Killing must prove that he was looking in the right direction. He didn’t know what to say and didn’t leave. Seeing that the pursuers were about to arrive, Wu Zhenfeng suddenly pushed Chen Yu, broke free from Chen Yu’s arrest and jumped into the deep water. In the middle, and Chen Yu also jumped down, but Wu Zhenfeng was not found, but he just picked up the jade pendant in the water.

Chen Yu was transferred from the inspection team because he left the country without permission. He went to the local police station to serve as a police officer for three years. He blamed himself that if he hadn’t answered the phone in front of Wu Zhenfeng, it would not have caused the flood of poison in Yunhe in recent years. Seeing Chen Yu who was so sad, he put his hand on his shoulder, hoping to give him comfort and strength.

Lin Dezan told Liu Kaihua of his plan, but told Chen Yu not to tell Chen Yu, worried that Chen Yu would not be able to hold his breath when he was young, and instead he would ruin a major event.

After pondering, Wu Zhenfeng called the nickname Erliang, claiming that he had made some good medicines. If he could find a good employer and submit the application form, it would definitely be a big gain, but he was tricked by his brother. Almost getting caught, Erliang reminded Wu Zhenfeng to be careful and careful, and if it doesn’t work, go back.

Erliang hung up the phone and talked to Sister Qiong about saving Wu Zhenfeng three years ago. She was also glad that she didn’t save the wrong person. Her ability was nothing to say, but she was more difficult to deal with than Brother Dong. Sister Qiong was an armed leader outside Erliang. , He also seemed relatively calm, thinking that as long as the business was weak, no matter how difficult it was, the business had to be discussed. The two got up and were about to leave, and dozens of people around them swept up and followed behind.

Wu Zhenfeng looked at the messages sent by Huang Daxian and the others on his mobile phone, the transaction information, and remained silent, while the same Zhou Bowen also grasped the content of this information through the information on Ba Peng’s mobile phone, and paid close attention to everything. And he reported the news at the meeting. At 11:30 noon, the transaction will be held at the bus station. Lin Dezan ordered that no matter the information is true or false, he should take a shot and say it again.

When the police rushed to the bus stop, Wu Zhenfeng also rushed over. From afar, he saw Chen Yu disguised as a sanitation worker. When Wu Zhenfeng was about to leave, he saw the license plate number of a car. His subordinate Jiang Lei caught Xiaocangfang and beat him up. Wu Zhenfeng promised to help find the person carrying Dongge Pharmaceutical, but he also asked to see Dongge, but he was greeted by another beating. When Jiang Lei left, Wu Zhenfeng noticed that his license plate number was exactly this.

Wu Zhenfeng took the initiative to talk to the people in the car, and specifically told Jiang Lei that there was a police charge, and it was impossible for him to catch Huang Daxian. At this time, Jiang Lei actually dialed Liu Kaihua’s phone and tested that Liu Kaihua was on duty outside, which also confirmed Wu Zhenfeng’s words are true. Wu Zhenfeng took the opportunity to ask to see his eldest brother, but was kicked off by Jiang Lei. It just so happened that Chen Yu saw this scene and chased Wu Zhenfeng out of control. Liu Kaihua was afraid that he would be scared by the grass, so he only let people who were also wearing sanitation suits chase after him.

Chen Yu lost his headphones while chasing Wu Zhenfeng, and Wu Zhenfeng also took the opportunity to run up to the roof, but was chased by Chen Yu. Chen Yu pointed a gun at Wu Zhenfeng and forced him to stop. There happened to be a mirror on it. Wu Zhenfeng used the reflection of the mirror to illuminate Chen Yu’s eyes, but he took the opportunity to jump off the building and escape. Because of Chen Yu’s failure, he was severely reprimanded by Liu Kaihua when he returned.

Liu Kaihua blamed Chen Yu for not being able to catch him. Chen Yu explained that those who must be caught must not be shot. In order to arrest Wu Zhenfeng, the police had to issue an arrest warrant, and soon got the information, and the police rushed over quickly. But Wu Zhenfeng had already left by bus, and happened to pass by the police car.

Two rhubarb capsules were found in Wu Zhenfeng’s room. At the same time, Wu Zhenfeng actually came to the police station and surrendered himself. Liu Kaihua got the news and brought someone over. Wu Zhenfeng was arrested on suspicion of murder and two drug dealing cases. Wu Zhenfeng was escorted into the police car by Chen Yu, and he also remembered some hardships in chasing him in the past three years. After Chen Liwen learned the news, he ordered a surprise interrogation overnight, demanding a flawless result.

Chen Yu was always emotional when confronted by Wu Zhenfeng’s interrogation. The two spoke tit for tat, and Liu Kaihua beside him scolded Chen Yu for leaving the interrogation room.

At this time, Lan Anran, a female police officer who was calling for surveillance in the monitoring room, suddenly found something suspicious.

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