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Being a Hero 冰雨火 Episode 2 Recap

Chen Yu reported to Lin Dezan about the jade fragments he saw in Weixiang Restaurant. He suspected that Wu Zhenfeng had returned, so he proposed to combine the investigation with the case three years ago. Lin Dezan just asked for the evidence to be filed. It seems that There is no objection to the merger.

After Ba Peng went out, he called Huang Daxian. Huang Daxian ordered to kill Wu Zhenfeng, and at the same time handed over all the drugs to him. Then Ba Peng called Lin Dezan again, claiming that the person who killed Hu Qingshan was Brother Feng, but he did not know the exact name, so he asked Brother Feng to meet at night.

Chen Yu has also been secretly watching Ba Peng’s every move, watching him go out to the chemical factory in the suburbs alone on a motorcycle at night, Chen Yu called his colleague Yang Yi and told him to come to the chemical factory, but only allowed He told Liu Kaihua alone that Chen Yu suspected that someone had leaked the news.

At this time, Ba Peng and several people negotiated how to subdue Wu Zhenfeng at the chemical factory and handed him over to the police as a target of drug dealing. At the same time, Chen Liwen also reprimanded Lin Dezan, believing that he had been the director for three years. , the anti-drug work here is getting more and more severe.

When Wu Zhenfeng and Ba Peng and others were fighting, Liu Kaihua came with the police, rushed in with Chen Yu and subdued a few people, while Wu Zhenfeng took the opportunity to slip away, and Ba Peng drove to destroy the evidence and poured the trunk of the car. The gasoline started to burn. When Wu Zhenfeng left, he looked back at the anti-narcotics police who were busy fighting the fire in the chemical factory.

Lin Dezan rushed over in a huff, and scolded Liu Kevin for not reporting such a big clue. He asked everyone to write an inspection, and scolded everyone for sabotaging his deployment for the past month. Chen Yu picked up a pendant again at the crime scene. Although he couldn’t see Wu Zhenfeng’s face clearly at the time, he could be sure that Wu Zhenfeng was inside and strongly demanded that the case be investigated, but Lin Dezan thought that this thing could not be proved to be Wu Zhenfeng’s. , what the eyes see may not be the truth.

After Lin Dezan got angry at Chen Yu, he took the initiative to apologize, and Chen Yu also left the office angrily. Three years ago, when Wu Gang died, Lin Dezan proposed to examine Wu Gang’s injuries, and even suspected that Wu Gang was a drug criminal, but Wu Zhenfeng collapsed because of this, and scolded Lin Dezan for being the one who should be investigated. Over the years, drug trafficking has become more rampant. Thinking of this, Lin Dezan felt unhappy and called Liu Kaihua to come out to chat.

Yang Ling had been waiting for Chen Yu to get off work, and wanted to celebrate Chen Yu’s return to the anti-drug team, but Chen Yu had no intention at all. When he was taking a shower, his mind was full of Lin Dezan’s words and Lin Dezan’s suspicious behavior. place.

At the same time, Lin Dezan also talked to Liu Kaiwen about going to Ba Peng. Knowing that Ba Peng had rhubarb capsules there, he forced him to investigate the murder of Hu Qingshan in Weixiang Restaurant, and to find out the entire drug trafficking network. , Lin Dezan believed that there must be a sales network, and also admitted that it was the matter that he notified Ba Peng to be searched, but Liu Kaiwen also had doubts about Lin Dezan, and asked some questions for Lin Dezan to give a reasonable explanation.

Chen Yu also talked to Yang Ling about what happened three years ago. Three years ago, Wu Gang died, but he was said to be a drug criminal. In addition to soothing emotions, it is to understand the actual situation by the way. Wu Gang was in the jade business back then, and when Chen Yu and Wu Zhenfeng separated, each gave a jade pendant.

Due to Wu Zhenfeng’s sudden appearance, the arrest operation failed, and even Gong Wei was injured, and Chen Yu was suspended. Therefore, Chen Yu went to Wu Zhenfeng and asked Wu Zhenfeng to go back and make it clear that the two were torn on the bus. Accidentally bumped into He Jiashu, a drug criminal, and accidentally discovered that he had a gun on him. Chen Yu reminded Wu Zhenfeng in a low voice that the other party was coming for him, but when the two were about to leave, they were outflanked. All of them were drug criminals, and the two sides fought fiercely. Chen Yu guessed that Wu Zhenfeng must have found important clues before being watched.

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