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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 31 Recap

Ao Xuan made rude remarks to Tang Zhou, Yan Dan hurried to relieve the siege, and lied that the four of them were here to congratulate Chao Lan and Ao Xuan on their marriage. Yan and Chaolan, Ao Xuan forced Yu Mo to pay for his spiritual body and kneel down to beg for mercy, before he was willing to let them both go.

Yu Mo was very annoyed and wanted to fight Ao Xuan to the death. Ao Xuan gave an order, and the soldiers from the East China Sea swarmed up to surround Yu Mo. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo joined forces to knock them to the ground. Ao Xuan shot back, Tang Zhou asked Yu Mo to hold him, and then rescued Chao Yan, Yu Mo severely injured Ao Xuan, Ao Xuan took the opportunity to hold Chao Lan hostage, and he said harsh words before leaving, three days later, he will be with him. Chao Lan got married, and when Chao Yan did not send Yu Mo’s head, the Nanhai Dragon Clan completely disappeared.

Yan Dan was surprised when Chao Yan revealed that Yu Mo was a descendant of the Nine-Fin Clan. Tang Zhou summoned Yu Mo, Ying Deng and Yan Dan to discuss countermeasures. Ying Deng worried that Yu Mo’s identity would lead to mutiny in the world, and persuaded Tang Zhou to continue experiencing difficulties in the world and not get involved in this turmoil. Yu Mo questions Ying Deng’s identity. She claims to be a warlock from a small school. She not only knows the secrets of Tiantiao, but also observes changes in the world. Yu Mo has doubts about her identity.

Chao Yan sent someone to invite Yu Mo, Ying Deng promised to return to the teacher’s door after dealing with the Nanhai matter, Yu Mo’s doubts would come to the fore, Yu Mo waited and watched. Yingdeng wanted to use Yan Dan’s heart to help Tang Zhou heal, but she couldn’t kill Yan Dan herself and wanted to find Ao Xuan as a helper. Chao Yan asked Yu Mo to lead the uprising in the South China Sea, the North Sea and the West Sea as a descendant of Jiu-Fin, to rescue Chao Lan, and then kill Ao Xuan to replace him. Yu Mo categorically refused. As a result of the annihilation of the Nine-Fin Clan, they elected the White Dragon Clan of the East China Sea as the leader of the four seas.

Chao Yan immediately knelt down and explained the truth to Yu Mo. During the Battle of Creation, the White Dragon Clan of the East China Sea not only failed to reinforce in time, but also chased after the Nine-Fin Clan when they were exhausted. As a result, the Nine-Fin Clan strayed into the Shura Clan’s trap After being overthrown, the Dragon King of the East China Sea went up to the heavens and became the head of the Shui tribe. All the evidence of the crime was in the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea. Chao Yan persuaded Yu Mo to overthrow Ao Xuan as the Lord of the Four Seas.

Yu Mo weighed three things and decided to personally go to the Dragon King of the West Sea and the Dragon King of the North Sea to discuss the uprising, and asked Tang Zhou to help take care of Yan Dan. Yan Dan was worried that Yu Mo would marry another princess of the West Sea, and wanted to go back and inform Bailing to prepare a dowry for Yu Mo. Ying Deng carefully prepared the moon cake, wanting to relieve Tang Zhou’s pain and repay Tang Zhou’s life-saving grace, Yan Dan felt sour, Ying Deng lied that she and Tang Zhou were a natural couple when they were in the heaven, and they loved each other for a lifetime. , Yan Dan believed it to be true.

Ying Deng gave the moon cake to Tang Zhou and vowed to cure his illness sooner or later, but Tang Zhou did not appreciate it and couldn’t wait to know where Yan Dan was going. Ying Deng lied that Yan Dan went down the mountain to collect herbs to make cakes for Yu Mo. Worried that Yan Dan was in danger, she hurried to find her. Yingdeng was indignant, she took pains to please Tang Zhou, but Tang Zhou only had Yan Dan in his heart.

Yan Dan was collecting herbs in the mountains, Tang Zhou then came over, Yan Dan fell unsteadily and fell down, Tang Zhou rescued Yan Dan regardless of his life, he felt that the scene at this time was exactly the same as the scene he saw in the dream, Yan Dan concluded that Tang Zhou was in a dream The woman was Ying Deng, Tang Zhou thought it was impossible.

Yan Dan collected a bottle full of the spiritual energy in the mountains. Tang Zhou mistakenly thought she wanted to make moon cakes for Yu Mo. Yan Dan repeatedly explained that she wanted to make cakes for the soldiers in the South China Sea to improve their cultivation, but instead advised Tang Zhou not to live up to Ying Deng’s A true love, Tang Zhou tried his best to clear his relationship with Ying Deng, and Yan Dan was not allowed to be suspicious. Chao Yan accompanied Yu Mo to see the Dragon King of the West Sea.

The Dragon King of the West Sea agreed to send troops to support Yu Mo. Yu Mo wanted to persuade the Dragon King of the Beihai Sea. The portrait of the Dragon King of the North Sea immediately recognized him as Lu Ming, and immediately wrote a letter to him.

Ao Xuan sent someone to deliver medicine to Chao Lan, but Chao Lan refused to drink it. Ao Xuan rushed to the people and was furious. Chao Lan did not allow Ao Xuan to hurt Yu Mo and Chao Yan. Ying Deng came to see Ao Xuan in person, and Ao Xuan said that he could not get Chao Lan’s heart, nor would Chao Lan leave the East China Sea for half a step.

Ao Xuan came to see Ying Deng, Ying Deng wanted to join forces with him to get rid of Yu Mo, and also revealed that Yu Mo went to Xihai and Beihai to lobby and wanted to revolt to overthrow Ao Xuan, and Ao Xuan considered repeatedly deciding to join forces with her. Ying Deng promised to report Yu Mo’s uprising plan to him at any time. As long as Ao Xuan catches Yan Dan, he can force Yu Mo to surrender. After that, Ao Xuan will hand over Yan Dan’s body to her. Ying Deng hit it off instantly, and Ao Xuan gave Ying Deng the shadowless beast responsible for the message.

Yan Dan hides and writes when he has time. Luming receives a letter from Yu Mo and comes to see him as soon as possible. Luming sees that Yan Dan is concentrating on writing from a distance, so he tells Yu Mo that Yan Dan is in Wangchuan. After being tortured in the water for more than 800 years, he finally forgot his past with the help of Ying Yuan.

Lu Ming saw Yan Dan again, tears flowed involuntarily, Yan Dan was puzzled, Lu Ming excused to read the “Pear Garden Party” written by her, and was very excited to see her again, Yan Dan strongly recommended his new play to him . Luming also gave Yan Dan a big watermelon, Yan Dan ate a lot, and praised the delicious watermelon in the heaven, she regarded Luming as a friend, Luming gave the watermelon seeds to Yan Dan, and Yan Dan wanted to grow watermelons in Kulan Mountain.

Tomorrow Yu Mo is going to lead the soldiers from Sanhai to revolt. Yan Dan learns of Yu Mo’s grand plan. He is glad that he has found Yu Mo as a big backer. Yu Mo just wanted to show his love to Yan Dan, but the soldiers suddenly pass by, and Yu Mo has to turn away. Open a topic. Seeing that the soldiers were still stepping up their training, Yan Dan came up with a good way to resolve the crisis in the South China Sea.

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