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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 30 Recap

The Lingbei tribe brought a Lingfeng bow to the East China Sea. Ao Xuan heard that the bow was extremely sharp, as fast as lightning, and chasing after the nine-finned ink was like a tiger with wings, and he was eager to try it. Chao Lan took the initiative to come to Ao Xuan and reminded him not to send people to hunt down Yu Mo anymore. Yu Mo only wanted to follow his beloved and was not interested in the position of Lord of the Four Seas. They came to him for Yu Mo. The two of them practiced together in Suanxinya for over a hundred years, but Chaolan didn’t understand his intentions.

Chaolan decided to let go of his obsession with Yu Mo, promised to marry Ao Xuan, and accompany him to defend the world with all his heart, hoping that Ao Xuan would release Yu Mo, and Ao Xuan agreed, and Chao Lan immediately went back to prepare a wedding dress and waited for Ao Xuan to come to marry him. she. Ao Xuan said that he believed in Chaolan, and privately sent someone to inform the undercover agents in the South China Sea to keep an eye on Chaolan and the Dragon King of the South China Sea. Ao Xuan ordered to continue to hunt down Yu Mo and kill him.

Chaolan tried on the wedding dress, and the Dragon King of the South China Sea came to see her and found her weak. Chaolan had to admit that she had given away the most precious reverse scales. The Dragon King of the South China Sea struggled to ask her who her sweetheart was. Chaolan knew Ao Xuan well. She was ruthless and didn’t want to harm her father and the whole Nanhai because of this. She decided to bury this feeling in her heart, and the Dragon King of the South China Sea was very sad.

Yu Mo, Yan Dan and Tang Zhou sent the firefly lamp back to the teacher’s door together. During the break, Yan Dan casually mentioned that after the death of the demon, he would forget the past, spend the night forgetting the river, and then return to the mortal world to reincarnate. Yu Mo hopes Jiangchen turned into an ordinary ephemera, living freely in the world. Yan Dan felt that Jiang Chen wanted to reconnect with Pei Luo, but he didn’t want Yu Mo to be sad, so he persuaded him with kind words.

Yu Mo knew Yan Dan. He misunderstood his feelings for Jiangchen, and he couldn’t tell the real reason for lending the strange eyes to Jiangchen. He was afraid that Yan Dan would ask the truth and find out that she had been demoted and lost her memory. Yu Mo didn’t want to say too much, just said he and Jiang Chen. There is no relationship between Chen, and Yan Dan no longer asks.

Ying Deng is very considerate and caring towards Tang Zhou, but Tang Zhou doesn’t buy it and treats her as cold as ice. Yan Dan started writing the script as soon as he had time, and wrote the story of Jiang Chen and Pei Luo into the script. Ying Deng cooked a side dish according to Tianjie’s practice, Yan Dan felt familiar, and said where he had eaten it. Ying Deng wanted to cook to please Tang Zhou, and asked Yan Dan about his preferences.

Yu Mo asked Tang Zhou for a duel. If he won, he would take Yan Dan away. Tang Zhou did not show weakness. The two of them put on a stance and began to compete. Watch the fun. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo started the second round of duel, Yan Dan hurriedly stood up to dissuade him, persuaded Yu Mo to help Tang Zhou find the four artifacts, and also reminded Tang Zhou not to bring Lingxiao’s disciples to attack Kulan Mountain, Yan Dan asked them to shake hands and make peace, Also set up a good team. Yan Dan took the opportunity to ask Tang Zhou to unlock the Buli lock, and Tang Zhou had to do so. Yan Dan regained his freedom and cheered happily.

Yingdeng felt that Yan Dan and Tang Zhou were too close, so she ignored Yu Mo. She wanted to take Tang Zhou out tomorrow, so that Yan Dan could accompany Yu Mo to relax tomorrow, and Yan Dan didn’t think too much. In the early morning of the next day, Yu Mo received delicious food and many banners to inspire him, and Yu Mo was warm in his heart. Ying Deng invites Tang Zhou to play an unsolved chess game, but Tang Zhou categorically refuses. Every time he sees the chessboard, he gets upset and he also reveals that he dreamed of a woman jumping off a bridge and asking him for half a heart. For a moment, I didn’t expect Tang Zhou to be obsessed with Yan Dan.

Ying Deng claimed that the woman in the dream was Tang Zhou’s catastrophe, not fate. Tang Zhou was dubious. Yan Dan called Yu Mo to the woods, and prepared a lot of sky lanterns, so that Yu Mo could write his wish on it and let it go, which would resolve the depression in his heart. Yu Mo wrote down his wish. He didn’t know if he could tell Yan Dan about his past. Yan Dan was not worried, so he didn’t write a word. She wanted to see Yu Mo’s wish, but Yu Mo made up lies to deceive her. .

Yan Dan lit all the sky lanterns, and Yu Mo took her hand to watch it. The two were chatting and laughing happily. When Tang Zhou saw this scene, he flew up to the sky and called them down, using an excuse for mortals to watch. When she got into trouble, Yan Dan hurriedly let go, she fell down when she was distracted, Tang Zhou hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull her, the scar on her chest was torn open, Tang Zhou felt the pain was unbearable, Yu Mo pulled Yan Dan in time hands, and they both landed.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea was terminally ill and was unable to return to the sky. Before his death, the Dragon King of the East China Sea told Ao Xuan to marry Chao Lan as soon as possible, so that he could firmly grasp the South China Sea. Before Ao Xuan could respond, the Dragon King of the East China Sea went west. The spy came to the news that the Dragon King of the South China Sea led someone to find Yu Mo, and Ao Xuan gritted his teeth in anger, and immediately summoned the people to go to the South China Sea to marry Chao Lan.

Nanhai Dragon Dynasty Yan quickly found Yu Mo. He recognized Tang Zhou as Yingyuan, the emperor of the heavenly realm at a glance, and hurriedly stepped forward to salute. Chao Yan wanted to catch Yu Mo and go back to marry Chao Lan, because Ni scale was a token of love of the dragon family.

Yan asked Yu Mo to be responsible for Chaolan, Yan Dan agreed to go back to Kuanlan Mountain to prepare for the wedding, Yu Mo wanted to go to her to explain it clearly, and asked Yan Dan to accompany him, Tang Zhou wanted to go with them, Ying Deng disagreed and asked Various excuses blocked Tang Zhou’s mind, Yan Dan decided to accompany Yu Mo to solve the Peach Blossom Tribulation first, and then send Ying Deng back to his teacher’s door.

Yu Mo and his party followed Chao Yan back to the South China Sea. Chao Yan respected Tang Zhou, Yan Dan was curious about Tang Zhou’s identity, and Ying Deng made excuses to deal with it.

As soon as Chao Yan returned to the Dragon Palace, he was tied up by Ao Xuan. Ao Xuan wanted to take over the South China Sea and bring Chao Lan back to marry him. Chao Yan yelled at Ao Xuan. Tang Zhou hurriedly stood up to relieve the siege. Tang Zhou mixed blindly.

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