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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 29 Recap

Ying Deng brought Tang Zhou a cup of tea and added aphrodisiac acacia dew to it. Tang Zhou politely declined. Yan Dan reminded Tang Zhou to stabilize Ying Deng first and open a gap in her body. Tang Zhou took the cup of tea and curiously inquired about the purification talisman that Pei Luo carried with him, Ying Deng took out the purification talisman that he had just replaced, Tang Zhou smelled a strong smell of wine on it, Ying Deng explained that Pei Luo every day.

After changing it once, Tang Zhou guessed that Pei Luo often went to the wine cellar, and hurriedly made an excuse to leave. He didn’t drink the cup of tea with medicine, Ying Deng secretly vowed to find Yan Dan and Tang Zhou to settle accounts sooner or later.

Yu Mo asked Pei Luo about the origin of the demon-suppressing things. Pei Luo claimed that the demon hunter had customized it for him. Yu Mo reminded him that if the peach and wood were strong enough to meet the opposite things, it would be counterproductive. He wanted to help Pei Luo take a look. Luo had resolved this situation long ago, and he was righteous, and Yu Mo suspected that he was practicing the exercises privately.

The guards hurried to report to Pei Luo that there was a Celestial Master who went to the side concubine’s palace, and Pei Luo hurried to see what happened. Yu Mo came to a side hall and inadvertently opened a secret room where spiritual power gathered. Yu Mo guessed that this was where Pei Luo practiced. There was a demon-suppressing talisman in the secret room. unwrap.

Tang Zhou brought Yan Dan to the wine cellar for investigation. The masked man in black suddenly appeared. He attacked Tang Zhou. Yu Mo came to help in time and drove the man in black away. Tang Zhou put a tracking talisman on the man in black. . Yan Dan found the missing women in the wine vat, Yu Mo found out that they were all killed by slitting their throats, Tang Zhou concluded that they were not murdered by demons, but were killed by people. Yan Dan learned that Tang Zhou had placed a tracking talisman on the man in black, and asked the two of them to go after him quickly.

Tang Zhou and Yu Mo were chasing the man in black, but found out that the man was Pei Luo, and found that Pei Luo was practicing the exercises privately. Pei Luo became angry and attacked Tang Zhou when he was unprepared. Tang Zhou easily subdued him and snatched the demon-suppressing amulet from his waist. It turned out that Pei Luo did not hesitate to kill people in order to refine the longevity pill, and framed Jiang Chen.

Seeing that the longevity pill was just one step away, he was unwilling to give up and continued to make the pills. Yu Mo and Tang Zhou joined forces to stop Pei Luo , Yan Dan also helped, completely destroying the alchemy furnace, Pei Luo was beaten all over, and Yu Mo exposed his various crimes in person.

Pei Luo remembered the past. He was ill for a long time and wanted to live forever. Pei Luo begged Jiang Chen to give him another divine pill, but Jiang Chen categorically refused. Feeling cold and agreeing to his concubine, Pei Luo married Ying Deng, who was demoted to the world, and he has ignored Jiang Chen since then.

Yu Mo denounced Pei Luo’s treachery. Jiang Chen borrowed his strange eye to extend Pei Luo’s life, and also borrowed him for 20 years. Unexpectedly, Pei Luo framed and framed Jiang Chen, and Yu Mo took back his strange eye. , Pei Luo got old all of a sudden, his hair turned white in an instant, he shed tears of remorse, the tears even opened the wooden box, Yan Dan finally realized that Jiang Chen only wanted a tear from Pei Luo.

In the wooden box, there is a marriage letter jointly written by Pei Luo and Jiang Chen. Pei Luo sees things and thinks about people. He is full of remorse. On the day of the big wedding, Jiang Chen and Pei Luo jointly wrote the marriage letter and vowed to never leave. Yan Dan found that there was Jiang Chen’s last breath of indignation in the flower, and asked Pei Luo to take one last look at her. Pei Luo admitted his mistake to Jiang Chen, but it was too late, Jiang Chen turned into a puff of blue smoke and floated away, and Pei Luo vomited blood and died on the spot.

Tang Zhou concluded that Pei Luo was not the one who brought Yan Dan back to his original form, and suspected that there were other people with powerful spells in the palace. Yu Mo wanted to use his strange eyes to help Yan Dan restore his human form, but Tang Zhou didn’t want to cause trouble, so the two of them went to the palace to catch demons. , If there is more appearance out of thin air, it will inevitably arouse suspicion from others, and Yu Mo has to give up. Yan Dan suddenly felt that something was wrong. Even though the wind had stopped, her petals still floated to the top of the alchemy furnace. She suspected that there was a powerful magic weapon in it. Tang Zhou guessed that it was Lichen.

Tang Zhou and Yu Mo took Yan Dan back to the secret room, and saw the guards hurried past carrying bags from a distance, Tang Zhou hurriedly rescued the Ying Deng tied inside, Ying Deng claimed to be forced to be Pei Luo’s side concubine, and promised to take care of it The dust was sent to Tang Zhou. Yingdeng took out Lichen, but he did not expect Lichen to take the initiative to throw it at Tang Zhou.

Yingdeng claimed that Lichen was a treasure of the teacher’s sect. Yingdeng gave the treasure dust to Tang Zhou in return for his life-saving grace, but Lichen had a magic formula. As long as Tang Zhou sent her back to his teacher’s door, she would hand over the magic formula for controlling the device, and Tang Zhou agreed.

Yu Mo wanted to take Yan Dan back to Kulan Mountain, but Tang Zhou firmly disagreed, and the two of them refused to give in to each other. In the end, the swords were drawn, and Yan Dan hurriedly persuaded him. Yu Mo wanted to hear Yan Dan’s thoughts, so he used a different eye to transform Yan Dan back into a human form. Yan Dan tried his magic on the spot, and Ying Deng just entered the door. She pretended not to know Yan Dan, and Yan Dan was eliminated. Memories, have long forgotten the grievances between the two sisters and Ying Deng in the heaven.

Tang Zhou wanted to take Yan Dan to send Ying Deng back to his teacher’s door, but Yu Mo was determined not to do it. Yan Dan wanted to go on a tour and fulfill his promise to Jiang Chen as soon as possible to write a big play. She persuaded Yu Mo to go all the way, and then When the two of them returned to Kulan Mountain, Yu Mo had to compromise.

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