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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 28 Recap

Yu Mo and Tang Zhou went to great lengths to find Yan Dan, but she was poisoned by the fluorescent lamp, and the Yao Yuan was also destroyed. Yu Mo helped her detoxify her, but could not help her restore her human form in a short time. Yu Mo wanted to bring Yan Dan back to his place. Lanshan, using hot spring water to heal her wounds, Tang Zhou firmly disagreed. He believed that the person who harmed her face was the culprit of the vision in the palace, and insisted on finding the real culprit, and the two did not give in.

Yan Dan hurriedly stopped Yu Mo and Tang Zhou. She also wanted to see with her own eyes which evil monster was harming the world, and asked Yu Mo to use the momentum of the king of ten thousand demons to catch the monster. Yan Dan firmly believed that her demon essence would recover soon. She wanted to write this experience into the “Red Dust Record”, but Yu Mo and Tang Zhou were willing to give up. King Andu sent someone to report that an evil monster appeared in the palace, Yu Mo and Tang Zhou immediately rushed to the palace with Yan Dan.

Yingdeng ordered the demon slayers to surround Jiangchen. Jiangchen tried her best to resist, but because she was too poisoned, her physical strength gradually became weak, and she was subdued on the spot. Jiangchen was dying. She knew that she would soon be wiped out, and she admitted that she killed those people. woman. Jiang Chen couldn’t help thinking of what happened back then. It was a heavy rainy day. Jiang Chen was injured and showed the original shape of an epiphyllum. Pei Luo passed by and gave her an umbrella to cover the rain. Pei Luo was shopping on the street, but the money bag was stolen, Jiang Chen helped him find it, and the two fell in love at first sight.

Jiang Chen remembered the past. She was in pain and wanted Pei Luo to hug her. Pei Luo just wanted to go, and the demon hunter reminded him to be careful of being harmed by demons. Pei Luo had to take people away, and Jiang Chen disappeared on the spot.

Yu Mo, Tang Zhou and Yan Dan watched Jiangchen disappear like a dust with their own eyes, and they felt very uncomfortable. Yan Dan firmly believed that Jiangchen would not harm people. Tang Zhou found that Jiangchen had no demon power in his body, and felt that the real murderer was someone else. Tang Zhou found that the ephemera in the palace was prosperous and suspected that he had been cast a demon.

Yan Dan helped Yu Mo and Tang Zhou shake hands and let them join forces to find the real murderer and clear Jiang Chen from suspicion. Pei Luo summoned the demon hunters and declared in public that Jiang Chen was a demon that endangered the people, and he had to tell the world. Yu Mo pretended to be a senior brother from Lingxiao and defended Jiang Chen in public, begging Pei Luo to find out the real murderer, but Pei Luo was dubious. .

Yu Mo found a wooden box in Jiangchen’s room. The wooden box could not be opened due to the spell. Pei Luo knew very well that this was the last relic Jiangchen left him, and asked Yu Mo and Tang Zhou to meet in the back garden tonight at midnight. . Tang Zhou and Yu Mo came to the back garden on time. Pei Luo set up a tomb for Jiangchen’s clothes and brought Jiangchen’s favorite plum wine.

He kept claiming that he had a strange disease, and Jiangchen had no choice but to treat him. Murder and alchemy. Pei Luo admitted that he knew that Jiang Chen was a demon for a long time, and that Jiang Chen had used sorcery to save him. Pei Luo loved Jiang Chen deeply and didn’t care that she was a demon.

Yu Mo borrowed plum wine to mourn Jiang Chen, and found that his strange eye was on Pei Luo, and Pei Luo had a demon-suppressing thing hanging on his waist. If he didn’t remove this thing, Yu Mo couldn’t get his strange eye back. Yan Dan was depressed because of Jiang Chen’s death, so Yu Mo entered her Yao Yuan and gave her a bottle of flower dew to restore her vitality. Yu Mo wanted to get back Yiyan as soon as possible to help Yan Dan restore her human form, so they could go back to Kulan Mountain together. .

Yan Dan believes that the demon that Yu Mo never forgets is Jiangchen, so he gave her the precious strange eye. Now that the two of them are separated, Yan Dan persuades Tang Zhou not to collide with Yu Mo again. Tang Zhou took out the Net Life Talisman to get rid of those short-lived resentful spirits, but he returned without success. The maids passed by and revealed to Tang Zhou that Pei Luo had already invited the demon master, but the demon was not afraid at all. Soon after, the moat suddenly flowed with blood, attracting many crows. All surrounded by flowers, Tang Zhou did not believe that Jiang Chen could make trouble in public.

Yu Mo accompanies Pei Luo to watch the play and relaxes. While toasting, he carefully observes the demon-suppressing object around his waist, and finds that it is made of thousand-year-old peach wood, and there is a hidden spiritual formation in it, which is difficult to get rid of for a while. Pei Luo wanted to open the wooden box as soon as possible, Yu Mo wanted to go to Jiangchen’s palace to find clues, and Pei Luo gave him a token that he could come in and out of. Tang Zhou came later and told Pei Luo about the resentment of the short-lived flower. Yu Mo sneered at Tang Zhou, and the two fought each other as soon as they disagreed.

In fact, Yu Mo deliberately provoked an internal fight with Tang Zhou, just to dispel Pei Luo’s wariness. Yu Mo secretly handed the token to Tang Zhou. The two of them agreed to work together to find out the truth. Yan Dan had already seen that they were pretending to fight infighting. , actively asked to follow Tang Zhou to find clues. Tang Zhou took the token to Jiangchen’s palace for investigation, but found nothing unusual. When Tang Zhou went out, he saw that the palace maid was ordered to throw away a pot of withered flowers, which were planted by Jiang Chen and Pei Luo. Yan Dan felt that Pei Luo was too ruthless.

Ying Deng is Pei Luo’s side concubine. She passed by in a sedan chair. She recognized Tang Zhou as Emperor Yingyuan at a glance, and took the initiative to approach him and invited Tang Zhou to her palace to reminisce. Tang Zhou did not refuse. Ying Deng took out the acacia dew for Pei Luo to use, and wanted to use this to stun Tang Zhou and steal Tang Zhou’s divine power.

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