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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 27 Recap

Yan Dan specially prepared two bottles of good wine to say goodbye to the senior brother. The senior brother once again proposed to marry her. Yan Dan shied away on the grounds that Tang Zhou was imprisoned. Soon to be drunk.

Yan Dan stole the key to Subduing Demon Hall from the senior brother, released Dan Shu and the others, and asked Dan Shu to go back and tell Yu Mo. If she didn’t go back after half a month, let Yu Mo come to rescue her, Dan Shu Insisting on going with her, Yan Dan promised to go back before his birthday before Dan Shu left with confidence.

Yan Dan asked other little demons to help save Tang Zhou, and they agreed with all their mouths. Yan Dan came up with a good idea. She set a fire in the Demon Subduing Hall and let the little demons pretend to attack the mountain to give Tang Zhou a chance to make up for his mistakes. Yan Dan quietly came to Tang Zhou and told her plans one by one. Tang Zhou asked her to tell the chief to hide first.

The little demons and the demon hunters from Lingxiao’s faction fought hard. The tiger demon wanted to take this opportunity to kill the big brother to take revenge, thanks to Tang Zhou who came to rescue him in time. Yan Dan found out that the little demons were doing fake dramas, and the scene was difficult to control for a while. Qin Qi resisted desperately, and she gradually lost. Yan Dan hurried to save her. The tiger demon came later, he took Yan Dan hostage, and Tang Zhou subdued him effortlessly.

After the unremitting efforts of Tang Zhou and Yan Dan, they finally subdued all the little demons. The head was grateful for Tang Zhou’s great deeds in eliminating demons. He opened Tang Zhou’s gourd and accidentally let the little demon escape.

Tang Zhou returned the Shen Hua hairpin to Yan Dan and put it on her head with his own hands. Yan Dan felt that he was different from other monster hunters, and repeatedly praised him as a good person. Yan Dan regarded Tang Zhou as a good friend and asked him for a reward. Tang Zhou didn’t buy it at all. He was not interested in the position of the head of the family.

Yan Dan couldn’t help making fun of him, suspecting that he wanted to get married and have children. Tang Zhou tried his best to hide it. Yan Dan wanted to leave the Lingxiao faction, Tang Zhou cast a spell in the room, Yan Dan knew that he couldn’t leave, so he picked up the dim sum on the table and ate, thanking Tang Zhou for buying her dim sum.

Chaolan used all his mana to help Yu Mo heal, and Yu Mo finally recovered. Chaolan asked about his relationship with Yan Dan in the world. Yu Mojue was happier than in heaven, and Chaolan was very sad. She was going to marry soon. Ao Xuan and Yu Mo reminded her to be careful about Ao Xuan everywhere. Chao Lan wanted to go with him when she learned that Yu Mo was going to save Yan Dan.

Yu Mo was worried that Ao Xuan would cause trouble and would drag Nan Hai and her father, Chao Lan. Lan gave Yu Mo her own inverse scales for self-defense, but Yu Mo politely declined. The inverse scales were the most precious treasure on her body. Chao Lan forcibly implanted the inverse scales into Yu Mo’s body, wishing him to rescue Yan Dan as soon as possible.

Tang Zhou brought the decoction to Yan Dan and fed it to her by himself. The sect master saw this scene accidentally, worried that Tang Zhou would be emotional about Yan Dan. It was revealed that there was a vision in the capital recently, and the people were panicking. The king of Andu Zhang Bang widely recruited heavenly masters to eliminate demons, and the head of the clan sent Tang Zhou to hunt down demons, taking this opportunity to make a name for the Lingxiao faction.

The head personally held a succession ceremony for Tang Zhou, and gave him a ring to remind him to cut off his love and love, but after the red dust, Tang Zhou weighed it again and again and had to accept it. Yu Mo came to the Lingxiao faction again and asked the senior brother about Yan Dan’s whereabouts, only to know that she followed Tang Zhou to the capital, and Yu Mo then rushed to the capital.

Yu Mo came to an inn to inquire about the news, and learned that there were many demon hunters coming to the capital. The king of Andu ordered all the demon hunters who took off the imperial list to rest at the inn and enter the palace together tomorrow. Yu Mo passed his wrist. The Hanli mark on the top felt that Yan Dan was here, and he couldn’t help but secretly rejoice.

Tang Zhou brought Yan Dan to the palace to investigate, and saw a lot of crows and a lot of blood, and learned that a large number of women who were born in children were missing. Tang Zhou suspected that this was related to the vision of the palace. Yan Dan heard that the entire palace was covered with white flowers. Twisted, it was determined that there was a demon infested.

Tang Zhou and Yan Dan returned to the inn and saw Yu Mo when they entered the door. Yan Dan was overjoyed and pulled Yu Mo to ask East and West. Yan Dan left, looking for a chance to settle accounts with Tang Zhou again.

Tang Zhou stopped Yu Mo and Yan Dan, and took the initiative to attack Yu Mo. Yu Mo didn’t show weakness. The two fought indistinguishably. Yan Dan regarded them as a backer and didn’t want them to be injured, so he hurriedly discouraged them, admitting that he exaggerated, but in fact Tang Zhou was exaggerating. It was very good to her, Yu Mo refused to let go, and wanted to fight Tang Zhou quickly, Yan Dan didn’t want to mix up any more, so he had to leave first.

Yan Dan bought food and wine and wanted to help Yu Mo and Tang Zhou resolve the conflict. She saw a familiar back from a distance and hurried to catch up, only to be stunned by Ying Deng’s tricks. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo came later and found wine and snacks scattered on the ground, as well as a lotus flower petal. The two of them guessed that Yan Dan was in danger and immediately looked around.

Jiang Chen used Yu Mo’s strange eyes to rescue Pei Luo. Pei Luo became the king of Andu as he wished, and made Jiangchen the princess. Pei Luo ignored Jiang Chen since the wedding. Jiang Chen had long seen Pei Luo’s wolf ambitions. He pretended to like watching dramas and often went to the teahouse and theater, just to paralyze others to preserve his throne.

When Jiang Chen decided to leave Pei Luo, Pei Luo suddenly came to see Jiang Chen, tried his best to please her, and even made a costume for her and asked Jiang Chen to sing for him. Jiang Chen hoped that he would remove his disguise, and the two of them treated each other sincerely. Pei Luo specially prepared plum wine. Jiang Chen knew that the wine was poisonous, so he drank it without hesitation. Jiang Chen was forced to show her true form, she scolded Pei Luo, and Ying Lan arrived in a hurry with guards.

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