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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 40 Recap

The place where Liang Shang died was his own book hut, a brick and wooden hut built by the lake. When you entered the door, you could see a huge desk with many golden and stone objects around. There were still patches of black and red blood stains on the couch. According to what Qu Lingjun said, the maid, Youtong, went to deliver meals to Liang Shang instead of her, and was scolded and went out. It was not until the servants went in with the book that they found that Liang Shang was dead at the desk, with a dagger stuck in his back.

Mother Liang still insisted, scolding Qu Lingjun as a murderer, Cheng Shaoshang suggested to investigate the scene first, Yuan Shen couldn’t help mocking her as the most flamboyant girl in the city. Mother Yuan watched the two arguing with each other, and she already made a judgment in her heart, and she expected that her son must like Cheng Shaoshang.

After coming to the bookstore, Cheng Shaoshang and Yuan Shen couldn’t help but quarrel, Yuan Shen decided to stay by his side in order to protect Cheng Shaoshang. Moreover, in Cheng Shaoshang’s view, he was not a woman who was married to her husband. Presumably Yuan Shen was jealous that Ling could marry such a good person, but he still advised him to lower his eyes.

Yuan Shen was speechless, and simply walked out of the bookstore. Cheng Shaoshang looked around, and was inspired by Yuan Shen’s words. He measured the size of the inside and outside of the house step by step, and he found that there was a secret room hidden in the bookstore. Just as Cheng Shaoshang carefully groped the wall and activated the mechanism to enter the secret room, a pair of hands suddenly dragged her into it.

Cheng Shaoshang took a closer look and found that the other party was actually Liang Xia. The striking bloody clothes next to him, as well as his panicked expression, were enough to show that he was the real murderer. Cheng Shaoshang tried his best to stabilize his emotions, and deliberately guided Liang Xia to explain the whole story. Only then did he know that Mother Liang promised to pass on the position of the head of the family to Liang Xia, but how could she know that it fell on the head of the ignorant Liang Shang. Unwilling, and finally had the idea of ​​killing.

At the same time, Liang Wuji guessed that Liang Xia was abnormal. Immediately after Cheng Shaoshang disappeared, Ling Wuji immediately ordered someone to demolish the bookstore. Mother Liang failed to stop him, Liang Xia became more and more anxious, Cheng Shaoshang coaxed the other party to make a deal with Ling Budo, and there was still a chance to survive. Seeing that the wall was about to be smashed, Liang Xia appeared holding a dagger and held Cheng Shaoshang hostage. Ling Budo deliberately wanted to break Liang’s mother’s hands and feet, and when she was distracted, she directly pulled Cheng Shaoshang into his arms.

Cheng Shaoshang was safe and sound, but Liang Xia was caught in the net and madly scolded his mother for being hypocritical. But Yuan’s mother thought it was ridiculous. It was obviously because he didn’t want to make progress that would cause today’s catastrophe. Ling Budo asks Liang Xia to explain the mastermind behind the framing of the prince, but before Liang Xia can open his mouth, he is silenced by Liang Wuji.

Liang Wuji accompanied Ling Budo into the palace to face the Holy Spirit, and he spoke eloquently about his family background to show his loyalty, and bluntly said that shooting Liang Xia would be beneficial to the overall situation. Big trouble, had to press this matter. After Liang Wuji left, Ling Budo also confirmed that this person was not the mastermind, in fact, Emperor Wen already knew in his heart. At the same time, a slap in the face was slapped on Xiao Yuehou’s face, followed by a scolding from Concubine Yue.

Xiao Yuehou confessed to framing the prince, and even felt sorry for Concubine Yue and the third prince, feeling that Emperor Wen was too partial to the Xuan clan. Regarding the Gucheng case and the cause of death of Lao Gan Wang, including the murder of Han Wu, Concubine Yue had already guessed seven or eight points.

Precisely because he wanted to retaliate against the Xuan family, Xiaoyuehou planned to let the old cadre An Wang enter the jungle to investigate the miasma, but he did not expect the situation to get out of control. As soon as the words fell, Ling Budo and Emperor Wen suddenly appeared, and Xiao Yuehou realized that Concubine Yue had deceived him by cheating. Ling Budo questioned why Xiaoyuehou had to change his ordnance. Even if the support was delayed, Gucheng could last for ten days, but in the end it was only two days.

How could Xiao Yuehou know nothing about the ordnance, and once again stressed that he did not want to harm the Huo family at all, Ling Budo deduced from this that there were traitors around Lao Gan Wang, and Peng Kun was the culprit. Thinking of the loyalty of the Yue clan, only two brothers and sisters survived, Emperor Wen announced on the spot that he would deprive Xiaoyue of the title of Marquis of Yue and demoted him to guard the imperial mausoleum.

Even Concubine Yue felt absurd to be punished by such an obvious cover up. Although Ling Budo didn’t react at all on the surface, waves were already surging in his heart, and he returned to Changqiu Palace with a frown. Cheng Shaoshang noticed Ling Budo’s emotions and couldn’t help but ask the situation. Ling Budo asked Cheng Shaoshang how he thought about revenge, even if it hurt someone he loved deeply. Cheng Shaoshang was slightly startled when he heard the words, and then said that there must be a choice between two things, and there must be a more important one.

That night, Yuan’s mother suddenly asked if Yuan Shen liked Cheng Shaoshang. Yuan Shen thought for a moment, and said that he had fantasies about his future wife before, which involved family background, appearance, talent, learning and morality, but when he saw the marriage between his parents, he instantly felt married. If so, there is really no need to get married.

Although Yuan Shen really liked Cheng Shaoshang, it was a pity that he was a step too late, and even other girls could not replace him. Yuan’s mother felt helpless and lamented that she and her husband were married in a noble family, in which the interests were intertwined, and Yuan Shen was still implicated in the end. But Yuan Shen felt that he was wrong, and everything was lost. Even if he couldn’t get Cheng Shaoshang, he would still have to live on in the future.

Concubine Yue summoned Ling Budo alone, and felt guilty and remorseful for what happened back then. At the same time, she did not agree with Emperor Wen’s handling. If Ling Budo wanted to take revenge, she would help from it. The blood of the family lives well. Ling Budo didn’t accept Concubine Yue’s good intentions, and no longer held the responsibility of the Yue clan. After all, the hands of Xiao Yuehou were not stained with the blood of the Huo family, and he vowed to return it to the real enemy thousands of times.

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