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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 23 Recap

Not only did Yu Mo not blame Yan Dan, but he also greeted her and asked her to take a good rest before cooking. Yan Dan felt warm in his heart and felt that Yu Mo seemed to know each other, but he couldn’t remember where he had met her. Yu Mo said inconveniently, Yan Dan immediately knelt down on the ground to show his loyalty to Yu Mo, Yu Mo promised to accompany her to travel in the world, Yan Dan couldn’t close his mouth with joy, and wanted to write a moving drama.

Yan Dan went to pick flowers and make tea for Yu Mo early in the morning, and she was envious when she saw the fisher girls fishing and drying their nets by the river. The local bully Zhou Shanren suddenly brought people to the river and teased the fisher girls in every possible way. Yan Dan couldn’t stand it any longer, so he took the initiative to seduce the bullies. The next lotus petal.

Tang Zhou came later and found that there was a foul smell by the river. He concluded that there were people who were bullying men and women. He immediately went to investigate. Zhou Shanren asks Yan Dan to serve him well, and he will enjoy unclear glory and wealth. Yan Dan uses demon law to punish Zhou Shanren and let the fisher girls go home. Yan Dan found out that Zhou Shanren was a toad. She knew that her demon power was not enough, so she pretended to give in to Zhou Shanren and promised to give her demon essence. Zhou Shanren believed it and shook hands with her to make peace.

Yu Mo came to rescue Yan Dan in time. Yan Dan had guessed that he would come and asked him to punish Zhou Shanren. Yu Mo beat Zhou Shanren back to his original shape without any effort. Yan Dan was ecstatic, and Yu Mo complained. She shouldn’t use the charming beauty trick against Zhou Shanren, Yan Dan repeatedly explained that she was forced to, and Yu Mo was brooding.

Yan Dan deliberately bought white jade cakes to please Yu Mo. On the way, he saw two scoundrels bullying an old woman, so Yan Dan used witchcraft to make them slap each other on the face, and hide on the side to watch the fun. Tang Zhou passed by this place and found a very strong demonic energy. When he saw Yan Dan at a glance, he trapped Yan Dan in place with a thousand-mile-long demon formation. Yan Dan lied that he had picked up the silver and tricked the two rogues into approaching the big formation. As long as mortals enter the great formation, the great formation is easily resolved, and Yan Dan takes the opportunity to slip away.

Tang Zhou relentlessly pursued Yan Dan, and Yan Dan had nowhere to run, so he had to pretend to be a little boy and set up a stall on the side of the road, but Tang Zhou saw through it at a glance, Tang Zhou trapped her again with a talisman, and Yan Dan kept running. She explained that she was acting as a chivalrous person, and begged Tang Zhou to give her a good face. Tang Zhou did not buy her at all and put her in a small gourd. Yan Dan begged Tang Zhou to let her go, and Tang Zhou threatened to make her into a pill. medicine.

Yan Dan once had a holiday with Tang Zhou, and she knew that she was doomed this time, so she beat her chest in a hurry.

Yu Mo came to look for Yan Dan and saw a letter left on the table. Yan Dan went to buy a late-night snack for Yu Mo. Yu Mo was waiting in the room. The situation is not good, so I hurriedly went to the dim sum shop in the town to find out. This is a shop that asks for inquiries. As long as customers buy a plate of dim sum and write down what they want to ask on paper, they can quickly get the answer. Yu Mo came to the dim sum shop. There was only one plate of dim sum left in the shop. Tang Zhou also came here to inquire about the news. Yan Dan heard Yu Mo’s voice and cried out for help in a hurry. Only Tang Zhou could hear her cry. Zhou advised Yan Dan to give up as soon as possible. Yu Mo asked that Yan Dan had bought snacks from here, and left in a hurry.

Zilin asked Bailing to invite Linlang to the river, Linlang came to the appointment on time, Zilin gave her a beggar chicken, Linlang couldn’t stop after tasting it, she ate the whole chicken in one go. Zilin used the millennium silt to give Linlang beauty, but Linlang categorically refused, chasing to smear Zilin on her face, accidentally slipped and fell to the ground. Zilin picked up Linlang, and suddenly a basket of fish fell from the tree. Linlang guessed that Yu Mo’s real body was a fish, so he was not allowed to eat fish and shrimp. Zilin was stealing it, so he couldn’t help making fun of him. Please Lin Lang keep this matter a secret. Bailing received the news of Yu Mo’s help, and immediately came to Zilin to report, and asked Zilin to help find Yan Dan.

Yan Dan was locked in the gourd, she weighed and decided to hold back temporarily, waited for Yu Mo to rescue her, and then wrote this experience into a big drama that will be passed down through the ages. Tang Zhou decided to go to the Empress Tomb in Qingshi Town to find the artifact to repair the fairy clothes. He had nothing to do, so he chatted with Yan Dan. Yan Dan tried his best to please him. Tang Zhou felt that Yan Dan was scheming and eloquent. , Yan Dan desperately defended himself, and also complained about those kind little demons. Tang Zhou didn’t believe it.

Yu Mo led Zilin, Linlang and Bailing all the way to the town, and found traces of the demon hunter using the thousand-year-old demon formation. Worried that Yan Dan was in danger, Yu Mo asked Bailing to send the wolf clan to the Lingxiao faction to find out Yan Dan’s whereabouts. Tang Zhou was taking a bath, Yan Dan begged Tang Zhou to let her out and promised to help Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou had no choice but to let her out, Yan Dan saw Tang Zhou taking a bath, and scolded Tang Zhou for being a hooligan, and hurriedly used his hands Covering his face, Tang Zhou put her back into the gourd in a fit of anger.

That night, two thieves quietly came to Tang Zhou’s room and gave him sweat medicine, trying to kill him. They found that the small gourd was very delicate, so they wanted to steal it and sell it for money. They opened the small gourd, and Yan Dan took the opportunity to come out. The two of them were frightened and fled. Tang Zhou was still drowsy, Yan Dan wanted to attack him, Tang Zhou woke up suddenly, Yan Dan vividly recounted the feat of driving away the thief just now, begging Tang Zhou not to put her in the gourd again, Tang Zhou reluctantly agreed.

Tang brought Yan Dan to the town early on Monday, and Yan Dan inquired about the tomb of the Empress in Qingshi Town. Back then, the monarch fled to Qingshi Town with his concubine and gold and silver treasures. They were desperate. The monarch killed the concubine and built a mausoleum to turn the concubine into a ghost to guard these gold and silver treasures. Yan Dan wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but he thought Write the story of the imperial concubine into the play, and decide to accompany Tang Zhou to the tomb of the goddess.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou found the tomb of the Empress. The three brothers Qi Hu, Qi Niu and Qi Bao had been waiting for a long time. Jin Hongmian and Qin Mingyang, the heroes of the rivers and lakes, also came here because the tomb of the Empress was very yin and everyone entered the tomb. To travel together, a group of seven of them made an appointment to enter the tomb together.

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