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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 22 Recap

Linlang was not Yu Mo’s opponent, and she was quickly defeated. Zilin hurried to help. Only then did Linlang know that this was carefully designed by Yan Dan and Yu Mo to make her retreat despite difficulties. Zilin took the opportunity to persuade Linlang to marry her. He, Linlang was unwilling, she wanted to thank Yan Dan for saving her life, Yu Mo hurriedly found an excuse to pull Yan Dan away.

Lin Lang came to bathe Yan Dan, but Yan Dan was too frightened to avoid it, Zi Lin and Yu Mo came to rescue in time. Yan Dan repeatedly explained that when she first came here, she was just a flower demon with blue spots on her face. Thanks to Yu Mo’s use of Yanbi Dan to help her heal her injuries, Yu Mo showed her loyalty to Yan Dan and asked Zilin to cooperate with them. Had to give up.

Tang Yi Zhou was on his way to hunt down monsters, but was suddenly plotted against by a masked man. Although he tried his best to resist, the opponent’s skills were profound and he was seriously injured. Lu Ming sensed that Tang Zhou was in danger, so he turned into a gentleman and came to the mortal world. He found that Tang Zhou was covered in bruises and his immortal clothes were broken, causing the immortal power to overflow. Tang Zhou’s fairy clothes, Lu Ming took out the petals that Yan Dan gave him to repair the fairy clothes.

Tang Zhou gradually woke up, and Lu Ming said that his true identity was Yingyuan, the emperor of the heavens. Before he descended to earth, Xianli was locked in the fairy clothes. Now someone destroys his fairy clothes, just to let the overflowing Xianli completely destroy him. Not only will Ying Yuan not be able to return to the immortal class, but he will also be wiped out, and his body and spirit will disappear.

Tang Zhou was dubious and didn’t understand why Lu Ming came to the rescue, and Lu Ming revealed that he was entrusted by others. Lu Ming temporarily helped Tang Zhou control the immortal power and reminded him to find the four artifacts scattered in the world as soon as possible, so that the immortal clothes could be completely repaired.

Zhixi saw a meteor flashing by in the daytime, and worried that Ying Yuan was in danger. Lu Ming reported Ying Yuan’s experience to Emperor Zun, and decided that Ying Yuan was bound to die, and Emperor Zun led all the immortals to bury Ying Yuan. Yu Mo retreated and practiced in the hot spring. Yan Dan poured his spiritual energy into the hot spring water to help Yu Mo recover as soon as possible. Yan Dan accidentally saw many scars on Yu Mo’s arm, and complained that Yu Mo did not need Yanbi Dan to remove the scars, but helped her to remove them. Yan Dan was very grateful for the green spot, and promised to find a way to help Yu Mo get rid of the scar.

Zilin hurriedly came to report to Yu Mo that there was a rebellion in the fox clan and Linlang’s father was imprisoned. Yu Mo immediately decided to send the wolf clan and the feather clan to rescue the people and let the water clan stay to protect the mountain, especially reminding Zilin to protect the fox Descendants of the tribe. Yu Mo wanted to change clothes to save people, but Yan Dan advised him to soak for another half an hour, otherwise he would fall short.

Wisteria went down the mountain to play and stole the buns from the street stall with magic tricks. Seeing this scene, Tang Zhou followed Wisteria all the way up the mountain and found Huayin Mountain, the old nest of the Huajing clan, and threatened to annihilate the little demon of the Huajing clan in one fell swoop. . The little demon of the Huajing tribe came to Yu Mo for help, and Yan Dan found out about this, and went to the demon hunter Tang Zhou to settle the account.

Yan Dan went down the mountain to Huayin Mountain without authorization, and met the patriarch who was chased and killed by Tang Zhou. Yan Dan and the patriarch designed to lure Tang Zhou into the bait. Tang Zhou looked at Yan Dan’s back and felt that she looked like a woman in a dream. Is Yan Dan a flower demon, or is he pushing the boat down the river to rescue Yan Dan who was held hostage by the patriarch.

Yan Dan claimed to be kidnapped by the male flower spirit, and Tang Zhou was going to catch the flower spirit. Yan Dan tried desperately to intercede for the little demon of the flower spirit family, but Tang Zhou did not buy it. Yan Dan promised to show him the way, and deliberately took him around in the mountains. Tang Zhou saw Yan Dan’s conspiracy and did not expose it in person, so he followed her around in the mountains. Yan Dan slipped and fell to the ground, begging Tang Zhou to massage her.

Yu Mo personally led the team to the territory of the three-tailed Xuehu, and they split up to catch the traitor Xuetu. Zilin and Linlang searched for people in the woods, and finally found the fox clan leader who was hanged. Linlang rescued his father, Zilin used all his spiritual power to save the patriarch, but the patriarch found that Zilin was vulnerable and doubted his mountain master Identity, Lin Lang desperately defended Zi Lin. Yu Mo subdued Xuetu and sent a signal to Zilin. Zilin offered to go back with the patriarch. The patriarch suspected that Zilin had other plans for Linlang, and Linlang tried his best to say good things to Zilin.

The sky was getting dark, Yan Dan proposed to catch the demon tomorrow and let Tang Zhou carry her on his back, so Tang Zhou had to do it. The patriarch of the Huajing clan brought the little demons to Kulan Mountain. He sent a signal to Yan Dan, and Yan Dan couldn’t help but secretly rejoiced when he learned that they escaped smoothly. The spider spirit brought people to seek revenge on Tang Zhou. They surrounded Tang Zhou in groups. Yan Dan took out the lotus petals to heal Tang Zhou, and then fled.

Zilin gave Linlang the butterfly lamp she made by herself, but Linlang politely declined. When the two of them were pulling and pulling, they accidentally broke the butterfly lamp, and the butterfly inside flew out and danced around them, Linlang cheered happily. Yan Dan returned to the mountain and took the initiative to bury himself in apology. Yu Mo no longer pursued it, reminding her not to follow the example, Yan Dan offered to cook for Yu Mo to apologize.

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