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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 21 Recap

Zilin asked all the demons to dress up Kuanlan Mountain, specially rehearsed the song and dance, and welcomed Yu Mo to return with his sweetheart at the mountain gate. As a result, Yu Mo came back alone, dejected and injured. Zilin greeted Yu Mo and asked him to use the strange eye to heal himself. Yu Mo had to admit that he gave the strange eye away. Zilin thought he took the strange eye as a dowry gift and couldn’t help but sigh, Yu Mo wanted to be alone. , Zi Lin had to shut up.

The patriarch of the Huajing clan brought eight beauties to Yu Mo, and Zilin was worried that Yu Mo would think of the flower demon who let him down, so he went to the beauty pageant instead. Yan Dan recognized at a glance that Zi Lin was the turtle spirit who scolded her. Worried about being recognized, she had to cover her face with her hands. The patriarch introduced the girls one by one, Yan Dan excused himself to be in a hurry and wanted to slip away, Zi Lin hurriedly stepped forward to stop it, thanks to Yu Mo who came in time to relieve the siege.

Yu Mo recognized the flower demon in front of him as Yan Dan who he missed day and night. He was very pleasantly surprised, but Yan Dan didn’t remember him at all, only remembered the incident when he knocked over the tribute car on horseback. Yan Dan learned that Yu Mo was the mountain owner. Desperately trying to please him, he wanted to stay and heal his wounds. Naturally, Yu Mo could not ask for it, so he changed her name to Yan Dan on the spot, and Yan Dan agreed.

Yan Dan found the owner of the mountain as her backing. She couldn’t be more happy. Bailing was ordered to bathe and change her clothes, so that she and Yu Mo could have a marriage as soon as possible. Yan Dan repeatedly emphasized that she was only here to heal her injuries. Bailing didn’t believe it at all, so she reminded Yu Mofu. Yanbi Dan of the Xiahua Jing family heals the wounds. Bailing asked the little demons to bathe Yan Dan and change her clothes, and then sent her to Yu Mo’s room. Yan Dan wanted to secretly take the Yanbi Pill to get rid of the blue spots on her face, but she felt that it was not authentic. She was hesitating. At that time, Yu Mo just came back and praised her that she is beautiful now.

Yu Mo promised to give Yanbi Dan to Yan Dan, but Yan Dan learned that Yu Mo regarded herself as a concubine, and repeatedly explained that she was here to fill up the bill, she didn’t know love at all, and it was not suitable for marriage, Yan Dan wanted to use Yanbi Dan To get rid of the dark spots on his face, he would rather be Yu Mo’s little follower and sign a 100-year sales contract for Yu Mo. Yu Mo was secretly delighted, and made a deal on the spot to give Yan Bidan to Yan Dan.

Yan Dan saw that Yu Mo was weak and made fried rice for him overnight. When Yu Mo saw that Yan Dan was happy and happy, he secretly vowed to protect her comprehensively. Holding the bowl of egg fried rice, Yu Mo remembered the egg fried rice that Yan Dan made for him in Tianjie, and moved to tears. After the meal, Yu Mo left a mark on Yan Dan’s wrist. Since then, the two of them have been in harmony with each other. Yan Dan kept talking about his wishes. , and then wrote a touching story, Yu Mo promised to take her on a trip to the mortal world, and to do a good deed every day, Yan Dan was very happy.

Ying Yuan came to the mortal world to join the Lingxiao faction, under the pseudonym Tang Thursday to hunt down monsters and hunt down monsters. Tang Zhou could only thank the guests behind closed doors. He subdued the cat demon that attached to the human body and the rat demon that endangered the fields. The wives of the two families sent him a plaque to express their gratitude. They tried to marry their daughter to him. Ling Xiao sent the head to lie. It was said that Tang Zhou had smallpox, and the two ladies were discouraged.

The head sent the two wives who proposed marriages away, and came to Tang Zhou to explain the situation. Tang Zhou wanted to go down the mountain to travel, but the day of his death was coming. Tang Zhou asked the head to burn paper for him to worship, and took the opportunity to say that the backlog was in his heart. For a long time, he often dreamed that a heartbroken woman jumped off a bridge in front of him, the woman turned her back to him, and he couldn’t see her face. The head reminded him not to be confused by the banshee. His master believed that the banshee was killed, and Tang Yiyi kept it in his heart.

Yan Dan accidentally discovered that Zilin was hiding in the coffin. His real body was a big tortoise, so he couldn’t help making fun of him. Zilin repeatedly emphasized that he was a fairy tortoise. Lin was so angry that he chased Yan Dan. Yu Mo came in time to save the siege, Zilin had to admit that he used to be a little tortoise in the heaven, because he was often turned over, so he hid in the coffin. Yu Mo was ecstatic, but he didn’t expect Zilin to be the one who was being answered. The little fairy turtle that Yuan turned over and over.

The head personally escorted Tang Zhou down the mountain, and Qin Qi came over after hearing the news, laughing that Tang Zhou was leaving the school to hide from the rotten peach blossoms, and he would suffer a peach blossom disaster after going down the mountain. The head hurriedly interrupted her words and wished Tang Yi a smooth journey. Yan Dan did whatever he wanted in Kulan Mountain. He brought the mountain demon soldiers to rob the cat, mouse and tiger territory many times, and also robbed the clan chiefs of their demon essence. They had no choice but to return to Yu Mo. After being reluctant to return, Yu Mo and Zilin are now the kings of all demons.

Yu Mo desperately defended Yan Dan, and Yan Dan sent Bailing to ask Yu Mo to go to the library, and even threatened not to give him a late night snack. Yu Mo came in a hurry, Yan Dan sat in it and took a nap. She muttered to herself in her dream that she wanted to set up a stage in the mountains and drink fish soup. Yu Mo looked at her cute appearance, full of love in her heart, but she couldn’t bear it Wake her up, accompany her silently beside her, and fan her.

Linlang, the daughter of the patriarch of the three-tailed snow fox clan, brought her younger brother Ziyan to visit Yu Mo, and offered to marry Yu Mo, only to ask Yu Mo to help her brother unravel the curse poison in her body. Zilin explained that Yu Mo already had a group of wives and concubines, and asked Linlang to marry him. Lin Lang categorically refused to marry him, and asked Yu Mo to dismiss the wives and concubines to keep her alone. Zi Lin didn’t want to lose the three noble snow fox clan, and persuaded Yu Mo to keep the two brothers and sisters Linlang.

Yu Mo sent Yan Dan to deal with Linlang, Yan Dan persuaded Linlang to seek help from others again, deliberately revealing the scars on her body, implying that this was all done by Yu Mo. Linlang came to Yu Mo all night, heard Yan Dan’s wailing from a distance, Yu Mo beat her with a whip, and Linlang was so frightened that she hurried away.

Tang Zhou met the spider spirit when he went down the mountain, and subdued her without any effort. The spider spirit was willing to give Tang Zhou the Yaoyuan Neidan, and took the opportunity to sneak up on him, and Tang Zhou recovered her on the spot. Linlang begged Yan Dan to save Ziyan and promised to take her out of the sea of ​​misery. Yan Dan lifted the curse poison in Ziyan’s body. Linlang was grateful to her and asked Yan Dan to be Ziyan’s daughter-in-law, but Yan Dan categorically refused. When Yu Mo heard the news, he made it clear that Yandan was his wife, and Linlang became angry, so she fought Yu Mo.

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