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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 19 Recap

The prisoner lizard fought against Zilin. Zilin was not his opponent and was quickly defeated. Yu Mo rushed up to fight the prisoner lizard, and the prisoner lizard gradually lost. Yu Mo, Bailing reminded Yu Mo loudly not to kill those little monsters, Yu Mo knocked them to the ground.

The monitor lizard made a comeback, pressed against Yu Mo step by step, and used a stunt again. Zilin worried that Yu Mo would be injured, so he rushed forward for reinforcements and was seriously injured by the monitor lizard. Yu Mo did not want to fight and killed the monitor lizard on the spot. Ying Yuan asked Emperor Zun to go down to the mortal realm to thoroughly investigate the truth of the battle between the immortals and demons.

Emperor Zun was worried that this move would cause chaos in the three realms. Ying Yuan was willing to bear the charge of violating the rules of heaven and be demoted. Emperor Zun reluctantly agreed, retaining Ying Yuan’s memory and Xianli is easy to act in the mortal world, and he also sent someone to arrange a fate for Ying Yuan to cut off love and love, which is convenient for cultivation, helping Ying Yuan to focus on everything with half the effort.

Yu Mo used his strange eyes to heal Zilin’s wounds. He quickly recovered as before. Zilin was very grateful to Yu Mo and wanted to marry him. Yu Mo politely declined. He was eager to find Yan Dan and turned to leave. Zilin hinted that the demons kept Yu Mo, and the Daiyu clan, the Huajing clan and the wolf clan all knelt down and called Yu Mo the mountain master. Yu Mo was puzzled, Zilin explained that Kulan Mountain has always recommended the mountain master with its demon power, and the prisoner lizard relied on this hot spring to heal wounds and nourish the immortal power. .

Yu Mo was not interested in this. He wanted to go down the mountain to find Yan Dan as soon as possible, but Zilin quietly called him aside and persuaded him to use the ability of the monsters in Kulan Mountain to find someone. Yu Mo entangled but reluctantly agreed, publicly announced that Zilin was also the owner of the mountain, and all the demons bowed to them together. Yu Mo sent Bailing to guard the hot spring and let the wandering monsters return to their homes. If you encounter mortals on the way, don’t hurt them, and severely punish the monsters who endanger the mortal world.

Zhixi was rewarded by the emperor for cutting out her heart and saving Yingyuan. After the ceremony, Ying Yuan came to Zhixi Xingshi to ask her guilt, accusing her of betraying Yan Dan’s sincerity. Yan Dan suffered because of the fake name list. Zhixi mistakenly thought that Yan Dan had vanished, and she was also very distressed. Ying Yuan gave it to her. Xian Dian, sincerely wishing her to rise step by step.

Yan Dan successfully crossed Yewangchuan to the mortal realm, but landed on the wedding bed of the newlyweds. The groom and the bride were so frightened that they screamed. Yan Dan hurriedly grabbed the door and left, but worried about being caught, so she had to pretend to be an actor to perform on stage. Huadan Jiangchen of the Huanxi opera troupe was performing and was caught off guard by Yan Dan. She calmed down a little and continued to perform with Yan Dan calmly.

Yan Dan was calm and composed and sang vividly. The two cooperated tacitly, and the guests and friends who came to the wedding applauded them together. The prince, Pei Luo, was watching the play off the stage. He was full of praise for Yan Dan’s performance. Jiang Chen invited Yan Dan to join the Liyuan Tour, and asked Yan Dan’s name casually. Yan Dan named himself “Beautiful Bai”.

The fluorescent lamp destroys the sound bat and framed Zhixi. Zhixi and her argue with reason. Emperor Zun sent someone to inform Ying Deng to prepare Ying Yuan’s body-defense magic weapon, Ying Deng did not dare to delay, and wanted to deal with Zhi Xi after finishing the work. Yingyuan was about to descend to the mortal world, and all the immortal attendants came to see him off. Yingdeng presented him with a magic weapon. Yingyuan did not accept any magic weapon, so Yingdeng had to leave angrily. Luming gave Ying Yuan a lotus seed, and asked him to take good care of Yan Dan. Ying Yuan jumped down from the heaven without hesitation, and went through hardships to reach the mortal world.

Yu Mo stood by the river and poured his own blood into the Hanli mark on his wrist, and then gave these marks to the fish in the water, so that they could use this to find Yan Dan’s whereabouts. Zilin mistakenly thought he was going to commit suicide and hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. , Yu Mo explained the whole story, only then did Zi Lin feel relieved. Yan Dan went to wash clothes by the river, and she saw a green spot on her face from the reflection in the water. She saw the small fish in the water, thinking it was a medicinal primer given by God, so she grilled the small fish and ate it. is gone.

The demon catcher saw what Yan Dan did, and rushed forward to catch her. Yan Dan didn’t know he was a demon, thinking that the little fish was raised by the demon catcher, so he ran away in fright, and in a panic, he hung the Shen Hua hairpin on the head. On the tree, it was taken away by the demon hunter. The magic tools of the immortals in the heavens are replaced every two hundred years. Ying Deng is about to be promoted to the female officer in charge of the emperor. He has replaced the new magic tools for the immortals in advance, and prepared a belt for Ying Yuan. Luo Xiang, the emperor is full of praise for her.

Luming found that the jade belt was missing a jade hook, Yingdeng hurriedly knelt down to admit his mistake, Zhixi pleaded for Yingdeng, and took the opportunity to tell about the recent theft of the fairy artifact in Miaofa Pavilion. Emperor Zun sent Tianbing to Miaofa Pavilion to investigate. Yingdeng was worried that the matter would be revealed. She was so frightened that she was helpless. Zhixi revealed that a lot of Perol incense could confuse people. The lights were not added at all, Zhixi admitted that she added these to Ying Yuan’s belt, just to take revenge on Ying Deng.

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