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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 37 Recap

Just as Cheng Shaoshang and the fifth prince were walking back, the empress and others came out in a mighty manner. The fifth princess preempted and scolded Cheng Shaoshang for being too greedy. Even though he was already engaged to Ling Budo, he still wanted to seduce the fifth prince. The maid Chun Tiao agreed and revealed the fact that the two had a tryst.

Cheng Shaoshang responded truthfully to Emperor Wen, saying that the process of the fifth prince falling into the water was also due to the fact that the fifth princess refused to give in, and threatened the accompanying lady in various ways to slander Cheng Shaoshang. The fifth prince did not know how to defend himself for a while. Empress Xuan had a splitting headache when she heard it. She failed to stop the Fifth Princess several times, so she simply returned to Changqiu Palace. Emperor Wen ordered to find out the truth, and then turned and left.

Cheng Shaoshang was wronged by today’s incident, and he didn’t even have much emotion for the quarrel he loved most in his life. Fortunately, Ling Budo believed in her innocence and didn’t ask too much. Cheng Shaoshang followed Empress Xuan back to Changqiu Palace until midnight, and went out alone to Longyuan to set up the organ.

The next day, Bo Xi didn’t know, and Emperor Wen was going to the court when he suddenly found Cheng Shaoshang coming in from the door, followed by a mess of footsteps. Before waiting for the palace maid to report, the disgraced fifth princess had already rushed to Cheng Shaoshang and yelled at her. The emperor was deeply surprised by this.

It turned out that Cheng Shaoshang deliberately set up an organ in Longyuan last night in order to retaliate against the Fifth Princess. The Fifth Princess took many girls around the garden, but she did not know that several buckets of swill were placed on the corridor. Before everyone noticed it, the trigger of the small door of the firewood door, the swill fell from the sky like rain, followed by the whipping of the rattan, and the ashes of the grass and trees rushed to the face, and the scene was chaotic.

The fifth princess insisted that it was Cheng Shaoshang who had to let Emperor Wen decide for herself, and Concubine Yue came forward to preside over justice. It was also the fifth princess who spoke out, not only did not get the slightest advantage, but was slapped by Concubine Yue, who exposed her on the spot and framed Cheng Shaoshang at the birthday banquet.

Ling Budo and the fifth prince came forward to accuse the fifth princess, but the dancer was threatened by the fifth princess and simply pretended to faint. Because of the humiliation of the fifth princess, the fifth prince told the story of Cheng Shaoshang’s falling into the water in a hurry. Emperor Wen and the queen were furious. It’s just crushing an ant.

Seeing that the Fifth Princess became more arrogant and domineering, Queen Xuan was already pale with anger, and Ling Budo had a gloomy face, threatening to give the Fifth Princess a big gift, but the Fifth Princess was not afraid at all. Emperor Wen ordered the five princesses to be imprisoned in the imperial mausoleum for half a day. So far, the princess was banned from the palace, and she was not allowed to go out without an edict, and then accompanied Empress Xuan back to the palace.

The rest of the people left one after another. Concubine Yue asked Luo Jitong what to do with Chuntiao. Luo Jitong calmly responded that he would let his father and brother sell it to the frontier, or a place of bitterness. It was Luo Jitong’s decisiveness that made Concubine Yue feel that the other party was not simple on the surface, but was rather scheming.

So far, the matter has come to an end for the time being, only Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo are left in the long and lonely palace corridor, and because of the news he just heard, his mood is quite complicated. Ling Budo felt that Cheng Shaoshang had never really taken himself to heart, otherwise why would he hide it everywhere?

Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t defend herself. Many things were not intentional. It was her childhood experience that made her unwilling to depend on others. Ling Budo finally understands why Cheng Shaoshang likes Lou Yao. It is because Lou Yao never has any restrictions. On the other hand, he forcibly keeps Cheng Shaoshang, which makes Cheng Shaoshang feel depressed and even disgusted.

After saying these words, Ling Budo put away all his emotions and turned back to indifference again. Cheng Shaoshang looked at Ling Budo’s back, and couldn’t help but retorted loudly. It was clear that the other party agreed that he didn’t need to make any changes, but now he came to blame him. In fact, he began to accept the palace and gradually adapted to the current life. Unfortunately, Ling No doubt it has gone far.

With the clues provided by the Fifth Prince, Ling Budo ordered his followers to surround the Tingwei Mansion, and publicly hang Master Zuo with a cane, including the family members of the daughters who were involved in humiliating Cheng Shaoshang, a total of eight people could not escape bad luck. Yuan Shen turned a blind eye, not only did not say anything to stop it, but he even served as a spectator with the Fifth Prince and others, drinking tea leisurely.

After dealing with these people, Ling Buxuan admonished Emperor Wen to bestow the face of the princess’ mansion. The fifth princess returned to the mansion and looked at the corpses neatly laid out in the yard. The whole person collapsed and cried, and finally realized what had happened. severity. There was a lot of buzz about the five princesses raising the face and head, which led to the Yue family becoming a joke. Storekeeper Tian knew that it was useless to talk too much, and believed that the top priority was to ensure that the third prince should replace the crown prince.

The prince and his wife served by Queen Xuan’s side, but the princess mentioned the faults of the fifth princess in various ways. Cheng Shaoshang, in order to avoid the aggravation of Queen Xuan’s condition, directly replied. Because of this, the crown prince privately rebuked the crown princess for not saying too much, feeling that she was deliberately taking revenge on the fifth princess.

The Crown Princess argued according to reason, saying that even if she wanted to take revenge, it was Qu Lingjun. If she hadn’t flirted with the Crown Prince, she would not have caused a miscarriage and failed to save her child. The Crown Prince was very annoyed to hear it, and once again emphasized the innocence between the two, not to mention that when Qu Lingjun married as a wife, it was the Crown Princess who saved others by herself.

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