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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 35 Recap

Today’s affairs have already become a set tone, and the rest of the guests have entered the table to enjoy their meals one after another. On the other hand, Cheng Shaoshang heard Yuan Shen’s arguments behind his back. Yuan Shenshu had a very poor vision for Cheng Shaoshang to choose a husband, but Cheng Shaoshang was sure that Yuan Shen was jealous of the success of his happy events, but he was still alone, so Yuan Shen didn’t know how to refute.

Wan Songbai’s triumphant return not only succeeded in destroying the gangsters, but also found out that Wang Long’s departure from duty was all due to the military order from his father Wang Chun. Xiaoyuehou and the prince held their own opinions, and Lord Ji of Tingweifu suggested that the case be handed over to them to investigate and deal with, and let the new servant Yuan Shen enter the hall to face the Holy Spirit.

Just when Yuan Shen was about to take orders, Ling Budo suddenly presented evidence he had already found, telling the truth that Wen Xiujun deliberately imitated the military order in order to subsidize King Xiaogan An who was far away in Shouchun, causing Wang Chun to take risks. Emperor Wen was displeased and ordered to remove the title of Lord Wen Xiu and give Bai Ling to kill herself.

Ling Budo felt that Wang Chun had allowed his wife and children to act in a confused manner. This time, it was inappropriate to live in the court. The crown prince still wanted to intercede for Wang Chun. In the end, in spite of the prince’s pleas, Emperor Wen decided to demote Wang Chun and his son to commoners and confiscate all their family property.

After the court meeting was over, the ministers of civil and military affairs had their own thoughts. Cheng Shaoshang sent someone to bring hot soup to Ling Budo. Master Ji bluntly said that Ling Budo was really lucky, while Yuan Shen was not worried. Wang Ai knelt outside Changqiu Palace and begged Queen Xuan to help, but Queen Xuan was helpless. In order to avoid Wang Ai being made trouble by the fifth princess, Cheng Shaoshang deliberately found an excuse to support the other party, and then warned Wang Ai that if she wanted to save her life, she would have to To shut up.

Cheng Shaoshang prepared Shouchun meal for Emperor Wen to taste, and deliberately mentioned Lao Gan Wang, which evoked the memories of Emperor Wen’s past, and was willing to take more care of Wang Wei. Because King Lao Gan An died to save General Huo, Emperor Wen only pardoned Wen Xiu many times because of his great deeds. Without Cheng Shaoshang talking about the relationship between Empress Xuan and Wen Xiujun, Emperor Wen felt uncomfortable, so he promised to exempt Wen Xiujun from death and change it to lifelong imprisonment.

Wang Ai personally visited her mother Wen Xiujun, thinking that she would repent, but unfortunately Wen Xiujun is still obsessed with it, saying that King Xiaogan’an is their real backer, and even disregards the lives of the Wang family for this. Because of this, Wang Ai felt sad and completely disappointed with Wen Xiujun. Before leaving, she explained that King Xiaoganan had put all the blame on Wen Xiujun, and that Queen Xuan, whom she cursed day and night, actually became a savior.

As Empress Xuan’s birthday banquet is approaching, the fifth princess wants to take advantage of this, so as to support the apostles in the mansion. Queen Xuan naturally knew the thoughts of the fifth princess, and also said that this matter was handed over to Cheng Shaoshang. The fifth princess was dissatisfied when she heard the words, thinking that a woman from a small family such as Cheng Shaoshang had never attended the birthday banquet of Queen Xuan. , how can you know how to do it.

Coincidentally, there was a burst of fragrance in Cheng Shaoshang’s room. Queen Xuan brought the fifth princess over and found that Cheng Shao was making syrup with sugar cane, and specially prepared sweets for Queen Xuan. Empress Xuan was full of praise, and Emperor Wen came in from the door with a smile, saying that he would not have to come to Changqiu Palace often in the future, because Cheng Shaoshang was the happiness of Empress Xuan.

Cheng Shaoshang distributed the sweets to Emperor Wen and Ling Budo, but turned a blind eye to the five princesses. Emperor Wen felt that such a method of making sugar cannot be imitated by the whole country, and that delicious things are difficult to promote, which means that the national strength is really limited. Cheng Shaoshang understands that the country needs food, iron tools and horses the most. These delicacies are not extravagant, so the expenses are all from her pocket.

For this reason, Emperor Wen was very happy, and rewarded Ling Budo with two hundred households of food on the spot. Empress Xuan thought that Luo Jitong was about to marry the Northwest, so she thought of letting Cheng Shaoshang take care of the harem on his behalf. Emperor Wen readily agreed. The Fifth Princess wanted to interject many times, but the Empress didn’t pay attention. Cheng Shaoshang was in a low mood.

It was precisely because Cheng Shaoshang was out of the limelight that the fifth princess was jealous. When she was out of the palace, she met Luo Jitong and deliberately provoked right and wrong in front of her, claiming that Cheng Shaoshang had taken the favor of Queen Xuan, no wonder Luo Jitong could not Marry Ling Budo. Seeing the five princesses go away, the maid beside Luo Jitong was angry with Luo Jitong. Although Luo Jitong pretended not to care, he actually had a grudge in his heart.

Ye Lili was studying abacus in the palace. During this period, he always had a hard time calming down. He couldn’t help but look at Empress Xuan, who was in the main seat, and just spit it out. Empress Xuan bluntly said that Cheng Shaoshang used to be alone in the past, but in this long history, there are still many soldiers and ministers who are silently serving the emperor, which will not affect their fame and history. Cheng Shaoshang was inspired and finally understood that husband and wife are one. If Langjun is the scorching sun that shines for thousands of miles, then the girl can also be a splendid galaxy.

Since Cheng Shaoshang entered the palace to familiarize himself with etiquette, the number of times he returned to Cheng Mansion became less and less. Xiao Yuanyi didn’t say anything, but he was worried about it. Now Cheng Shaoshang has to live in Changqiu Palace until the end of the birthday feast before returning home. In order to avoid Cheng Shaoshang’s unaccustomed living, Ling Budo went to Cheng Mansion to pick up the daily objects in person, but the whole family came to Cheng Shao Shang’s room was found to be empty.

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