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Big Mouth (2022) 빅 마우스

Big Mouth (2022) 빅 마우스

Title: Big Mouth, Big Mouse, 빅 마우스

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Law, Drama

Director: Oh Chung Hwan (previous work directed the series Start-Up )

Scriptwriter: Haram (Original Screenwriter), Jang Young Chul & Jung Kyung Soon (Script Composer, Previous Work Write scripts for Vagabond series )

Channel: MBC

Number of episodes: 16 episodes

On-air time: 29 July – 24 September 2022

Date-on-air time: Every Friday-Saturday time 22.00 (Korea)


The series tells the story of a barren lawyer. to be held responsible for the murder and digging for the hidden truth But then he has to become a genius scammer known as ‘Big Mouse’ overnight. and in order to protect his family He needed to uncover the background of the elites.

Actors of the Big Mouth series:

Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho

A young lawyer with a winning percentage of only 10%, and he’s a bit of a jerk but doesn’t act. causing people in the legal circles around him Called him ‘Big Mouth’, but one day he was mistaken for a genius scammer. Known as ‘Big Mouse’, his life is in danger.

Im Yoon Ah as Go Mi Ho

The young nurse who is the wife of Park Chang Ho , she is the one who made him a lawyer with the full support she gave him. When she learns that her husband has been mistaken for a fraud. She planned to try to remove the stigma from his name on her own.

Kim Joo Heon as Choi Do Ha

The mayor of Gucheon has endless ambitions.

Ok Ja Yeon as Hyun Joo Hee

Wife of Choi Do Ha who is the director of Gucheon Hospital.

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