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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Chaoxi ran back to the classroom of Class 1 of Senior 3. Zhang Liang and Lu Zhihao were doing questions on the blackboard. The teacher didn’t know Lin Chaoxi. Bao Xiaomeng followed, and Lin Chaoxi realized that she had gone to the wrong classroom. In the third class, Lin Chaoxi didn’t understand how he became so bad, and in order to be in the same class as Lin Chaoxi, Pei Zhi deliberately handed in three blank papers in every exam.

Lin Chaoxi couldn’t wait to go back to the classroom to find Pei Zhi, but she didn’t know where she was. Bao Xiaomeng thought she became stupid after heatstroke, so she took her back to the classroom and helped her find her seat. After the class bell rang, Pei Zhi hadn’t come back. The chemistry teacher asked each of the classmates to talk about a question on the test paper. She even took out the English test paper to explain it. The teacher was very angry. Lin Chaoxi asked the teacher for leave to go out to find Pei Zhi. Bao Xiaomeng was worried and followed him out.

Lin Chaoxi trotted all the way to the school gate, Lin Zhaosheng hurriedly called to stop her, Lin Chaoxi knew that he was working in the mail room, Bao Xiaomeng lied that Lin Chaoxi wanted to go out for lunch, Lin Zhaosheng just felt that something was wrong with Lin Chaoxi, so he still gave her money for the meal. After Pei Zhi traveled to the cheese world, he went home as soon as he saw his mother Luo Jing was cooking. Luo Jing was very puzzled, why he came back now, Pei Zhi lied that the school was on holiday, when he learned that his father Pei Dong came to work the night shift , just let go.

Pei Donglai came home from get off work, and when Pei Zhi saw him again, he was incoherent with excitement. Pei Donglai dealt with three traffic accidents in a row, and he had not closed his eyes for three days. . During lunch, Pei Zhi watched Pei Donglai gobble his food. He was in a good mood and ate three bowls of rice in one go. Luo Jing persuaded Pei Donglai to transfer to the office from the front line, and also mentioned that he chased a thief on a motorcycle and hit the roadside that year. If he didn’t have a helmet to block him, he would have died.

Pei Zhi clearly knew that it was 2009. He was in the third year of junior high school. Luo Jing and Pei Donglai had a big quarrel over his mathematics study. Pei Donglai went to work in a gamble, and Luo Jing threw him his helmet downstairs. Lin Zhaoxi admitted that she came from Strawberry World, and learned from Bao Xiaomeng about Pei Zhi, Lin Zhaosheng and others in detail, and learned that Ji Jiang was his younger brother. Pei Zhi deliberately stayed in Class 13 to help her with her homework.

It was useless to persuade him, but Lin Chaoxi was lukewarm to him, Bao Xiaomeng revealed that Lin Chaoxi liked Zheng Tianming, Lin Chaoxi could not laugh or cry, she couldn’t care about it, she was worried about Lin Zhaosheng, who stayed in the strawberry world, and wanted to find Pei He wanted a voice recorder and wanted to travel back to take care of Lin Zhaosheng as soon as possible.

After dinner, Pei Donglai lay on the sofa and slept soundly. Pei Zhicai and Luo Jing told the truth that the school was not on vacation. He just wanted to come back and have a look. Luo Jing urged him to go back to class as soon as possible. Lin Chaoxi came to the house to look for Pei Zhi. Pei Zhi was just going out. Lin Chaoxi confirmed that they had crossed over together. Pei Zhi was so excited that she couldn’t help hugging Lin Chaoxi tightly, but Lin Chaoxi couldn’t be happy, so she asked Pei Zhi to come and record. Pen, I want to figure out the situation recorded by the voice recorder as soon as possible, and then I can travel back to take care of Lin Zhaosheng.

It is now September 2012, and the incident recorded by the tape recorder happened in February 2013. Lin Chaoxi wanted to use the five months to figure out the matter. Pei Zhi learned that Lin Zhaosheng was now working as a school guard, so he persuaded Lin Chaoxi as soon as possible. After integrating into this world, the two of them went back to school together. Lin Chaoxi briefly introduced their situation in this world.

Xie Ran is the head teacher of the thirteenth class. When he saw Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi, he gave them a lesson indiscriminately. Xie Ran was very disappointed with Lin Chaoxi. She had always been among the best in elementary school, but now she is bad. It was a complete mess, Xie Ran hoped that Lin Zhaoxi would cheer up and study hard, and not to let down Lin Zhaosheng’s expectations for her.

Xie Ran asked Lin Zhaoxi to go back to class. He and Pei Zhi talked alone. Pei Zhi won the Mathematical Olympiad for two consecutive years. Sanwei University made an exception for him. Pei Zhi saw the group photo of the whole class on Xie Ran’s desk and asked him to come. . Pei Zhi gave the photo to Lin Chaoxi, and Lin Chaoxi wrote down all the classmates one by one.

Tomorrow, class 13 and class 1 are going to have a basketball game. Bao Xiaomeng set up a cheerleading team and asked Qiqi to bring a tape recorder from home. The two of them danced to the music, and also pulled Lin Chaoxi to join the cheerleading team. Lin Chaoxi was not interested in it. She went home after school. During dinner, Ji Jiang told Lin Zhaosheng that he was going to participate in the Super Singer competition, but Lin Chaoxi didn’t know about it.

Ji Jiang started to practice singing after dinner. Lin Chaoxi wanted to study hard, but Ji Jiang and Lin Zhaosheng were both surprised. Since high school, Lin Chaoxi hadn’t turned over the textbook. Lin Chaoxi made excuses and tried to cover it up. Something was wrong with her, so Lin Zhaoxi called Pei Zhi to report her situation.

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