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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 33 Recap

In the middle of the night, the prince couldn’t sleep, and later he always felt that there were thieves nearby who wanted to steal the tiger talisman. Although the tiger talisman was still intact, at the suggestion of the crown prince, he decided to take it to the Zigui Courtyard and hand it over to Sun Sheng for safekeeping. How did he know that the Half-Land Rover talisman was lost? Ling Budo was very angry when he found out, saying that he had already said that Sun Sheng was unbearable to use, but the prince couldn’t hear it at all, so he insisted on cronyism.

Even though the prince knew that he was wrong, but the army was about to go on an expedition to suppress the bandits, he didn’t know what to do with the fact that the tiger talisman was lost, so he had to ask Ling Buxuan for help. Ling Budo mentioned the opinions of General Wang and Taifu Lou. The prince bluntly said that General Wang said that he was not ill, and Taifu Lou asked him to shirk the responsibility to the queen, but as a child, he must not act like this.

In order to avoid Ling Budo’s further investigation, and in order to allow him to help the prince, the princess sent someone to send a message to Cheng Shaoshang in private. Originally, Cheng Shaoshang was still sulking because of Ling Budo, but the lotus room could see it clearly from outsiders. Even though Ling Budo was famous, no one in the entire capital dared to oppose him, and Cheng Shaoshang was still arrogant.

While Cheng Shaoshang had not yet appeared, the Crown Princess used tea as an excuse to praise Ling Budo for being highly regarded by the Holy Spirit, and at the same time express her difficulties with the Crown Prince very closely. Ling Budo saw that the Crown Princess was very thoughtful and her words and deeds were inconsistent, so she deliberately suggested that she personally plead guilty to Emperor Wen. Sure enough, the Crown Princess was hesitant to hear the words. On the surface, it seemed that she was willing to do anything for the Crown Prince, but in fact she would flee at the critical moment. .

It happened that Cheng Shaoshang came to the gate of the East Palace, and when he heard Ling Budo’s words, he mistakenly thought that he was going to let the Crown Princess take the blame, and immediately came forward to defend it. Ling Budo resisted his temper and let Cheng Shaoshang leave first. The princess saw Ling Budo’s face was very bad, so she took Cheng Shaoshang outside, and used Cheng Shaoshang deliberately, so she acted kindly. To gain sympathy from the other party.

At this time, Ling Budo left alone, Cheng Shaoshang chased after seeing this, and in a fit of rage, he thought of returning to Cheng Mansion alone. Ling Budo immediately hugged Cheng Shaoshang, and took the initiative to lower his profile and apologize, indicating that this matter was involved in a wide range of issues, and he did not want her to be in danger, and she would solve it by herself today.

Cheng Shaoshang already understood the meaning of the words, but when he came to Changqiu Palace, listening to the queen and the old mama talking about the prince’s childhood, he could clearly feel the other party’s concern for his children as a parent, and he must not want the prince. After the miserable end of the previous prince, he finally decided to help the prince to tide over the difficulties by imitating the similar-looking tiger rune for him.

On the day when the army went out to suppress the bandits, Emperor Wen sat down to see him off, and the prince personally handed over the tiger talisman to Wan Songbai in front of the civil and military officials. However, Xiao Yuehou suddenly questioned, because there are magnets in the tiger talisman that can be combined, and asked to check the authenticity on the spot. Cheng Shaoshang was completely unaware of this situation, and felt uneasy in his heart. How could he know that Ling Budo had actually merged the tiger with the tiger, and Xiao Yuehou had nothing to say.

In fact, long ago, Ling Budo knew that Cheng Shaoshang was going to help the prince to pass the test, and knew that if the matter was revealed, the crime of deceiving the king would be inevitable, so he thought of inviting Huo Jiajun’s tiger talisman. The Liang brothers all know that this tiger talisman was given to General Huo by Emperor Wen back then, and it is the only relic left by the Huo family in this world. Naturally, they are reluctant to use it as a favor for Cheng Shaoshang, but Ling Budo is willing to do it for Cheng Shaoshang. Do anything, no matter the cost.

To this day, Lord Xiaoban has come to ask Cheng Cha to marry him. Wan Qiqi and Cheng Song are making rapid progress, but Cheng Shaoshang’s relationship with Ling Budo is still vague. Wan Eqi felt that Cheng Shaoshang had been moved, and suggested that she carefully recall whether she would feel very happy with Ling Budo before.

Cheng Shaoshang counted down what he and Ling Budo had experienced, and Wan Qiqi pointed out the key point. Ling Budo was protecting Cheng Shaoshang with his life, and it was by no means a trivial conflict that could be offset. After listening to Wan Qiqi’s words, Cheng Shaoshang suddenly realized that he couldn’t wait to rush out to find Ling Budo, but he didn’t expect Ling Budo to wait outside the door as usual, and he was deeply moved.

Ling Budo hopes that Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t have to change deliberately, because the Cheng Shaoshang he likes is such a wanton and lovely side. Cheng Shaoshang also took the initiative to confess Ling Budo, saying that he still had two words to say. The first sentence is that he will always be good to him in the future until he gets bored. As for the second sentence, he promises that he will always love Ling Budo in this life, until the two of them are gray-haired.

Ling Budo was overjoyed and hoped to be married to Cheng Shaoshang already. Then he took Cheng Shaoshang to Xinghua Courtyard, ready to introduce her to his mother, but before entering the door, he especially told Cheng Shaoshang not to rush to speak out when he saw anything, and he would explain the reason in person later.

Huo Junhua still regarded Ling Budo as his nephew who came to fight Qiufeng, and immediately thought of his sacrificed brother, he instantly lost control and rushed to Cheng Shaoshang. In order to protect Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Budo would rather be bitten by Huo Junhua, and the whole palm of his hand was bleeding. , Cheng Shaoshang was very distressed.

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