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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 32 Recap

Now that all the officials in the court heard that the prince was reprimanded by Emperor Wen, the more the three princes became more popular, they gradually developed a heart to cling to, so they worshiped the high and stepped down, and deliberately catered to the Yue clan. Although these ramblings make Xiao Yuehou despise them, they are now needed to make a move and discuss privately with his staff on how to abolish the Prince of the East Palace.

The fifth princess came to the restaurant with several face heads, and Xiao Yuehou warned that as a princess, you should be cautious in your words and deeds, so openly going out with face heads and going out will definitely have a bad impact on the prince and the queen. The fifth princess disagreed, saying that the world belongs to the Wen clan, and the one who can stand side by side with the Wen clan is the mother family Xuan clan, and her status is not yet the Yue clan to dictate. Seeing the fifth princess and others leave, Xiao Yuehou hinted that the shopkeeper Tian turned the incident tonight into a story and spread it out, making the fifth princess immoral.

This matter spread like wildfire and caused an uproar. Just as Cheng Shaoshang asked the princess about the birthday banquet, the fifth princess rushed in aggressively, scolding Cheng Shaoshang on the spot, and then scolded the prince for not securing his status. What will happen to the world in the future? There will also be a place for the children of their Changqiu Palace to stand.

However, in order to protect the safety of the family and the country and the safety of his relatives, the prince would rather abdicate and not be the prince. How could he know that this remark completely angered the fifth princess, and boldly stated that if he were a man, I am afraid that the prince would not have the current status at all. Not only that, the fifth princess was angry with the crown princess. If so, the crown prince had someone else in his heart, but he would marry the crown prince only with sympathy.

The prince was furious when he heard the words, and immediately ordered the fifth princess to evict the guests. Unexpectedly, the fifth princess went directly to complain to the queen. Because of the endless quarrel between the fifth princess and the crown prince, the queen was so angry that she was bedridden and had no water for the whole day. It was not until Cheng Shaoshang appeared that she calmed down a little. Seeing the empress and Cheng Shaoshang laughing at Yan Yan, Luo Jitong felt uncomfortable, and the maid fought against her. Why was Cheng Shaoshang able to find a good husband, and Luo Jitong had to marry the remote northwest.

Although Cheng Shaoshang brought the courgette that she planted by herself in order to make the queen appetize, she also thought of using the courgette as the first plate of the birthday banquet. The queen felt that courgette was too extravagant, and Cheng Shaoshang said that he had mastered the method of planting, and after a while, he could ask Ling Budo to help, and then everyone could cultivate together.

Cheng Shaoshang’s good-natured and cleverness is deeply loved by the queen, and it is inevitable to feel melancholy when he thinks that his sons and daughters are so unsatisfactory. But even so, Cheng Shaoshang still thinks that he is not favored by his parents, and the queen forgives her parents’ envy of other children’s children just to teach their own children. Parents can feel at ease only when their children are strong. The prince hesitated outside the gate of Changqiu Palace and did not dare to enter, and felt deeply guilty for this.

He also cared about the queen, so Cheng Shaoshang suggested that the prince, as the heir of a country, would be a big mistake to show favoritism, but it would be right for ordinary children to think about their families. Although Emperor Wen and the Empress did not want to see the crony of the prince, at least they would be proud of the prince’s kindness, and there is nothing wrong with the truth.

The prince was instructed by Cheng Shaoshang, and suddenly realized it. That night, he took the chessboard to play chess with Emperor Wen, and then mentioned the past events of his childhood. The crown prince knew that every time Emperor Wen lost chess, it was not because of his lack of strength, but because of his own feelings. On the other hand, he was also the same, and he had no regrets for his family.

Regarding the matter of Fengxian Hall, Ling Budo didn’t blame Cheng Shaoshang for making an assertion, but just hoped that she would share any thoughts with herself and not hide it from each other. Cheng Shaoshang took the initiative to mention today’s situation, and asked who was going to target the prince at Yanhui Pagoda before. Ling Budo noticed the difference, and solemnly reminded Cheng Shaoshang not to interfere in the East Palace, let alone get involved in the internal affairs of the imperial court, because The affairs in the palace are by no means as simple as she imagined.

The next day at the court hall, Emperor Wen ignored the objections of all the ministers and appointed the prince to be in charge of the tiger talisman of the three armies, and commanded Ling Budo to go to suppress the bandits. After the court dispersed, the prince took Ling Budo to the East Palace, and handed over the tiger talisman to him for safekeeping. Ling Budo did not take it, but instead asked the prince how to persuade Emperor Wen not to punish Wang Long, only to find out that he was under the influence of Cheng Shaoshang. ‘s call.

The prince obviously regarded Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang as his lucky stars, but Ling Budo went to see Cheng Shaoshang alone and couldn’t help complaining why she didn’t listen to his advice. Cheng Shaoshang was really incomprehensible, why Ling was so inhumane when he was under the care of the queen when he was young.

In Ling Budo’s view, it was Emperor Wen’s failure to pursue the Wang family that caused the dissatisfaction of the courtiers, who then vented their grievances on the queen’s mother and son. I’m afraid the dispute over the Eastern Palace will intensify. Cheng Shaoshang never thought deeply, simply wanted to repay the Queen’s kindness, and at the same time felt that Ling Budo was the most shrewd person.

It’s not that Ling Budo is unwilling to tell Cheng Shaoshang about his plans, but that things are too complicated. Cheng Shaoshang feels aggrieved. At first, he didn’t need to participate in it at all. I still want to get out, but it’s too late. So in the conversation tonight, the two broke up unhappily. Cheng Shaoshang shook off Ling Budo and returned to Cheng Mansion alone. After thinking about what Ling Budo had said, he finally realized that this marriage was really troublesome.

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