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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 31 Recap

Under the pressing questioning of Concubine Yue step by step, Concubine Ruyang was speechless. She wanted to show her granddaughter’s infatuation by attacking Cheng Shaoshang’s background. How could Emperor Wen suddenly express that Ling Budo wanted to marry anyone? , No one can be forced to block, otherwise life will not be able to die.

Concubine Ruyang was shocked by Emperor Wen’s power, so she could not help but restrain her momentum, and she could only say that she was only thinking about Ling Budo. Concubine Yue rejected the princes, and then bluntly warned Concubine Ruyang that even if she had a deep grudge against Huo Junhua, she would never favor the Chunyu clan, because Ling Doubt was the last bloodline of the Huo family, and no one could bully her.

When Cheng Shaoshang heard these words, he quietly looked at Ling Budo, but saw that his expression did not change at all, still quiet and gloomy. On the other hand, Princess Ruyang had nowhere to vent her anger, and the queen hurried to smooth things out and invited Concubine Yue and others to go to pay homage to the entire Huo family, and Concubine Yue readily agreed.

In Fengxian Hall, Cheng Shaoshang was instructed to prepare the tribute arrangement. Seeing that General Huo on the portrait was very similar to Ling Budo, he couldn’t help but be stunned. When the Crown Princess came to deliver the offerings, while talking with Cheng Shaoshang, the third princess appeared again arrogantly, first mocking Cheng Shaoshang for not knowing the rules and being unable to handle sacrifices, and then insulting the Crown Princess’s family who was poor and not liked by the Prince.

Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t listen, so he deliberately threw the tribute fruit on the ground, causing the three princesses to wrestle in embarrassment. After the third princess left in anger, Cheng Shaoshang really didn’t understand why the other party was a philistine, and later learned that she grew up with her uncle who was a businessman, so she was extremely extravagant, taking revenge for others and getting revenge. The princess told Cheng Shaoshang to try not to quarrel with the third princess, but Cheng Shaoshang disagreed.

As soon as the words fell, Emperor Wen led the empress, Concubine Yue and all the children to show up. After Ling Wuxuan had kowtowed to General Huo alone, he asked everyone to offer incense to the entire Huo family. It should be remembered that today’s Jiangshan is fought by General Huo with his life.

When it was the turn of the third princess to offer incense, she deliberately blew the incense candle powder at Cheng Shaoshang, proudly thinking that she would get her revenge. Unexpectedly, Cheng Shaoshang quietly wrapped her clothes and accessories around the candlestick. Seeing that the third princess got up and pulled down the candlestick, causing a fire to burn her body, Concubine Yue ordered the maid to take off her coat, how could she know that the third princess would rather die.

At this point, Concubine Yue understood why the third princess reacted violently, and with her repeated insistence, everyone found that the third princess was dressed in extravagant and gorgeous clothes. Emperor Wen was furious for this, and scolded the third princess for being disrespectful to General Huo.

The fifth princess was naturally delighted to see it, and she even had to fall into the trap next to it, bluntly saying that the third princess was covered in silk and satin, I am afraid that the way to make money is not right. Although the third princess quibble that it was obtained by opening a restaurant together with others, the third prince actually came forward to report that she was circulating counterfeit money in Shu, and truthfully informed that it had been found that the counterfeit money originated from Shouchun.

Because of the solid evidence, the third princess was eager to clear the relationship, and insisted that it was the work of King Xiaogan An and that it was related to the Queen Xuan. The queen did not refute immediately. Concubine Yue was extremely disappointed with the third princess, and then turned to leave. Emperor Wen ordered someone to stab the third princess, and at the same time let Ling Budo be responsible for investigating the truth of the case of minting counterfeit coins.

The three princesses were so wounded that Concubine Yue was still composing music leisurely. Xiao Yuehou couldn’t stand it any longer. He thought that Emperor Wen was unfair and obviously favored the Empress Xuan’s clan. Give the other party the head of the harem. However, the Yue clan looked serious, saying that if the Xuan clan did not seek the world for Emperor Wen and devoted all his wealth, even General Huo, who once followed Emperor Wen, would have ended up in ruins. Only the Yue clan still had two brothers and sisters, not to mention that he was in the harem. The status is no less than that of the queen, so Xiao Yuehou is warned not to mention the past.

Ling Budo came to Xinghua Courtyard alone and asked about the grievances between Huo Junhua and the Yue clan. Huo Junhua suddenly remembered what happened in Gucheng and thought of the tragic death of General Huo. The Liang brothers stayed in the yard, and when they heard Cheng Shaoshang’s actions today, they couldn’t help feeling admiration, and they were glad that the young master was no longer alone.

But it was Ling Budo who informed the third prince about the counterfeit currency case as soon as possible, so that the third prince would act righteously and kill his relatives. Unfortunately, the sage still intends to settle the matter, only if the matter is a woman’s greed for money and a mistake, it will not be further investigated. Now that Lord Wen Xiu wanted to make a name for himself by suppressing the bandits, he secretly sent a letter to his son Wang Long. Fortunately, the Liang brothers had already intercepted them. Ling Budo decided to take the plan and send someone to send the news to the bandits.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the prince to receive news that Wang Long was captured, and hurriedly approached Ling Budo to discuss countermeasures, trying to cover up the matter. However, sending troops privately is a serious crime of deceiving the monarch. Ling Budoubt felt that Wang Long’s ability was limited, and he was really unbearable to be entrusted with the heavy responsibility.

Emperor Wen decided to hand over the birthday banquet in Changqiu Palace to Cheng Shaoshang. The prince suddenly came to ask for a meeting. The queen and Cheng Shaoshang avoided temporarily, and then heard the scolding of Emperor Wen from the palace. Cheng Shaoshang saw that the queen was worried, and said that the prince’s house was kind-hearted, and there would be a generation of benevolent rulers in the future. The queen felt the exact opposite.

That night, Cheng Shaoshang sat in the hallway in a daze, thinking that he couldn’t compare to Cheng Cha in everything, but in Xiao Yuanyi’s mind, he looked stubborn. Xiao Yuanyi showed hesitation, watching Cheng Shaoshang leave his back, and suddenly felt lost again. Cheng Shi came to comfort his wife, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

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