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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 29 Recap

Empress Xuan was always dignified and reserved, but after meeting Cheng Shaoshang, she was obviously more talkative, and she taught her patiently, and set up a room for her in the side hall of her palace. In just one day, Empress Xuan was fully prepared and everything was properly arranged, especially considering Cheng Shaoshang’s preferences, so this made Cheng Shaoshang flattered.

After all, in the hall before, Cheng Shaoshang sued Wang Ai in public, which was supposed to add trouble to Empress Xuan, but Empress Xuan not only didn’t care, but instead took care of herself everywhere, thinking that it was because Ling Wusu would love Wu Jiwu. Empress Xuan said that it is not completely, but more because Cheng Shaoshang was separated from his parents when he was a child, but he still maintains a kind and pure heart, and she has also experienced the days of relying on others and observing her words, so she can naturally understand and even love and sympathize with each other.

Cheng Shaoshang was quite moved when he heard these words, and after coming out of Changqiu Palace, he couldn’t help but praised Queen Xuan to Ling Budo, feeling that he finally felt the taste of being favored by others. Ling Budo guessed that Cheng Shaoshang sued the imperial court today, on the surface, to get rid of Wang Ai’s entanglement, but in fact, to understand the emperor’s mind and whether he would be sincere and kind to himself.

But in Ling Budo’s opinion, Cheng Shaoshang was not worth taking such a risk. If you have any questions in the future, you can ask him at any time. Cheng Shaoshang knew that Ling Budo grew up in Changqiu Palace, and was very curious about what kind of person his husband would be in the future. Ling Budo took Cheng Shaoshang to the tower and watched the lights of thousands of houses in the distance.

When Ling Budo was young, he often came to stop here, hoping that in this bright light, there would be a light of fireflies that belonged to him. Cheng Shaoshang thought it was very simple, but it was extremely extravagant for Ling Budo. After growing up, Ling Budo joined the army and trained in order to protect the lights of thousands of homes that he longed for in his heart, and now he has finally found the brightest light, which is Cheng Shaoshang in front of him.

At this time, the soldiers patrolled by, and Ling Budo kissed Cheng Shaoshang in public, scaring them to flee. Cheng Shaoshang blushed when he was kissed by Ling Budo, and when he got home, he could not forget it. He privately asked Cheng Song if he had kissed anyone. Cheng Song immediately thought of Wan Qiqi, so the two brothers and sisters had their own thoughts and agreed not to tell Xiao Yuanyi.

That night, Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t sleep, thinking about Ling Budo’s sweet words. In the early morning of the next day, Cheng Shaoshang was dragged from the bed by the lotus room, groomed sleepily, and was escorted by Ling Budo into the palace. On the other hand, the Liang brothers yawned in the back of the carriage, as long as they thought that such days would be endless, they felt tormented inside.

For a period of time after that, Cheng Shaoshang went to Changqiu Palace every day to study, firstly, basic knowledge and culture, secondly, lady education and popularization of etiquette, and finally all kinds of bridesmaids. Cheng Shaoshang was not good at these things, and was often drowsy in class. Fortunately, Queen Xuan always treated each other gently, indicating that everyone has strengths.

With the encouragement of Empress Xuan, Cheng Shaoshang began to study seriously, and at the same time, he showed off the organs he was good at, and his relationship with her became more and more harmonious. Cheng Shaoshang learned that Queen Xuan’s back was uncomfortable, so she opened her back with a native method. Zhai Lu and Luo Jitong followed the sound. Unexpectedly, Queen Xuan felt that her back was much more comfortable.

Just when everyone was joking and joking, Wen Xiujun brought Wang Jiao uninvited, and before the people arrived at the Changqiu Palace, the sharp voice had already been heard. As soon as Wen Xiujun met, he mocked Cheng Shaoshang in various ways, showing disdain in his eyes. Just when Cheng Shaoshang was about to fight back, Queen Xuan asked her to lead Wang Ji to the side hall, and others came out one after another. out the door.

Wang Ji looked around in the palace, and couldn’t hide his contempt for its coldness and simplicity, and then he boasted that when he lived in the palace, he had good food and clothing. Cheng Shaoshang unceremoniously interrupted, saying that she was extremely stupid, and every time she spoke, people could catch the cause, and after speaking, she showed off Ling Budo’s care for herself, so angry that Wang Ji was speechless.

Wen Xiujun explained his intentions straight to the point and asked Queen Xuan to find a way to fight for the right to mint coins for King Xiaogan’an, but Queen Xuan was unwilling to intervene in the political affairs and euphemistically declined the matter. Because of this, Wen Xiujun became angry, scolded Queen Xuan for being ungrateful, and overthrew the candlestick. Cheng Shaoshang rushed over in a hurry, and was injured to protect Queen Xuan.

Coincidentally, Emperor Wen and Ling Budo were right outside the door when they heard Lord Wen Xiu make a rude remark, threatening that if it wasn’t for Lao Gan An Wang, I’m afraid the person sitting on the throne today is not Emperor Wen. In the end, Emperor Wen came out and scolded Wen Xiujun. Even though Empress Xuan wanted to make matters smaller, Emperor Wen was still asking questions. Wen Xiujun knew that he was right. Before he could respond, Ling Budo gave two choices, either Either follow him to leave the palace, or stay and continue to listen to the training.

On the way out of the palace, instead of thanking Ling Budo, Lord Wen Xiu insinuated that he was a servant of the emperor. If King An of Lao Gan had not insisted on rescuing General Huo, how could he have strayed into the miasma forest and died? It has plummeted since then. The truth that Ling Budo knew was different from what Wen Xiujun said, so he warned Wen Xiujun to act on his own and not to believe in Yue Hou.

Originally, Lord Wen Xiu was a wise man, so he did not continue to ask after hearing Ling Budo say so. When they arrived at the gate of the palace, the third princess came from a distance and mocked them for coming to beg again. Seeing that Wen Xiujun left with his daughter, Ling Budoubt knew that when Xiaoyue Hou was dissatisfied with Emperor Wen’s marriage to Xuan, he naturally targeted the family of King Qian’an, so he ordered the Liang brothers to continue the investigation.

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