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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 28 Recap

Ling Budo was drinking wine to drown his sorrows at the tower, and suddenly saw dozens of men in black besieging Han Wu, so he took action in time to save the siege, and even saved one of them. Han Wu truthfully reported that he had found a doctor, and only through understanding did he know that the soldiers who were responsible for investigating the miasma were all killed by stab wounds. It was precisely because the doctor discovered such secrets that he was afraid of causing death, and then disarmed and returned to the field, hiding his name.

Because the identity of the doctor was exposed and he was assassinated, the only information needed to be obtained from the live source. Just as Han Wu asked who sent the killer, how could he know that the killer attacked with a hidden weapon. Now that Han Wu is dead, it means that the people behind the scenes already know, so Ling Budo can’t make a clear investigation, so he will need to make an unannounced visit later.

Emperor Wen sent a medical officer to examine Ling Buxuan’s injury, but they were all rejected by Ling Buxuan, so he was behind closed doors. Just because Emperor Wen cared too much about Ling Budo, but he knew the other person’s temperament, he frowned and couldn’t help but mention Ling Budo to Concubine Yue, including how he actually concealed his injury for protecting Cheng Shaoshang.

When Concubine Yue heard these things, the smile on the corners of her mouth became more and more obvious, but she felt that it was normal, after all, they were like this when they were young. It’s just that Concubine Yue and Emperor Wen are childhood sweethearts, and they have a good relationship with each other. Ling Budo thinks of Cheng Shaoshang everywhere, but Cheng Shaoshang didn’t respond at all, so why not visit.

Finally, at the suggestion of Concubine Yue, Emperor Wen immediately summoned Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo. However, on the day Cheng Shaoshang was summoned into the palace, he accidentally met the arrogant and domineering third princess.

Just when the three princes wanted to avenge their personal revenge and ordered the maid to clap their mouths, Ling Budo came forward to defend Cheng Shaoshang. Relying on Ling Budo’s former affection for her, the third princess still scolded Cheng Shaoshang in public, while Ling Budo refuted the third princess for being ungrateful and ridiculed her past behavior of accumulating money, which was a disgrace to Emperor Wen.

Before waiting for the third princess to respond, Ling Budo continued to emphasize that he was the only one in his life, Cheng Shaoshang, and he had no one else in his eyes, and immediately led Cheng Shaoshang away. Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t hide his joy, and at the same time he cared about Ling Budo’s injury. Yesterday, he was still sneering. Today, he has begun to care about me in every possible way, but Ling Budo feels strange.

Ling Wudoubt made it clear that he would not break off the marriage. He had identified Cheng Shaoshang in his life, and Cheng Shaoshang had already given up his intention to break off the marriage. Especially when he recalled the pictures of getting along with each other, he knew that Ling Wudoubt treated each other sincerely. The heart of stone will also be affected by it. Although the concept of the two is different, Cheng Shaoshang will always question that the two sides are not equal, but Ling Budo hopes that Cheng Shaoshang can understand that he regards Cheng Shaoshang as his wife today, and everything belongs to the other party.

In order to prove that she was changing, Ling Budo took out food from the towel and handed it to Cheng Shaoshang, and would not interfere with any of her preferences and behaviors. Cheng Shaoshang looked at the handsome and tall young man in front of him, his heart seemed to leap over thousands of mountains and rivers in an instant.

Above the main hall, Emperor Wen was sitting high in his regular clothes, next to Empress Xuan in plain bun and simple clothes, and sitting on the lower head was the smiling prince, and the gentle and docile Crown Princess. When Cheng Shaoshang faced Emperor Wen’s question, he had not yet figured out how to become a qualified wife. Ling Budo came in from outside the door and knelt directly beside Cheng Shaoshang. Emperor Wen felt sorry for Cheng Shaoshang’s leg injury, so he simply let the two sit down Answer the questions below.

From Emperor Wen’s point of view, Cheng Shaoshang’s talent is not high, so how can he be worthy of Ling Budo. Cheng Shaoshang also had self-knowledge and answered questions about knowledge truthfully, but Ling Budo didn’t care at all, and even thought that Cheng Shaoshang was talented and intelligent. Keling is undoubtedly the pillar of the country, and Emperor Wen regards him as his own son, so he still decides to let Cheng Shaoshang enter the palace to be taught by Empress Xuan.

Cheng Shaoshang was reluctant to live in the palace, so Ling Budo suggested to pick him up in person every day. The Empress was also very happy when she saw that the two were so close. However, Cheng Shaoshang still remembered Wang Ai’s humiliation in public, so he simply mentioned it to Emperor Wen. At first, Emperor Wen thought it was a quarrel between his youngest daughter’s family. After being properly dealt with, Emperor Wen ordered a decree to the Wang family.

At this time, the Wang family welcomed an uninvited guest. The other party was Shouchun. Today, at the order of the prefect Peng Kun, he came to inform the situation of King Qian’an. I hope that the first lady Wen Xiujun can persuade the saint to let Shouchun mint coins by himself. Wen Xiujun was born in an aristocratic family and was of the same clan as Emperor Wen. Later, when Lao Gan An Wang died, the Wen family gradually declined, and it was all relying on Peng Kun to keep the ancestral business.

Wang Ai, who had passed the age of Ji, attracted Shouchun to envoy, so on the grounds of repaying her kindness, he forced Wen Xiujun to marry his daughter Wang Ai to Peng Kun, so that he could give birth to an heir. But Peng Kun is already in his sixtieth year. If Wang Ai gets married, it is equivalent to a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth, and the rest of his life will be completely destroyed. Wen Xiujun believes that the Qian’an royal family is the master of the world, and in order to revive his mother’s family, he would rather give up his daughter.

It just so happened that the inner servant came to announce the decree, and Lord Wen Xiu, relying on his own identity, still refused to kneel to accept the decree. After the inner servant read the imperial decree, Lord Wen Xiu ignored the presence of outsiders and slapped Wang Wei in the face, and the inner servant left first. Although Wen Xiujun usually condone Wang Kui’s arrogance, he must not humiliate his family, especially when he was defeated by the daughter of a military household.

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