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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 Episode 4 Recap

Luo Jiutian got the keel and was taken away by the little sister Chu Fengling whom he met halfway. Chu Fengling asked his elder brother Luo Yunsong what he would do if Ding Yunqi was caught without his hands. Luo Yunsong said calmly that he was killed, which shocked Chu Fengling. She did not expect her brother would be so cruel.

Chu Fengling told her brother that Kunlun Ruins belonged to the country, and only the Ding family knew where they were, so they had to stay alive.

Luo Yunsong had a disagreement with Chu Fengling. He hoped that his sister could find a good family, get married and have children, and live a good life, but Chu Fengling did not like this kind of life. She believed that women could also have their own careers. Luo Yunsong wanted to get the keel from his sister, but he didn’t expect her sister to refuse to hand over the keel.

The person who tied Luo Jiutian was arranged by Ding Yunqi, the purpose was to get the keel back, but he didn’t expect that the keel had already fallen into Chu Fengling’s hands. This made everyone puzzled, what a little girl was going to do with the keel. Luo Jiutian has no keel on his body, and it has no value to Ding Yunqi, so he can only let him go.

Ding Yunqi Wushuang went to Luo Yunsong’s house late at night and wanted to steal the keel, but was ambushed. Fortunately, Sun Sanxuan arrived in time to prevent both of them from falling into Luo Yunsong’s hands. Wushuang went back to find Master for help, and Sun Sanxuan decided to call all his brothers to Shanghai to help.

Ding Yunqi fell into Luo Yunsong’s hands. The reason why Luo Yunsong refused to let the Ding family go was because they had a family feud. Twenty years ago, Luo Yunsong’s parents and a younger sister died at the hands of Ding Yuanshan. Ding Yunqi knew that his father never hurt women and children, there must be a misunderstanding, but Luo Yunsong didn’t believe him at all, because the darts he found on his mother were the ones used by the Ding family. Although Luo Yunsong’s goal was Ding Yuanshan, since Ding Yunqi took the initiative to send it to the door, let their father and son repay the blood debt together.

Wushuang returned to Qianzhuang to ask Master to save Ding Yunqi, Zhou Qiuhai was in no hurry and had a plan in his heart.

Chu Fengling didn’t want to see Ding Yunqi die at the hands of her brother, so she decided to give the guards medicine. She took the initiative to ask He Biao to drink. In fact, the medicine had already been put in the wine. He Biao was unprepared and passed out after drinking two glasses of wine. Aunt Hei, the housekeeper, brought tea and snacks to the other guards, and sure enough, everyone passed out. According to Chu Fengling’s instructions, Aunt Hei let Ding Yunqi go.

Sun Sanxuan and Sanjin were still studying how to rescue Ding Yunqi, but they didn’t expect Ding Yunqi to come back by himself. As for why Chu Fengling released Ding Yunqi, no one could guess the reason.

Luo Yunsong was furious when he knew that his sister let Ding Yunqi go, and he wanted to send her abroad to prevent her from getting involved in this matter. Chu Fengling didn’t want to leave, and began to be wronged in front of her brother. She was alone in a foreign country. No one helped when she was bullied. Luo Yunsong softened when she heard such words. Chu Fengling promised not to interfere with these things in the future, and handed over the keel to his brother.

Although Chu Fengling let Ding Yunqi go, they made an appointment to meet in private. Ding Yunqi didn’t know why Chu Fengling opposed his brother and let him go, so he decided to make an appointment to find out the truth.

Wushuang saw that Master didn’t want to arrange for someone to rescue Ding Yunqi, so she had to go out on her own. Just when she was at a loss, she saw Ding Yunqi on the street, followed him all the way, and Wushuang watched Ding Yunqi enter a foreign restaurant.

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