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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 Episode 3 Recap

Seeing Zhou Qiuhai’s firm attitude, Luo Yunsong gave him a slap in the face and ordered to take away Zhou Qiuhai’s two apprentices. Wushuang rushed home and found that the yard was full of police, knowing that something was wrong.

When Wushuang came back, Luo Yunsong decided to propose marriage for his younger brother, and even brought a dowry gift. Seeing this, Zhou Qiuhai had a plan and told them that Wushuang had already promised others and accepted the betrothal gift. This person was none other than Ding Yunqi. In the witness of everyone last night, the keel that Ding Yunqi gave Wushuang was the betrothal gift. Door rules for thousands of years.

Luo Jiutian didn’t care about this, since he couldn’t get married, he would rob him. In fact, their purpose was just to get the keel. Luo Jiutian held it against Zhou Qiuhai’s head and threatened Wushuang to hand over the keel. Wushuang had to take out the keel in order to save the master.

But Luo Yunsong still didn’t give up the idea of ​​using Wushuang as a bait. He had already asked Luo Jiutian to arrange the sedan chair, and he would take Wushuang with him in a while. Wushuang knew that the two of them were trying to lure Ding Yunqi out of Ding Yunqi, so they asked the brothers to dig a tunnel in case they needed it.

At the same time, Ding Yunqi was rushing to the bank with three catties, ready to find Wushuang to get the keel back. On the way, Ding Yunqi noticed something strange, so he went to a hidden corner and changed clothes with the driver. He pretended to be the driver and walked around outside the bank with three pounds. Ding Yunqi found that Wushuang was being held hostage, and he planned to go to Keel alone to save Wushuang. .

Ding Yunqi saw Wushuang’s senior brother on the street, and he told Ding Yunqi what happened in the bank just now. After Ding Yunqi understood the situation, he stopped the sedan chair halfway, and quickly rescued Wushuang, and then the two entered the tunnel of the Zhou family.

The two had a dispute over the keel in the tunnel. According to the rules of the Five Gates, the heavenly official gave the keel to the woman he liked as a dowry. Wushuang admitted the reason and thought that Ding Yunqi was going to marry him. But Ding Yunqi didn’t know about it at all, and he opposed arranged marriages, so he gave the keel to Wushuang because he only knew her. Although Wushuang only regards Ding Yunqi as a good brother, since there is a betrothal gift, the two sides will get married.

Ding Yunqi told Wushuang what he thought. He was against traditional marriage, and especially hated the rules of Wumen. He would not join Wumen or succeed Tianguan.

Wushuang didn’t understand Ding Yunqi’s thoughts, but she just wanted to help find the keel. After all, the keel was handed over to the police by herself.

After Luo Jiutian was full of food and drink, he was about to be unrestrained, but was pressed into the car by a group of people.

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