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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 18 Recap

Yan Dan used immortal power to shut up Yizang, but Yizang had to leave angrily. Yan Dan saw Xiaomengdie being destroyed and asked why Xiaomengdie appeared again. It will break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly, and it will also be reborn because of resentment, so it is not unusual for Xiaomengdie to appear again. Yan Dan believed that the butterfly dreaming in the thatched cottage was because Ying Yuan was ruthless towards her. She was completely disheartened. Ying Yuan took the opportunity to persuade her to forget her past.

Pluto suddenly brought someone out and threatened to take Yan Dan away. Ying Yuan set up a barrier to protect Yan Dan. Pluto gave an order and sent someone to capture Yan Dan forcibly. Yu Mo came to the mortal world. He traveled all over the world, but he couldn’t find Yan Dan’s whereabouts. Ao Xuan personally brought people to hunt down Yu Mo, and took out the scales Yu Mo gave to Chao Lan. Yu Mo looked for someone eagerly, he He didn’t want to fight, so he had to fight and retreat, and Ao Xuan pursued him relentlessly.

Ying Yuan tried hard to ask Pluto why he wanted to catch Yan Dan, but Pluto refused to answer. Ying Yuan used his immortal power to test, and Pluto hurriedly used his left hand to release the sound bat. Ying Yuan found that he not only had a helper in the heaven, but also had a sign of backlash in his right hand. , Guessing that he grabbed Yan Dan to heal himself, Hades fought against Yuan, Ying Yuan subdued him effortlessly, he recognized Ying Yuan as the emperor of the heavens, and was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy.

Ying Yuan did not want Yan Dan to know his identity, so he made her temporarily deaf. Ying Yuan found out that Pluto’s right hand was injured by Emperor Wanyun’s magic weapon, the Seven Luminaries Golden Seal, and was very puzzled. Pluto and Emperor Wanyun had never fought each other. Pluto claimed that he was injured by Emperor Wanyun in the battle of the immortals and demons.

It turned out that Shuohua persuaded Pluto to participate in the battle of the immortals and demons, and also promised to let him take advantage of the fisherman. Pluto led his troops to be trapped and waited for a long time without seeing any reinforcements. The three emperors came later with Xuanxiang’s body. Emperor Wanyun injured Pluto with the golden seal of the Seven Luminaries. Pluto was so frightened that he surrendered on the spot, and he was imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison. After the war, Emperor Zun thought Pluto was the first offender, so he punished him for a thousand years of cultivation and exiled him to Yewang River.

Ying Yuan couldn’t understand it. It is recorded in the history books that the three emperors and the Beiming Xianjun were ambushed by the evil god and fell into the devil. There was a secret in it, and he decided to escort Yan Dandu to Wangchuan for the night and come again to try Hades. Yan Dan thought that Ying Yuan was Yizang, and she did not want to implicate Yizang, so she went to Yewang River alone.

Ying Yuan catches up with Yan Dan, Yan Dan gives up completely against Yuan, and wants to forget all his memories as soon as possible and get out of Yewang River, but it takes too much energy, Yan Dan faints because of exhaustion, Ying Yuan is worried that Yan Dan will not be able to get out of Yewang. Chuan was in ashes, and she had to think of other ways to help her cross the river. Ying Yuan found out from the book that the past can be forgotten by using the Mianyi Pill. He used the Wangchuan water to refine the bones, and then turned into Mianyi Pill on the assembly road.

Ying Yuan used the Burning Heart Fire to refine the Sleeping Yi Dan, and took Yan Dan as a token to burn the two locks of their heads, completely erasing all memories in Yan Dan’s heart. Ying Yuan watched Yan Dan forget the past a little bit, and he also felt Heart hurts like a knife. In a daze, Yan Dan held Ying Yuan’s sleeve tightly and didn’t let go. Ying Yuan deliberately said unfeeling words and pushed her away cruelly. Ying Yuan put Mianyi Dan into Yan Dan’s body, and then kissed her goodbye.

Ying Yuan hugged the drowsy Yan Dan tightly, surrounded by countless Xiaomeng butterflies, Ying Yuan blew out the agarwood incense burner, carried Yan Dan into Yewang River, Ying Yuan let Yan Dan go to the mortal world To be a free and free flower demon, but he can’t go to the mortal world to accompany him, so he can only let the Shen Hua hairpin protect his face completely. The lantern in Yan Dan’s hand finally went out, she sank into the deep Yewang River, and Ying Yuan had to reluctantly leave.

Ying Yuan just wanted to go to Pluto to investigate the truth of the Seven Lights Golden Seal, but was attacked by three men in black. Ying Yuan found out that they were highly skilled and suspected that this was a trick to turn the tiger away from the mountain. Ying Yuan quickly drove them away, and he came to heaven When he was in prison, he found that Hades had been silenced. Ying Yuan firmly believed that there was a secret in the battle between the immortals and demons, so he went back to investigate immediately.

Ao Xuan led people to catch up with Yu Mo, Yu Mo tried his best to fight them, Zi Lin passed by and was chased by Ao Xuan, Yu Mo and him teamed up to fight against Ao Xuan, Ao Xuan used the broken soul hook to grab Yu Mo’s dragon pill After defeating it, he fainted on the spot, and Ao Xuan concluded that he would definitely die, so he was relieved to take people away.

In order to thank Yu Mo for his life-saving grace, Zilin took Yu Mo to the prison lizard’s hot spring for healing. Yu Mo’s injury gradually recovered, and Long Dan was restored as before. The two of them were about to leave, but were stopped by the prison lizard. The fluorescent lamp burned the Swiftyin Bat, and Zhixi could see it clearly from the side. Ao Xuan returned to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea and learned that Chao Lan followed the Dragon King of the South China Sea to propose marriage. Ao Xuan was surprised. Chao Lan couldn’t wait to ask him for scales. Walk.

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