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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 16 Recap

Lin Miaomiao took the photographer to the theater to shoot, just as Deng Xiaoqi was going to perform on stage, but they didn’t go through the procedure and entered the theater directly, so Lin Miaomiao was very concerned about whether there was anything wrong. After learning about it, Deng Xiaoqi said that she would ask the director, but Shen Qiaohua immediately refused. After all, the actors’ rehearsal pictures were exposed on the Internet, and privacy would become a big problem. Even if Li Xizhou came to help intercede, it would still have no effect.

Seeing that both Deng Xiaoqi and Li Xizhou were reprimanded, and Shen Qiaohua did not agree to shoot, Lin Miaomiao hurriedly apologized to the other party, but had to leave the rehearsal hall first and think of other ways. Lin Miaomiao thought about it, but still squatted outside the theater to work, hoping to capture relevant materials.

Xiao Zhao came to the script killing exhibition and saw that Xiao Qiu had a good book in his hand, so he wanted him to buy it for himself. Xiao Qiu did not agree, but chose a fairly good book and gave it to Xiao Zhao. At the same time, he inserted a room card. Xiao Zhao was very angry, and then took the book to Jiang Tianhao, wanting to see the attitude of the other party.

However, Jiang Tianhao was very hesitant about this, and Xiao Zhao felt extremely disappointed, so he simply sent back a message to Xiao Qiu, saying that he would go to the appointment at night. Jiang Tianhao noticed that Xiao Zhao was angry, so he stopped her immediately, and then went straight to Xiao Qiu’s residence with a bucket of swill, and poured the swill on the other party’s body involuntarily.

Sany was so outstanding that it ruined other script-killing shops. Although it was to get back many scripts for Jiang Tianhao, it was also blacklisted by them. On the other hand, Lin Miaomiao was busy all day, and only filmed the scene outside the theater and the scene of the actors returning home after rehearsal. Deng Xiaoqi felt sorry and took the initiative to invite Lin Miaomiao to have a late night snack.

Wang Shengnan was watching TV at home, and he didn’t notice Lin Dawei behind him, so when Lin Dawei saw the interesting content and laughed, she hurried back in fright. Lin Dawei pretended to be looking at his mobile phone, but it aroused Wang Shengnan’s suspicion. In order to find out, he deliberately shouted at night to catch fire. Unexpectedly, Lin Dawei was very calm, and he breathed a sigh of relief until Wang Shengnan left.

The next day, Wang Shengnan picked up the gongs and drums and banged on Lin Dawei’s ear again. At first, Lin Dawei could pretend to read the newspaper calmly, but later, Wang Shengnan told him about his transfer, and even burst into tears. . Sure enough, Lin Dawei couldn’t help comforting him, and completely exposed the fact that he was pretending to be deaf. He had to admit that he had been nagging too much in the past few years, and wanted to experience the feeling of Wang Shengnan taking care of himself.

After Wang Shengnan learned the truth, he beat Lin Dawei with a pillow, and called Lin Miaomiao to tell her to come back as soon as possible. Lin Dawei sat on the small chair, covering his face and daring not to look at Wang Shengnan. At this time, Lin Miaomiao was waiting for the video to be edited later. Director Xiao reassured her not to worry too much and just let it go.

Lin Miaomiao, who received the call, rushed home as soon as possible, feeling that Lin Dawei had realized his mistake, Wang Shengnan should not continue to embarrass him, and then announced that he would cancel the heart-to-heart talk with Lin Dawei, and would not go out alone for a drink in the future. . Although he heard this, Wang Shengnan still thought that he had been deceived too badly, and even suspected that Lin Miaomiao had helped to make plans, and simply announced that he would be deaf and dumb from now on, and immediately returned to his room.

After Lin Miaomiao stayed up all night to choose the topic, she still did not reach Tian Tian’s satisfaction, because the actors of the drama were too far away from the masses and there was no special relationship between the two, so it was difficult to create heat and topics. Tian Tian called Lv Jiawei in again and asked Lin Miaomiao about the progress of the graduation season video in front of Lin Miaomiao, saying that if Lin Miaomiao’s professional experience next week was not updated in time, it would be replaced by the graduation season video.

Lv Jiawei gave Lin Miaomiao ideas and suggested that she join her team. In the end, Lin Miaomiao and Lv Jiawei shook hands and made peace. At the same time, Lin Dawei personally cooked food for Wang Shengnan, but Wang Shengnan ignored him at all, and even blocked him on WeChat. In the end, Lin Dawei really had no choice, and immediately pretended to be dizzy to win sympathy, how could Wang Shengnan see through it at a glance.

That night, when Lin Miaomiao returned home, Lin Dawei wanted her to praise herself and say nice things in front of Wang Shengnan. When Lin Miaomiao was racking her brains to boast about Lin Dawei’s advantages, Wang Shengnan directly exposed his lies and exposed Lin Dawei’s problems with housework.

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