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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Zhihao recognized Bao Xiaomeng and took the initiative to approach her. Bao Xiaomeng also relaxed his vigilance and started chatting with him. At the end of the game, Ji Jiang drove Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi off. Lin Chaoxi casually mentioned that his mother Luo Jing also came to watch the game, and left before the game was over. Pei Zhi knew that Luo Jing didn’t want to see him injured. He remembered his mother before. Every time Luo Jing went to see her father Pei Donglai for boxing, her father didn’t want to worry her mother, so she gave up boxing voluntarily.

Lu Zhihao and Bao Xiaomeng chatted more and more speculatively, and they made an appointment to meet again on the weekend. Ji Jiang sent Lin Chaoxi home, seeing Lu Zhihao and Bao Xiaomeng chatting hotly from a distance, Lu Zhihao wanted to drop Bao Xiaomeng home by the way, and Bao Xiaomeng wanted to stay at Lin Chaoxi’s house. Ji Jiang drove Pei Zhi to the boxing gym and couldn’t wait to ask Lu Zhihao about Lin Chaoxi’s situation. Lu Zhihao persuaded him to give up as soon as possible, but Lin Chaoxi only had Pei Zhi in his heart.

Bao Xiaomeng saw that Ji Jiang liked Lin Chaoxi, and tried hard to ask about the relationship between them. Lin Chaoxi regarded Ji Jiang as a buddy, and Ji Jiang was a big star, and there were countless girls around her. It was impossible for the two of them. Asked what happened to Bao Xiaomeng and Lu Zhihao, Bao Xiaomeng tried his best to cover up.

Lin Chaoxi got up early in the morning and found that Lin Zhaosheng was checking mathematics on the blackboard, so he tried his best to stop him. Lin Chaoxi suddenly received a call from the staff of Jiujiu Education and learned that Zhang Shuping wanted to see her. , followed by the past. Lin Chaoxi came to see Zhang Shuping, Zhang Shuping arranged for her to go to the mathematics training class, Lin Chaoxi was very happy.

Lin Zhaosheng followed, wanting to see if Zhang Shuping had changed. He warmly greeted Zhang Shuping and reminisced about the old days. Zhang Shuping didn’t know Lin Zhaosheng at all, and Lin Zhaosheng was not worthy of being his friend. Lin Zhaoxi forcibly pulled Lin Zhaosheng out and told him not to run around. Lin Chaoxi went back to the office to find Zhang Shuping’s theory, but Zhang Shuping made fun of Lin Chaoxi for going to school through the back door.

He decided to give up the investment of Lin Chaoxi’s boyfriend and let Lin Chaoxi change to a postgraduate institution. Lin Chaoxi was at a loss. Zhang Shuping revealed that Ji Jiang sent an agent to negotiate with him and promised to invest in Jiujiu Education. Lin Chaoxi repeatedly explained that she did not go through the back door, and also revealed that Lin Zhaosheng had Alzheimer’s disease, and promised to never do it again. I won’t come to Zhang Shuping

Pei Zhi walked around Lin Chaoxi’s house and found that there was a surveillance camera at the door of the convenience store next to him. He lied that the cat of a friend who lived nearby had been lost. He wanted to check the surveillance camera. On the way home, Lin Chaoxi asked Lin Zhaosheng about him and Zhang Shuping. Lin Zhaosheng vaguely remembered that the two of them were classmates from the Mathematics Department of Yongchuan University, and they met Qiu Yue at the same time. , on the pretext that he came from the past,

From the surveillance, Pei Zhi saw Ji Jiang and Lin Zhaoxi coming out of the ancient pagoda. He calculated based on the time that the ancient pagoda contained the secret of their journey to the world of cheese. Pei Zhi came to the ancient pagoda and saw that the walls were smeared. One formula was dropped, and there was still one formula left. Pei Zhi guessed that the formula was a breakthrough. Lin Zhaosheng and Lin Zhaoxi went home. Seeing Pei Zhi coming out of the ancient pagoda, Lin Zhaoxi was stunned for a moment. She didn’t have time to think about it, so Lin Zhaosheng took Pei Zhi home to play games together.

Pei Zhi heard that Lin Chaoxi couldn’t find the postgraduate entrance examination class, and offered to help her with counseling, which Lin Chaoxi naturally couldn’t ask for. Lin Zhaosheng suspected that Zhang Shuping knocked him unconscious from behind, and Lin Chaoxi thought it was impossible and advised him not to think wildly. Lin Chaoxi came to Ji Jiangxing to ask the guilt, complaining that he should not look for Zhang Shuping.

Ji Jiang is willing to invest more than 6 million in Zhang Shuping’s educational institution. As long as Zhang Shuping is willing to accept Lin Chaoxi as a student, Lin Chaoxi feels that Ji Jiang likes her, and Ji Jiang admits After falling in love with her for a long time, Lin Chaoxi frankly expressed her thoughts. She only wanted to be friends with Ji Jiang. Ji Jiang was very disappointed. He hugged Lin Chaoxi for the sake of friendship.

Pei Zhi tutored Lin Zhaoxi in mathematics, and he took four hours of class at one go. Lin Chaoxi was so tired and complained that Pei Zhi was still not satisfied. Luo Jing suddenly came to see Pei Zhi, Lin Chaoxi didn’t dare to face Luo Jing, and hurriedly hid in the closet. Luo Jing brought thick clothes and cold medicine to Pei Zhi, opened the closet and saw Lin Chaoxi, Luo Jing was furious and wanted to kick Lin Chaoxi out. Pei Zhi made it clear that the two of them were boyfriend and girlfriend, and Luo Jing was not allowed to interfere. his life.

Pei Zhi opened the door and saw Ding Minghai and others eavesdropping outside the door, and Lin Zhaoxi took the opportunity to grab the door and go out. After Luo Jing and Pei Zhi finished talking, they called Lin Chaoxi into the room. When she learned about the philosophy that Lin Chaoxi studied at university, she agreed to associate Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi, and let them both go out to relax. Before leaving, Luo Jing Remind Lin Chaoxi not to let Pei Zhi learn mathematics.

Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi didn’t like shopping at ordinary times, but they had nowhere to go, so the two of them tried to go shopping. Ji Jiang was rejected by Lin Chaoxi. He decided to take on director Zeng’s play. Lu Zhihao asked Director Zeng for the script. Ji Jiang was very satisfied and asked Director Zeng for an interview.

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