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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 Episode 2 Recap

Ding Yunqi successfully helped Sun Sanxuan break the formation. Sun Sanxuan was injured and should not stay here for a long time. Ding Yunqi took him away from this place of right and wrong. Zhou Qiuhai thought that Ding Yuanshan would be not far away, so he asked his disciples to follow him.

Luo Jiutian volunteered to follow Ding Yunqi. Sun Sanxuan gave him the things that Ding Yuanshan dragged himself to Ding Yunqi. This is a very important thing, but now that they are facing pursuit, it is too late to elaborate. Ding Yunqi accepts it first, and the most important thing is to find a safe hiding place.

Luo Jiutian led someone to block Ding Yunqi’s way, and the two sides fought, and Ding Yunqi had the upper hand. Ding Yunqi expected that the people from Faqiumen were nearby, so he called Wushuang and handed the things Sun Sanxuan gave him to Wushuang, Sun Sanxuan was puzzled. At this moment, a masked man threw a smoke bomb, and Ding Yunqi took the opportunity to take Sun Sanxuan away.

Ding Yunqi brought Sun Sanxuan to the Bell Tower, but fortunately his injury was not serious. Sun Sanxuan told Ding Yunqi that the keel he brought was given to him by Ding Yuanshan half a year ago, and they have not met so far. What was taken away by Zhou Qiuhai and the others just now was fake.

This keel is the heirloom of the Ding family. There are two pieces in total. Only two pieces are useful together. As for the secret, only the Ding family knows.

Sun Sanxuan told Ding Yunqi that the Kunlun Ruins were the foundation of the five gates. Inside were the treasures of the five gates for thousands of years. They were always in charge of the Ding family, and only Ding Yuanshan knew the exact location.

Sun Sanxuan read the newspaper and remembered that Ding Yuanshan had mentioned Ding Yunqi’s 8-year-old falling into the water at the dock before, so he guessed the meeting place, but he didn’t expect his whereabouts to be exposed, and he encountered an ambush. Ding Yunqi thought of the masked man who threw the smoke bomb, and he suspected that this man might be his father.

Sun Sanxuan hoped that Ding Yunqi could succeed Tianguan, but Ding Yunqi didn’t want it. The reason why he didn’t enter the five doors was because he promised his mother that if he didn’t enter the five doors, he would not be the official.

Luo Jiutian failed to complete the task given by the elder brother, and was cleaned up by Luo Yunsong when he got home. Fortunately, there was little sister Chu Fengling interceding by the side, so Luo Jiutian would not be beaten badly. Luo Yunsong also hated that iron could not become steel. He and Luo Jiutian were not brothers. Luo Jiutian’s father took him as his adopted son, and he treated him and Chu Fengling very well. Naturally, he also took Luo Jiutian as his brother, watching him usually Luo Yunsong couldn’t bear to look like a fool.

Luo Yunsong Luo Jiutian brought people to Taiyi Bank. Wushuang had revealed his address last night. The purpose of their trip was to find Wushuang and get what Ding Yunqi gave him last night. Seeing Zhou Qiuhai, Luo Yunsong made it clear that this time he was going to help Zhou Qiuhai deal with the family affairs in the five sects. He wanted to use Wushuang as a bait to draw out Ding Yunqi, of course he would guarantee Wushuang’s safety.

Zhou Qiuhai is not old and confused. Although Ding Yunqi is not a member of the Five Sects, he is a descendant of Tianguan, so he will not do this “sale”.

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