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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 6 Recap

When Zhang Weiguo learned that his father-in-law was in the hospital, he hurried over and happened to see Zhou Xiaoqiu going through the hospitalization procedures. Zhou Xiaoqiu talked and learned that Zhang Weiguo was a descendant of the eunuch, so he kept telling him to treat Zhang Dache well, and told him to see the attending doctor.

Zhang Dache had come to the hospital for an examination before, so this time the attending doctor found that the diagnosis showed lung cancer. Zhang Weiguo was stunned for a long time when he heard the suspected result, until he answered Lin Hongnian’s call. Zhang Weiguo scolded Lin Hongnian for humiliating himself, and in the end he became disloyal and unfilial.

But Lin Hongnian fooled Zhang Weiguo to thank him. If it wasn’t for this article, he wouldn’t have been so angry that his father-in-law went to the hospital and discovered the cancer in time. Zhang Weiguo didn’t turn his head, thinking that Lin Hongnian’s words made sense, and then took the 50,000 yuan that the other party gave him, and paid for the operation first.

Lin Hongnian is so righteous, he is not like a despicable villain who trapped him in injustice. Zhang Weiguo returned home and told his son the news of his father-in-law’s illness. Zhang Anan was in a hurry, thinking that it was Zhang Weiguo who neglected to take care of the old man, and he could not help but blame Zhang Weiguo for not accomplishing anything, and the relationship between father and son appeared to be cracked.

Although Zhang Weiguo has been unable to straighten due to back pain recently, he still endured the discomfort to deliver the props. He rode his bicycle to the props room, and immediately heard the rustling movement from the next door, so he thought it was a mouse and didn’t care. It wasn’t until the next day that Zhang Weiguo knew through the regiment leader that a thief had entered the unit, and he had no loss at all.

This incident reminded the head of the group. In order to alleviate the financial situation, he decided to let several old employees retire early, including Zhang Weiguo. The house leak happened overnight, and Zhang Weiguo was dissatisfied with the team leader’s handling advice, but it was done, so he had to pack up and go home.

On the other hand, Lin Hongnian became popular because of “Descendants of the Eunuch”. Liu Haipi was not convinced, thinking that it was Lin Hongnian’s blind cat and a dead mouse. In the end, there was a dispute at the meeting. Lin Hongnian attacked with a mineral water bottle in a fit of anger. Think of accidentally hurting someone else. President Wang came forward to mediate, and left Lin Hongnian alone to talk, persuading him not to meet Liu Haipi.

Considering the popularity of this article on the Internet, President Wang encouraged Lin Hongnian to work hard and promised to give a generous year-end bonus. Because of the leadership behind him, Lin Hongnian’s mind was full of thoughts. He thought that since he came to Beijing, his luck had also been soaring, so he wanted to go back to announce the good news to his godfather, but he saw Zhang Weiguo complaining in front of the old man’s spiritual position.

Due to the loss of his job, Zhang Weiguo felt uncomfortable. Lin Hongnian thought about it, and took the initiative to apply for a scooter from President Wang, and then hired Zhang Weiguo as a driver for himself, which was considered a job. After obtaining the consent of President Wang, Zhang Weiguo finally resumed his post, driving to and from his brother every day.

Wen Zhiyuan wanted to invest in the cultural sector. When he saw Lin Hongnian’s information, he couldn’t help but become interested, and immediately decided to fund 5 million for the other party to open the company’s angel round and invest 10% of the shares. Lin Hongnian didn’t know the relationship between Wen Zhiyuan and Gu Jiayi, and was still excited to see each other. Wen Zhiyuan learned about the reason for Lin Hongnian’s resignation in Nanjing and the idea of ​​preparing for divorce, so he readily agreed to the cooperation intention.

After completing the first goal of starting a company, Lin Hongnian was so proud that he wanted to take Zhang Weiguo to a high-end restaurant, and Zhang Weiguo was also happy. Although the previous article was somewhat unpleasant, he still returned to his brotherhood. What’s more, in Zhang Weiguo’s view, as long as Lin Hongnian can rise step by step, he can follow suit.

The male students who were painting together liked Gu Lin, so they were jealous of other girls, deliberately framed him and framed him for stealing watches, and blocked him in the stairwell to bully and beat him. When Zhou Xiaoqiu learned about this, he immediately called Lin Hongnian. Since Lin Hongnian was signing the contract and couldn’t leave, he asked Zhang Weiguo to handle it on his behalf.

It happened that Gu Lin also contacted Zhang An’an in time, and when Zhang Weiguo appeared, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. Zhang An’an was worried about Zhang Weiguo’s ability to handle affairs, so he simply took Gu Lin to the police station to report the situation.

Zhang Weiguo finally parked his car and came to the police station. How could he know that Zhang Anan had already done things well, so he had to drive to the hospital again. When the injury was finally determined, the police called the parents of both parties. At first, the guardian of the other party refused to admit that the child hit someone, but with the monitoring and injury report, he instantly changed his attitude and apologized, and the matter was resolved satisfactorily.

Gu Jiayi was troubled by Lin Hongnian’s failure to show up in time, and scolded her for never taking into account the feelings of her wife and daughter, and finally decided to go back to Nanjing for divorce. Although Lin Hongnian was prepared in his heart, he just didn’t expect it to be so sudden. He subconsciously said something tomorrow, but he couldn’t take it back.

That night, Lin Hongnian confided the secrets he had buried in his heart before he did some spiritual work. It turned out that Zhang Weiguo was injured because of him. He originally wanted to cause a minor accident, but he did not expect that it would affect his best brother and ruin his artistic career. After that, Lin Hongnian left without saying goodbye to Nanjing. Now that he has returned to Beijing, his conscience has been constantly condemned, saying that he will treat Zhang Weiguo as his own brother and make up for the mistakes he made in the past.

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