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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 16 Recap

Yan Dan walked into the cold and dark Yewang River with the lantern of the ghost fire. She couldn’t forget the past, so she had to come back to Yizang. Yizang had been behind for many years that night, and he saw that it would take up to seven days to forget all the past events. He advised Yan Dan to go to the inn to rest first, and then continue tomorrow.

Ying Yuan was bruised and bruised all over by the punishment and torture. He jumped off the bridgeless bridge to save Yandan, which undoubtedly made things worse. In the end, the fairy spirits were all gone, and they were dying. The news of Ying Yuan being punished by sympathy caused trouble. Emperor Zun personally came to visit Ying Yuan, gave him access to immortal power, and told the immortal servants to take good care of Ying Yuan. He had just suffered a severe cold, and he must not be contaminated with fireworks again, otherwise he would fall asleep for a hundred years or die.

Ying Yuan finally woke up, and found that the immortal attendants threw Yan Dan’s repaired Hunyuan jade belt together with the clothes into the Fen Yuan furnace in Qianyun Palace. He rushed into the furnace without saying a word. The fire of the furnace could not be extinguished, they could only wait anxiously.

Ying Yuan braved the raging fire and finally found the Hunyuan jade belt, which he took out from the scorching fire and tied around his waist. The immortal servant found that Ying Yuan’s fairy spirits were all scattered. Ying Yuan knew that the worst result would be the death of his soul. He decided to resign as emperor and leave Yanxu Temple.

Ying Yuan came to Gou Dan’s residence to atone for his sins and protect the unforgettable love between him and Yan Dan. Yu Mo saw that the lights were on in Gou Dan’s residence, and guessed that Ying Yuan was here, so he wanted to rush in to find him to settle the account, Lu Ming tried desperately to stop Yu Mo, and repeatedly stated that Ying Yuan cared about Yan Dan, otherwise he would not find Huo De The marshal wanted to exonerate Tianshu, let alone jump off the Wuqiao to save Yandan. Yu Mo didn’t believe it at all.

He believed that Ying Yuan had failed Yan Dan, and forced Yan Dan to jump off the Wuqiao. Lu Ming found Ying Yuan as Yan from the pond. The lotus seeds planted by Dan advised Yu Mo not to be impulsive. The most important thing at the moment is to go to the world to find Yan Dan. Yu Mo was relieved a little, and he immediately found a way to break the enchantment.

Zhixi carefully looked at the things Yan Dan left behind, and many of them were for her. When Zhixi saw things and people, thinking of everything Yan Dan had done for her, he was full of guilt. Zhixi came to the temple to pray for Yan Dan, Ying Deng saw this scene, satirized Zhi Xi’s fake love and slandered her, Ying Deng saw the porcelain vase full of immortal power left by Yan Dan, and smashed it to pieces on the spot. Then he walked away, Zhixi vowed to avenge Yan Dan.

Zhixi wanted to know the current situation of Yan Dan, so she bought the Xian Jiguan. She could check the list of people crossing the river every day, and Ying Yuan also checked the list every day. When Ying Deng heard about this, he sent Xian Ji Guan to forge a fake register and wrote Yan Dan’s name on it, so that Zhixi and Ying Yuan would give up completely.

Ying Yuan stayed at Gou Dan’s residence alone, and had to deal with the daily affairs of the heavenly realm. Zhixi came to see him and revealed that Yan Dan had crossed the Yewang River to the mortal realm. , Ying Yuan was very entangled in his heart, and he tried his best to cover it up. Zhixi advised Ying Yuan to stop worrying about this matter and take good care of her body. Ying Yuan was very impatient and sent her away in a few words.

Yu Mo racked his brains to find a way to the lower realm, but all came back without success. He wanted to leave from the Four Heavenly Gates. Yu Mo accidentally found a “Nine Fins Dictionary”, from which he found out that the nine-fin dragon horns are indestructible and can cut through everything. Chao Lan came to deliver food to Yu Mo, and saw that he sacrificed his life to cut off his dragon horns, but his immortal power was exhausted.

Chao Lan found out from the scriptures that the broken dragon horns would disappear at any time. Yu Mo asked Chaolan to use the dragon horn to open the barrier. He went to the mortal world to save Yandan, but Chaolan refused to do it, and wanted to help Yu Mo recover his spiritual power at all costs. She went to Luming for help, and Luming revealed that only Emperor Zun’s Jiuzhuan returned to the pill to save Yu Mo. He wanted to steal this pill tonight, and Chao Lan came up with a good solution.

Emperor Zun gave Ao Xuan and Chao Lan a wedding, and specially held a banquet in Yaochi. The Dragon King of the East China Sea came to heaven to pick them up and get married. Chao Lan wanted Emperor Zun’s Jiuzhuan Hui Dan as a congratulatory gift. Emperor Zun agreed and gave it to her on the spot. . Ying Yuan came to the temple and saw that the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals were repairing the broken giant pillar.

They could not guess which immortal protected the giant pillar in the battle of the immortals and demons. Ying Yuan detected the power of Hanli in it. Guessing what Yan Dan did, Tian Jiang wanted to claim credit for Yan Dan. Ying Yuan knew that Yan Dan was not interested in this, so he asked someone to record the giant pillar of the temple protected by an unknown person, and Ying Yuan secretly prayed that Yan Dan would be safe.

Chaolan handed Jiuzhuan back Dan to Luming. Luming knew that she was forced to marry Ao Xuan for Yu Mo. It was a pity for her. Chaolan was willing to make sacrifices for Yu Mo. She wanted to leave with the Dragon King of the East China Sea and Ao Xuan. In heaven, Lu Ming asked her to wait for Yu Mo to wake up before leaving. Chao Lan was afraid that she would not be willing to leave at that time, so she left with tears in her eyes. Yu Mo took Jiuzhuan back to the Pill Empress to recover his immortal power. When he learned that Chaolan sacrificed his happiness to get this Jiuzhuan Huidan, he hurriedly went after Chaolan and expressed his gratitude to Chaolan. Chaolan let Yu Mo take advantage of it. Follow them randomly from Nantianmen to the lower realm.

Chaolan and Yu Mo joined forces to finally open a gap in the barrier set by Emperor Zun. Seeing this scene, Ao Xuan thought that Chaolan was going to elope with Yu Mo, so he used the secret return technique of the Dragon Clan to block it. Yu Mo took out the dragon horn to open the barrier, but was seriously injured by the return to the original art. He struggled to stand up, and Chao Lan said goodbye to him, and Yu Mo did not turn his head back from there.

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