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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 15 Recap

Ying Yuan came to Tian Prison to see Yan Dan, Yan Dan’s face was haggard, and he leaned against the iron door in a drowsy state. Ying Yuan felt like a knife twisted in his heart. Ying Yuan had no choice but to hold back and vowed to protect Yan Dan well.

Not long after Ying Yuan left, Yu Mo came to the Heavenly Prison to rescue Yan Dan. Yan Dan did not want to escape, but wanted to stay to prove his innocence. He lied that Ying Yuan had promised to let her leave the Heavenly Court, and Yan Dan asked Yu Mo to wait for her in the mortal world. Yu Mo was still worried. Three days later, he waited for her at the Heavenly Punishment Platform. The two of them went down to earth together. Yu Mo personally cooked egg fried rice for her. Yan Dan was very happy to have him as a good friend.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye, Ying Yuan personally came to the prison to escort Yan Dan to the punishment platform, and released Yan Dan on the spot. Ying Deng protested strongly, worried that Yan Dan would take the opportunity to escape, Ying Yuan was very impatient and was not allowed to follow her to the punishment platform. Fluorescent had to give up. Yan Dan repeatedly emphasized that she was not poisoned, and hoped that Ying Yuan would believe her. Ying Yuan thought of Ying Deng’s threat of emotional punishment. Disappointing.

Ying Yuan brought Yan Dan to Wuqiao. Yan Dan claimed that Ying Yuan was in love and asked Ying Yuan to kill her with his own hands. The soldiers heard Yan Dan’s offensive words and drew their knives to face each other. Ying Yuan hurriedly stopped them, and Yan Dan responded Yuan tried hard to force him to tell the truth, Ying Yuan kept claiming that he cared about the common people and had no selfish thoughts, Yan Dan gave up completely and jumped off the Wuqiao, Ying Yuan Fen jumped down to save Yan Dan. Yan Dan was burned at the stake, Ying Yuan used his body to help her resist, and both of them were seriously injured.

Emperor Zun learned that Ying Yuan followed Yan Dan to jump off the Wuqiao, and set up a barrier on the bridge himself, not allowing anyone to take a step. Yu Mo and Lu Ming came to the Heavenly Punishment Platform and saw Zhixi sitting there crying secretly, only then did they know that Yan Dan and Ying Yuan jumped off the bridge one after another. Yu Mo wanted to jump down to save people, but was blocked by the barrier set up by Emperor Zun, and the liana flower on his wrist changed, Yu Mo knew that Yan Dan was still alive, and couldn’t help but secretly rejoiced in his heart, and vowed to find it when he traveled to the ends of the earth. she.

Yan Dan woke up in a daze and found that Ying Yuan had rescued her. She was puzzled. Ying Yuan broke the lead in one sentence. The reason why Yan Dan did not recognize him was just to protect Zhixi. Hi, Ying Yuan didn’t forget their promise at all. She didn’t understand why Ying Yuan said such heartless words just now. Ying Yuan found that Yan Dan’s fairy spirit was broken, and it was impossible to return to heaven. He could only send Yan Dan here. Yan Dan’s hope just ignited was dashed again, she took out Xiaomengdie to win back Ying Yuan’s heart, Ying Yuan destroyed it on the spot, persuaded Yan Dan to let go of her feelings and face the reality, Yan Dan.

Wangchuan’s night messenger, Yizang, came to pick up Yandan, and wanted to take her through the night in Wangchuan. Only by erasing all the previous memories could he set foot on Huangquan Dao, and then turn into a mortal and enter the mortal world. Yizang gave Yan Dan a lantern, which recorded her past. If the lantern was extinguished after the night, it meant that Yan Dan had forgotten the past.

Yan Dan picked up the lantern and let Ying Yuan see everything she had seen in the past. Ying Yuan used blindfolding to hide Xiaomengdie, he wanted Yan Dan to give up completely. Yan Danyi stepped onto Yewangchuan without hesitation, and Yizang advised Yingyuan to leave as soon as possible to avoid hurting the fairy body, so Yingyuan had to leave first.

Ying Yuan came back to Emperor Zun to enrich the people. Emperor Zun taught him a lesson and asked him to go back and reflect on himself. Marshal Huo De brought it from the Heavenly Book of Exemption. Ying Yuan was willing to accept the punishment. Emperor Zun advised him to think twice. Ying Yuan made up his mind. Emperor Zun personally tortured him, Ying Deng hurriedly came to intercede for Ying Yuan, Marshal Huo De also stood up and said good things for Ying Yuan, Emperor Zun did not buy it at all, and continued to punish and torture Ying Deng, Ying Deng begged Emperor Zun to wipe Going to Yingyuan’s memory of Yan Dan, Emperor Zun couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so he had to do it.

Yan Dan was holding the lantern in Yewangchuan as early as Yewangchuan, and the scene where she and Ying Yuan were together immersed in each other lingered in his mind, Yan Dan forced himself to forget. Ying Yuan seemed to see Yan Dan appearing in front of him, he wanted to reach for it, but Yan Dan suddenly disappeared. Ying Yuan locked the memory of his and Yan Dan into the fairy spirit, and promised to fulfill his duties from now on, abandon all selfish thoughts, and maintain the peace of the Three Realms. Emperor Zun saw that he had made up his mind, so he had to agree.

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