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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 14 Recap

Zhixi originally wanted Yingdeng to make Yan Dan’s mistake, as long as she was driven out of Yanxu Temple and away from Yingyuan, she did not expect Yingdeng to frame Yan Dan for poisoning her. Yan Dan, who was tortured by Lei, was beaten back to his original form, Ying Deng wanted to make Yan Dan disappear completely, and he also brought out the Han Li roots that framed Yan Dan as a threat provided by Zhi Xi, and Zhi Xi was speechless.

Yan Dan was escorted to the Heavenly Prison. They passed by Yanxu Heavenly Palace and saw Ying Yuan sent someone to take all her belongings to the cliff. Yan Dan recognized that the clothes she had sewed for Ying Yuan had fallen on the ground.

I wanted to reach out and pick it up, but was stopped by the fluorescent light. Ying Deng reminded Yan Dan to give up on Yuan as soon as possible. Although Ying Yuan cherished the common people of the Three Realms, he could not hold any woman in his heart. Ying Yuan just regarded Yan Dan as a little fairy who made fun of the boring child. Ying Deng’s words deeply hurt. Yan Dan, she was disappointed by Ying Yuan.

Yan Dan was imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison, Zhixi came to see her, and repeatedly explained that she just wanted to drive her away from Ying Yuan, but she got into such a big trouble, Yan Dan was very sad, and her own sister framed her and framed her. Zhixi took the opportunity to vomit bitterness to Yan Dan, and the day Ying Yuan rescued them, he asserted that she was the weakest one.

However, she was still ridiculed. Zhixi didn’t want to live in the shadow of Yan Dan anymore, so she made this decision. Yan Dan was very sad. She was thinking of fulfilling Zhixi’s path and becoming an immortal, but Zhixi regarded her as an imaginary enemy. . Zhixi confessed to Yan Dan, but Yan Dan didn’t want to hear it.

The immortal servant of the Cloud Palace threw the agarwood incense burner into the stove and burned it. The agarwood incense burner was immortalized and could not be burned at all. The immortal servant wanted to return the agarwood incense burner to Yan Dan, but she was no longer in Yanxu Temple, and the immortal servant met face to face. On Yingyuan, Ying Yuan learned that Yan Dan was going to burn the agarwood incense burner he carved by himself, and then realized how disappointed Yan Dan was with him, and Yingyuan asked for the agarwood incense burner.

Yu Mo heard that Yan Dan was imprisoned in the sky prison, and vowed to rescue Yan Dan. Yu Mo’s room was set up by Marshal Huo De. Yu Mo couldn’t open it even after several attempts. Chaolan came to Yu Mo and got Knowing that Yu Mo was trapped by the enchantment, he wanted to go to Marshal Huo De to help him untie it, but Yu Mo stopped her, worried that there would be unforeseen branches, and wanted to rescue Yan Dan by his own abilities. Lu Ming came to Tian Prison to see Yan Dan and persuaded her to explain the truth to Ying Yuan, but Yan Dan tried her best to stop her. Light doesn’t want to involve Yu Mo.

Ying Yuan came to Diya unknowingly. He stood in a daze under the Kunlun tree, and couldn’t help thinking of the scenes of Yan Dan taking care of him without any regrets. , seeing that the furnishings here are still the same, and there is a small pinch of incense ash on the table, Ying Yuan finds the unburned flower petals from it, and then realizes that Yan Dan took off his own petals and burned them, falsely claiming that it was the scent of a lotus pond. Yuan was moved to tears by Yan Dan’s good intentions.

Ying Deng came to Ying Yuan, Ying Yuan had already found out that Yan Dan was innocent, that the poison in Ying Deng was self-inflicted, and it only took three consecutive days for Ying Deng to be effective, Ying Deng was very aggrieved.

Since Emperor Zun sent her this Ying Can Deng Accompanying Yingyuan to read at night, she waited hard for Yingyuan for thousands of years, and finally turned into a human form, the emperor asked Yingyuan to bring Yingyuan back to Yanxu Temple, but Yingyuan only had Yan Dan in his heart, Yingyuan had seen her long ago Wanting to change from a qixian to an immortal wolf with ambition, Ying Deng threatened Ying Yuan and Yan Dan about their mutual affection. Ying Yuan didn’t want Yan Dan to be punished to death, so he had to open up to her. Yingdeng promised to keep this secret, and secretly vowed to let Ying Yuan personally send Yan Dan to the Heavenly Punishment Platform.

Ying Yuan came to Marshal Huo De and sent him his dream book of chess manuals. He begged Marshal Huo De to give Yan Dan a book of forgiveness. Ying Yuan was worried that Yan Dan’s body could not stand the pain of burning at the stake, and wanted her to avoid punishment. Please, Marshal Huo De accept Yan Dan as a disciple, Marshal Huo De is very optimistic about Yan Dan, and he agrees.

Chaolan and Yu Mo worked together to make a contribution, but they still could not crack the barrier set by Marshal Huo De. Chao Lan took out his beloved Heart Calling Bell and tried again. The barrier was quickly opened, and the Heart Calling Bell was completely destroyed. Yu Mo couldn’t wait. Rush out to save Yan Dan.

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