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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 13 Recap

Ao Xuan spoke rudely to Yu Mo, and Yu Mo did not show weakness. The two fought a big fight. Ao Xuan surrounded Yu Mo with the dragon flame of the East China Sea Dragon Clan. Chao Lan wanted to save Yu Mo, but Ao Xuan tried his best to stop her and threatened to Yu Mo burned a dead fish and made Chaolan the queen. Chaolan gritted his teeth in anger and swore that he would never marry Ao Xuan. Yan Dan knew that Yu Mo was not afraid of fire, but worried that after a long time, his identity as a descendant of the Nine-Fin Clan would be revealed, so he pretended to give Yu Mo Xue Lingzhi.

Chao Lan discovered that Yu Mo had used the Nine-Fin Clan’s Light of Bathing Fire to protect his body, and realized that he was a descendant of the Nine-Fin Clan. Marshal Huode came to hear the news, and the dragon flames around Yu Mo went out. He was unharmed. Ao Xuan was stunned. Chiming dragon flames were so powerful that no one could escape by chance. He doubted Yu Mo’s identity, Yan Dan explained. She served Yu Mo with Snow Lingzhi. Marshal Huo De believed it was true, and asked her to go back first, and then taught Yu Mo and Ao Xuan a lesson.

Zhixi heard that Yan Dan gave Xue Lingzhi to Yu Mo, and she was very jealous, so she sow discord in front of Ying Yuan, saying all kinds of good things about Yan Dan, implying that Yan Dan and Yu Mo had a good relationship, and also demanded that Yan Dan be on good terms with Yu Mo. Fade back to Heart Cliff. Ying Yuan praised her calmly, Zhixi took the opportunity to propose to learn the flying string technique, Ying Yuan demonstrated the essentials of the flying string technique on the spot, and casually asked about the Juechen technique he taught in Diya, Zhixi happened to have practiced the Juechen technique. The dust technique was practiced in front of Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan had no intention of admiring her, but only thought about how to deal with her so that Yan Dan would not be sad.

Yan Dan passed by and thought that Ying Yuan was teaching Zhixi the art of eliminating the dust. Zhixi stood unsteady and almost fell. Ying Yuan hurriedly stepped forward to support her. Seeing this scene, Yan Dan mistakenly thought that the sweetheart in Ying Yuan’s dream was Zhixi, she had to leave in disappointment. Yan Dan came to Gou Dan’s Residence in Diya again, and couldn’t help but think of the good time she and Ying Yuan spent together day and night here. She had mixed feelings in her heart. She dumped the incense burner’s ashes, and then put the agarwood burner in the Qianyun Palace. It was burned in the furnace, and it also completely cut off the feelings of the corresponding Yuan.

Emperor Zun heard that Ying Yuan cared about Zhixi, and worried that they would have feelings for each other, so he personally came to Yanxu Temple to inquire about the truth. Zhixi explained in every possible way, and Emperor Zun brought it to test. Ying Yuan’s heart for Zhixi was like water, and he took the initiative to ask for a test. Zhixi had to cooperate, and the love line was disconnected. He went to the mortal world to practice for Zhixi, and he announced on the spot that Yan Dan did not have to go through hardships. Before leaving, Emperor Zun reminded Ying Yuan not to be emotional, Ying Yuan swore that he would never, but he was obsessed with Yan Dan, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

The lotus flowers in the Jade Pond were all in full bloom overnight, and all the palaces sent people to collect the fairy dew. Yingyuan sent Yan Dan to collect the flowers. He came to Yaochi early to wait for Yan Dan. Yingdeng offered to accompany Yingyuan to enjoy the flowers, but Yingyuan refused. Lamp sneered at him.

Yan Dan came to collect immortal dew, Ying Yuan advised her to stay for a while, the fragrance of the lotus could calm her mind and ease her pain, Yan Dan was very cold to Yuan, and asked him to bring Zhixi here, Ying Yuan felt Ya’s Lotus is a hundred times better than here, but Yan Dan pretended not to understand, so Ying Yuan had to change the subject and let Yan Dan perform “The Legend of the Creation Hero” again in Yanxu Temple, but Yan Dan categorically refused.

Yan Dan couldn’t forget Ying Yuan, so he had to drink wine to drown his sorrows. Lu Ming accompanies her to drink and relax. Yan Dan confided his annoyance to Lu Ming, and Lu Ming persuaded her to drink the water of forgetfulness. Yan Dan did not want to forget the beautiful days of Diya. , Luming suggested that she have another dream. Yan Dan came to Ying Yuan as Zhi Xi, Ying Yuan had guessed that she was Yan Dan, pretended to be asleep and dared not recognize her, worried that she would lose her life, Yan Dan wanted to reach out and touch Ying Yuan’s face, But still holding back, she cried and ran away. Seeing this scene, Zhixi decided to cut off Yan Dan’s feelings for Yuan, so as to prevent her from getting deeper and deeper.

Ying Deng came to Emperor Zun to complain early in the morning, insisting that Zhixi and Yan Dan had poisoned her with the Hanli poison. Emperor Zun sent someone to call Zhixi and Yan Dan, and Zhixi lied that he had accompanied Ying Yuan for the whole night. At night, Ying Deng believes that Yan Dan has poisoned her, Zhixi is still stirring up the flames, and Yan Dan denies the poisoning.

Emperor Zun sent someone to check the on-duty records and found out that Yan Dan had gone out last night. Emperor Zun determined that Yan Dan was poisoned and asked Ying Yuan to deal with Yan Dan. Ying Deng responded to Yuan’s pressure. Ying Yuan knew that Yan Dan had been wronged. It was inconvenient to say so, so Yan Dan had to be burned at the stake in the Heavenly Punishment Platform three days later.

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