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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 12 Recap

Yan Dan was tortured by Jiudao Tianlei to the point of being bruised and dying. Yu Mo rescued Yan Dan and used all his spiritual power to heal her injuries. Yan Dan was still in a coma, and Lu Ming was crying anxiously.

Zhixi wanted to take care of Ying Yuan, but was worried about getting out of the gang, so she reluctantly beat herself up seriously, pretending that she had just finished being tortured by Tianlei. Ying Yuan woke up in a daze, and found that he had recovered as before.

He couldn’t help complaining that Yan Dan shouldn’t have done the stupid thing to save him by gouging out his heart, but the immortal servant said that Zhixi used half the heart of Hanli to relieve him of the fire poison. , Because the private thief Fu Xuanding was being tortured by Tianlei at the Tianjingtai, Ying Yuan hurriedly got up to see what happened.

When Ying Yuan went out, he saw Zhixi covered in bruises, and before he could ask, Zhixi fainted beside him. After Yu Mo’s all-out rescue, Yan Dan finally woke up. She was very happy. This was the first time she saw Yu Mo during the day. Taking her own life, Yan Dan was willing to sacrifice for Ying Yuan, and she couldn’t wait to see Ying Yuan.

Even though Zhixi’s heart was in chaos and there were signs of lightning, Ying Yuan still believed that Yan Dan saved him, Zhixi insisted that she saved Ying Yuan with half of her heart, Ying Yuan felt that her voice was wrong, Zhixi Explaining that she changed her voice after seeing Ying Yuan’s predicament in Di Ya, just because she didn’t want Ying Yuan to feel embarrassed, and even took out the repaired Buli bracelet to prove her lie, Ying Yuan didn’t believe it at all.

Ao Xuan brought Chao Lan to Marshal Huo De to complain, Yu Mo had long been transformed into a human figure, but he never showed up, suspecting that he was a demon spy hidden in the heaven. Marshal Huode was unhappy. He used wine to drown his sorrows all day long. He would beat Yu Mo three times if he didn’t ask any questions. Ao Xuan was determined not to do it, and insisted on finding out Yu Mo’s identity. Yu Mo admitted that he could transform into a human form long ago, but Yan Dan was bitten when he was teasing Ao Xuan, so he threw Ao Xuan out and smashed him on the body.

Ao Xuan was still angry. As a dragon son, he was not convinced. Yu Mo turned into a human figure earlier than him. Chao Lan couldn’t stand it any longer, and scolded Ao Xuan severely. Marshal Huo De was very impatient and forced the three of them out. gone. Yan Dan dragged his body to look at Ying Yuan, and overheard the two immortal servants talking about Zhixi’s use of half a heart to save Ying Yuan, and the punishment of Jiu Dao Tianlei.

Yan Dan was dumbfounded, and she wanted to enter. The house went to Yingyuan to ask clearly, and saw Zhixi at the door showing her loyalty to Yingyuan with a step-by-step bracelet, Yan Dan didn’t want to expose Zhixi, so she had to hide quietly, Yingyuan only saw her back.

Zhixi listened to Yan Dan’s narration in advance, and knew everything about Yan Dan and Ying Yuan in the thatched hut. In order to gain Ying Yuan’s trust, she said it perfectly, but Ying Yuan still felt that something was wrong. Zhixi called him “dijun”, Yan Dan He would never call him that, Zhixi made excuses to cover up the past. The emperor sent the immortal servant Qingyun to bring Xiancao Xuelingzhi to Ying Yuan, and Ying Yuan asked him about Yan Dan’s current situation. Qingyun had not seen Yan Dan recently, and thought she ran out to play.

When Yan Dan was feeling sad, Ying Yuan suddenly came to see her and found that she was seriously injured. Yan Dan lied that he had used the power of Han Li to keep Xianjun Beiming for a while, but Ying Yuan didn’t believe it at all and decided that Yan Dan had Dan Gou Xin saved him, but Yan Dan refused to admit it. Yan Dan saw Zhixi’s affection for Yuan, and deliberately responded to Yuan’s cold words. Ying Yuan saw that she wanted to fulfill Zhixi, and decided to let Zhixi take the initiative to admit her mistake. Ying Yuan persuaded Yan Dan to take the immortal rank exam, but Yan Dan was not interested in it.

Zhixi hurried to see Yan Dan, Ying Yuan had to go first, Yan Dan asked Zhixi why she was impersonating her, Zhixi lied that she was injured by Ying Deng’s piercing drum, and she tried her best to escape, she wanted to go Yanxu Tiangong asked for help, but she fainted. Ying Yuan rescued her and mistakenly regarded her as a savior.

She was worried that she would be wrong if she was punished. Yan Dan believed it to be true, Zhixi swore that she had no selfishness towards Yuan, and advised Yan Dan not to have feelings for Yuan, otherwise it would be forever. Yan Dan remembered that Ying Yuan once said that once she had feelings, he would kill her with his own hands. Yan Dan had no choice but to bury the feelings corresponding to Yuan in his heart.

Yingdeng came to Yanxu Temple to find Zhixi, and met Qingyun halfway, and learned that Ying Yuan had sent him to send Xue Lingzhi to Yan Dan. As soon as Ying Deng sees Zhi Xi, she exposes her impersonation of Yan Dan, and takes the opportunity to sow discord between Zhi Xi and Yan Dan. Zhi Xi knows that Ying Deng has a special liking for Yuan, and because of jealousy, she wants to eradicate Yan Dan. Deng deliberately said that Ying Yuan gave Yan Danxue Lingzhi, reminding Zhixi to kill Yan Dan in order to avoid future troubles forever.

Emperor Zun came to see Ying Yuan and persuaded him to put the overall situation first and not leave without saying goodbye. Ying Yuan agreed. Yan Dan decided to let go of the feelings corresponding to Yuan completely. She gave Xue Lingzhi to Yu Mo to nourish her body. Yu Mo found out about Zhixi’s impersonation and fought for Yan Dan. Yan Dan didn’t want to expose Zhixi’s lies and was worried about Zhixi. In the past, he was severely punished for stealing instruments. Chaolan came to Yu Mo, Yu Mo introduced Yan Dan to her, the two hit it off at first sight, and Ao Xuan followed, threatening to challenge Yu Mo.

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