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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 5 Recap

After Zhang Weiguo sobered up, he found that his son was no longer in the room, and then received a transfer of 20,000 yuan, and immediately realized that Zhang Anan knew that he had been deceived. Zhang Anan said that the money he was going to give to his grandfather, after all, Zhang Weiguo had no right to put all his grandfather’s savings into it.

Under the arrangement of Wen Zhiyuan, Gu Jiayi officially joined the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Considering that it was inconvenient to always live in a hotel, she took her mother Zhou Xiaoqiu to the intermediary to see the room. Zhou Xiaoqiu wanted Lin Hongnian to be his advisor, but Gu Jiayi opposed it. In the end, there was only one condition. He hoped that the residence would have an elevator, which happened to be on Jintai Road near Chaoyangmen.

Lin Hongnian slept until dawn, never felt at ease and steadfast, and took the initiative to offer incense to his godfather, promising that Zhang Weiguo would help him in any difficulties encountered. As soon as the words fell, Xiao Fang from the real estate agency suddenly came to mention the rent, and Lin Hongnian paid 30,000 yuan without hesitation.

President Wang appointed Lin Hongnian as the company’s media director. Because Lin Hongnian also wanted to live with Zhang Weiguo, he lied to Gu Jiayi and Zhou Xiaoqiu that the company rented a room nearby. Gu Jiayi believed it to be true. Zhou Xiaoqiu felt that it was okay for her daughter and Lin Hongnian to separate, at least to calm each other down. After all, distance creates beauty.

Zhang Weiguo heard that Lin Hongnian had paid the rent, so he wanted to wait until he had enough money to pay back the money. Lin Hongnian disguisedly mentioned that the old man’s room was still empty, and he should consider finding a tenant to bear the rent, but in fact it implied that Zhang Weiguo was thinking about himself. Sure enough, Zhang Weiguo asked Lin Hongnian if he had found a place to live, which was exactly what Lin Hongnian meant. He pretended to refuse on the surface, and immediately agreed after a few words.

As Lin Hongnian’s family settled down in Beijing, work gradually got on track. Zhou Xiaoqiu went for a walk in the park and met Zhang Dache who was kicking shuttlecock. The two did not know each other, and added each other’s WeChat. Zhang Dache was going to use 700,000 to finance his finances, but Zhang Weiguo was able to escape all kinds of mischief by cheating Zhang Dache.

Last time, your employer, You Jing, once again notified Zhang Weiguo to come over and clean up, so that he could make more money and avoid being deducted by the platform. When Zhang Weiguo was dismantling the air conditioner, he accidentally flashed his waist, and You Jing hurriedly took him to a nearby traditional Chinese medicine hospital, thus delaying seeing the director. Zhang Weiguo asked You Jing to be busy in advance, and took the number for acupuncture alone. Unexpectedly, the doctor was Gu Jiayi, and even met Zhao Yan, the goddess sister who had a crush on her when she was a student.

After the two exchanged greetings, Gu Jiayi personally treated Zhang Weiguo and determined that he was not sent by Lin Hongnian to monitor him, and his waist injury was serious. Zhang Weiguo only found out about senior sister’s insomnia through Gu Jiayi. At the same time, he leaked the information about Lin Hongnian’s residence. Gu Jiayi was so angry that he called the other liar.

Before Zhao Yan left the Chinese medicine hospital, Zhang Weiguo invited her to eat at a Beijing restaurant. Due to Zhao Yan’s various taboos, he specially bought fried noodles. Originally, the Beijing restaurant did not allow food to take out, but under Zhang Weiguo’s tricks, the waiter had to agree.

It was this bowl of fried sauce noodles that reminded Zhao Yan of her past days in the theatre. Zhang Weiguo noticed that Zhao Yan was unhappy and understood what she had been through in recent years. Although he made a lot of money, his husband had long since passed away and he had no children and half a daughter. Zhang Weiguo comforted Zhao Yan, saying that she could tell him any troubles in the future.

Here, Zhao Yan sent Zhang Weiguo home, and the two said goodbye outside the door. It happened that Lin Hongnian saw this scene and found that Zhao Yan was driving a luxury car, so he couldn’t help but gossip. Knowing that Zhao Yan’s husband had passed away, Lin Hongnian urged Zhang Weiguo to seize the opportunity, so that he might be able to resume his career and ease the economic embarrassment.

Because Lin Hongnian was in contact with new media for the first time, Mr. Wang specially introduced Liu Haipi, a big man in the industry, and was also an external consultant of the company. Lin Hongnian was still on the air, Liu Haipi had no sense of topic with him, and the atmosphere seemed extremely embarrassing. Later, when writing the manuscript, Lin Hongnian was inspired by Zhang Weiguo’s deeds, and he fooled Zhang Weiguo to send photos of porcelain horses and various receipts on the grounds of helping him find porcelain horses.

An article “The Descendants of the Eunuch” was posted on the Internet, which immediately caused a huge response. Zhang Anan saw that the content was injustice to his father, and he was angry that he was long and short every day, but he was sold for several dollars. Zhang Weiguo came to the company to find Lin Hongnian Xingshi to question him, believing that the other party violated his reputation, and asked to delete the article, but Lin Hongnian did not agree.

When Zhang Weiguo had just left, Gu Jiayi also called and rebuked Lin Hongnian for deliberately consuming Zhang Weiguo’s honesty and kindness, and the couple quarreled again. At the same time, when Zhang Dache heard Zhou Xiaoqiu mention the 700,000 in the article, he suddenly realized that it was Zhang Weiguo, and fainted emotionally.

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