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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 13 Recap

Everyone had a dinner and celebration in Lin Miaomiao’s rental house. Jiang Tianhao took the initiative to report that he was busy opening the store recently, and wanted them to come to the store for an internal test this week. While Lin Miaomiao agreed, she served other people’s food. Qian Sanyi couldn’t hide her disappointment when she saw it, and ate silently.

On the second day, Lin Miaomiao came to the company and learned that the hit rate of the show on the first day exceeded 100,000, which was already far higher than the newcomer’s score. Just when Lin Miaomiao was very proud, she did not expect that some netizens had already intercepted the clip of her and Qian Sanyi saving people. Because of Qian Sanyi’s handsome appearance and Lin Miaomiao’s bravery, she instantly became an Internet celebrity.

Tian Tian called Lin Miaomiao to the office alone to discuss the post-production issues. Lin Miaomiao eagerly asked how to pursue and punish Lv Jiawei, but Tian Tian said that she had to keep the show popular so that she could negotiate conditions with herself. Considering that the popularity of the show continued to increase, Tian Tian asked Lin Miaomiao to do another five to eight episodes, which happened to be the day when her internship expired.

Many self-media and reporters came to the company to interview Lin Miaomiao. Tian Tian was very happy and told Lin Miaomiao not to forget to call Qian Sanyi while preparing for the interview. At the same time, Qian Sanyi was stopped by reporters on his way home, and he was inexplicably fearful when facing the camera. Fortunately, Yan Yudi appeared in time, stopped the reporter’s behavior, and returned home with Qian Sanyi.

Lin Miaomiao took the initiative to come to Qian Sanyi, and she felt very uncomfortable when she saw Yan Yudi entering and leaving Qian Sanyi’s room at will. In order to avoid Lin Miaomiao’s worries, Qian Sanyi said that he had just returned from running outside. Lin Miaomiao believed it and reminded him not to go out for a run in the near future, so as not to be entangled by media reporters, and to solve the rest by himself. After all, netizens are goldfish memories , maybe it will be forgotten in a few days.

In the following interview process, when the reporter asked Lin Miaomiao if this happened again, would she rush up without hesitation. Lin Miaomiao answered no, and the next few questions were also concise and to the point. Tian Tian was not satisfied with this, thinking that she did not fully grasp the heat, and complained that she did not bring Qian Sanyi, but Lin Miao was not satisfied. Miao insisted that she did not want her friends to be exposed in front of the media, and Tian Tian finally had to compromise.

Wang Shengnan saw the video of Lin Miaomiao acting bravely on the Internet, and hurriedly called to inquire about the situation, but Lin Miaomiao was in a fidgety mood and hung up the phone directly. That night, Wang Shengnan couldn’t sleep, so he investigated the information of the Vientiane company. He didn’t expect that the boss was actually Tian Tian.

Jiang Tianhao invited friends to his newly opened script killing shop, and chose a script about the Western fantasy theme. Qian Sanyi, Jiang Tianhao and Li Xizhou were candidates. They only needed to perform their talents and answer three questions correctly. The Lannister who played the wedding was held on the spot.

In order to match Qian Sanyi and Lin Miaomiao, Jiang Tianhao deliberately organized everyone to find a way to make Qian Sanyi win in the game. Unbeknownst to him, Li Xizhou was still carrying out the game tasks very seriously, and he couldn’t help feeling sullen when he knew the truth. Not only Jiang Tianhao is assisting, but also Xiao Zhao, Deng Xiaoqi, and the host are assisting. The three-question process will end soon, and Qian Sanyi is about to marry Lin Miaomiao.

After the two changed their clothes, they started their wedding ceremony. The host recited the words next to them. Qian Sanyi answered “I do” without hesitation, and I did. When the wedding ceremony was over, Li Xizhou noticed that the characters in the script were very different from the actual behavior. Deng Xiaoqi felt that Li Xizhou was too serious, so he quarreled with him, and finally broke up.

When Lin Dawei met Uncle Walker while sleeping in the park, he nag about his affairs with him, especially the menopause Wang Shengnan made him feel upset. Uncle Naihe was behind his ears and couldn’t hear at all. Lin Dawei felt extremely embarrassed. In order to avoid Wang Shengnan, he decided to go to Lanzhou on a business trip. As a result, he received a call from Wang Shengnan halfway, causing a car accident.

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