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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 12 Recap

Originally, Lin Miaomiao wanted Jiang Tianhao to help herself find someone to take charge of the filming, and she was also fully equipped to get to know the hard work of the delivery staff. How could Jiang Tianhao actually send Qian Sanyi here? Lin Miaomiao was helpless and couldn’t find a suitable person, so she had to take him first.

Qian Sanyi’s claustrophobia flared up again because he had to go through a dark alley to get takeaway food. Lin Miaomiao noticed the difference and asked him to wait for him outside. Unexpectedly, Qian Sanyi insisted on following him, and the two held hands. Move forward. It was precisely because Qian Sanyi’s situation was not suitable for filming that Lin Miaomiao wanted to find another candidate. Qian Sanyi implored Lin Miaomiao to give her another chance to ensure that the problem would be overcome this time.

After sending a few orders, Lin Miaomiao and Master Shao agreed on the time. She brought Qian Sanyi to the stall and recorded every bit of each other’s life into the camera. Master Shao cooperated very well with the interview, telling about the difficulty of work and how to balance time with his family.

However, Master Shao was riding a motorcycle to deliver food when he accidentally got into a car accident and caught fire. Lin Miaomiao hurriedly stepped forward to put out the fire, Qian Sanyi also helped, and finally sent Master Shao to the hospital in time to ensure that he was safe and sound. In the evening, Lin Miaomiao called Master Shao’s customers to explain clearly, avoiding bad reviews, and she was so tired that she almost collapsed.

Seeing Lin Miaomiao lying directly on the edge of the flower bed, Qian Sanyi folded her coat into a pillow for her. While Lin Miaomiao praised Qian Sanyi for being considerate, she finally called his disciple. Since the two separated, Qian Sanyi hadn’t heard this title for a long time, so he also lay beside him and began to talk about the story of high school and Lin Miaomiao with a doting tone.

Because Lin Miaomiao began to accept herself again, Qian Sanyi was in a very good mood. Yan Yudi was very happy for him when he heard about it, but he still told him to remember physical therapy and avoid too frequent contact with Lin Miaomiao. Otherwise, it is very likely to aggravate the condition.

Lin Miaomiao went back to the company and started editing the video, but she felt that it was too bland and lacking in new ideas, so she simply called Qian Sanyi to explain her thoughts. Qian Sanyi thinks that most of these videos are made to show an ordinary and ordinary day in all walks of life. It happened that he saw the scene of putting out the fire, and he had an idea in his heart.

Lin Dawei called his daughter and urged the other party to go home for dinner quickly, but Lin Miaomiao’s work was not over yet, so he didn’t have to wait for him to reply. Wang Shengnan heard that Lin Miaomiao was working overtime and personally cooked food to visit the company. As expected, he found that Lin Miaomiao was still working, while Lv Jiawei was lying on the bench beside him to rest.

Just as Lin Miaomiao stretched her waist tiredly, Wang Shengnan suddenly appeared behind her and took the initiative to knead her sore shoulders, not forgetting to tell her to keep her head up, otherwise there would definitely be problems with her cervical spine. In fact, Wang Shengnan cared about Lin Miaomiao very much, but he was always duplicitous, and Lin Miaomiao knew it best, so he did not directly expose it. Wait until Wang Shengnan returns home

When Wang Shengnan came back from the company, her mentality changed completely. While eating, she told her husband how she saw Lin Miaomiao working overtime. The other party takes something so seriously.

Director Xiao reviewed the video edited by Lin Miaomiao and finally agreed to launch it today, but this is the first step in the Long March, and the next data is the key. In order to celebrate the smooth progress of the work, Lin Miaomiao invited Jiang Tianhao, Deng Xiaoqi and Li Xizhou to dinner at home. Everyone found that Qian Sanyi was actually helping in the kitchen, and the atmosphere at the dinner table was extremely happy.

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