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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 11 Recap

Because Deng Xiaoqi performed too hard, she was reprimanded by Shen Qiaohua, which also made Deng Xiaoqi very incomprehensible, so she vomited bitterness to Li Xizhou. Li Xizhou comforted Deng Xiaoqi not to be too hasty. The performance needs to be pondered slowly. If it is done overnight, there will be no good results.

Lin Miaomiao learned about Qian Sanyi’s night run through Jiang Tianhao, and immediately went downstairs to wait for Qian Sanyi to appear, and apologized to him for what happened last time. Qian Sanyi said that he could not forgive, because from the beginning, the wrong person was himself, and finally he mustered the courage to say that Lin Miaomiao should not have been left at the airport.

After saying these words, Lin Miaomiao’s emotions that had been suppressed for a long time were finally released, and then she couldn’t cry. Qian Sanyi was also very uncomfortable, Lin Miaomiao asked him to turn his back, leaned behind him and cried aloud, and this matter finally came to an end, and the two were reconciled.

Yu Di practiced table tennis at home, Qian Sanyi went directly into the room, and when he reappeared, he told the other party about it, and blamed himself for not giving up Lin Miaomiao, otherwise he would never meet a scumbag. Yu Di advised Qian Sanyi not to take all the responsibilities on himself, otherwise the burden would be too heavy.

Because Lin Miaomiao refused to come forward to clarify, so that she was burdened with the infamy of Xiaosan, and the Internet violence became more and more serious, and later spread to Wang Shengnan’s ears. Lin Dawei saw the news sent by Wang Shengnan and knew what happened to Lin Miaomiao recently, so he brought Lin Miaomiao to the barbecue stall last time, saying that Wang Shengnan actually cared about her and the whole family fully supported her.

Lin Miaomiao briefly explained the matter with Lv Jiawei, but did not agree to let Lin Dawei come forward. After all, her parents were only protecting her for a while, and she would have her own way to solve it. Lin Dawei said that he will protect her for the rest of his life. No matter what happens in the future, Lin Miaomiao is very moved and revealed that Lv Jiawei and himself are in the same company.

Lin Dawei asked Lin Miaomiao to resign after hearing it, and it was not too late to find another job, but Lin Miaomiao refused because she insisted on doing better and compared Lv Jiawei. Lin Dawei sighed that his daughter has grown up, and now she has a different way of thinking about things.

Wang Shengnan did not agree with Lin Dawei’s teaching method and wanted to say a few words to Lin Miaomiao, but Lin Dawei stopped him in time, thinking that Lin Miaomiao should be allowed to go out and his parents should not be too restrictive. Wang Shengnan also gradually agreed with the point of view, so he did not call Lin Miaomiao.

After a series of investigations, Jiang Tianhao finally decided to open a script killing shop. Now he has found a ready-made shop, only manpower and scripts are left. Xiao Zhao agreed with both hands after hearing it, and then told Jiang Tianhao about the video. Although the online title was Lin Miaomiao tearing a scumbag, the comments from netizens were not very friendly to Lin Miaomiao.

Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Jiang Tianhao brought a box lunch to the theater to find Deng Xiaoqi, and told her what happened to Lin Miaomiao recently. Deng Xiaoqi blamed herself for not taking good care of Lin Miaomiao. Lin Miaomiao must have felt bad when she encountered these things. Li Xizhou suggested that everyone get together, sit down and have a good heart-to-heart talk.

It didn’t take long for the four of them to come to the playground. Because Qian Sanyi was afraid of heights, he never dared to look directly at the roller coaster. But because Lin Miaomiao wanted to ride the roller coaster, Qian Sanyi decided to participate, and then played the roller coaster and the big pendulum with everyone until everyone except Lin Miaomiao was exhausted.

Lin Miaomiao talked about her experience, saying that these are the second sad things, Qian Sanyi was curious about the first sad thing, and Jiang Tianhao hurriedly interrupted. Deng Xiaoqi also had no choice but to share her recent shortcomings. The more she wanted to act well, the more doubts it attracted. Jiang Tianhao also mentioned that his entrepreneurial path has been ups and downs in the past, but now he has started a script to kill, as long as he has funds, he can revive his career. As for Qian Sanyi, Lin Miaomiao encouraged everyone to cheer up, and there will be surprises at the end of failure.

Lin Miaomiao worked overtime in the company to work on projects, but she was busy until midnight without inspiration until Qian Sanyi ordered a takeaway for Lin Miaomiao. When she saw the hard work of the takeaway, she suddenly realized that the life of every ordinary person is not easy. Because of this, Lin Miaomiao decided to make a series of short videos of professional experience, and made a plan overnight, and finally got Tian Tian’s approval.

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