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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 9 Recap

In order to win Zhang Liang’s group in the next exam, Lin Zhaoxi asked Lin Zhaosheng to tutor them in mathematics. Zhang Shuping saw Lin Zhaosheng’s ability, and applied to the higher department that Lin Zhaosheng could be a tutor for his classmates. He also asked them to go to classroom 501 for class. Happy, Lin Zhaoxi and the team members are even more confident, everyone is like a chicken blood, and they study hard day and night.

After the unremitting efforts of the students and Lin Zhaosheng, Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi’s team members ranked first in average score. Zhang Shuping also announced the list of five students who participated in the Jin Cup. Lu Zhihao ranked fifth, and the students applauded him. . The identification results came out soon. Lin Zhaosheng and Lin Chaoxi were father and daughter. They were both very happy. Lin Chaoxi tried hard to ask what happened back then, and wanted to know how he became an orphan. Lin Zhaosheng had no choice but to tell the truth. He was a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics of Yongchuan University and was sent undercover at Sanwei University.

The Mathematical Olympiad is coming soon. The students cheered for Lin Zhaoxi, Pei Zhi and others. Lin Zhaosheng and Zhang Shuping led the team to participate in the competition. The classmates went in for the exam, and the tutors were waiting outside. They all felt that Lin Zhaosheng, who had unruly long hair, was not like a teacher. If a teacher knew Zhang Shuping, he took the initiative to come over to say hello, and asked him about Lin Zhaosheng by the way. Zhang Shuping introduced that Lin Zhaosheng was in charge of security. Lin Zhaosheng was not convinced. Three of the five participating students were his students. Zhang Shuping was not convinced and argued with him.

Lin Chaoxi, Pei Zhi and Zhang Liang finished the exam 40 minutes ahead of time, and they came out to see Lin Zhaosheng and Zhang Shuping. Zeng Qingran came to attend the award ceremony. The Anping team led by Zhang Shuping won the first place in the group. Lin Zhaosheng cheered happily, and Zhang Shuping hurriedly stopped him.

After all the activities of the training camp were over, Zhang Shuping asked the students to put on their clothes and take a graduation photo. Ji Jiang and Lin Chaoxi’s long-awaited moment is coming. They both have mixed feelings and want to return to the strawberry world as soon as possible, but they can’t let go of everything. Lin Chaoxi comes to take pictures of Lin Zhaosheng, admitting that she is from another parallel world. Chao Xi hugged Lin Zhaosheng and cried bitterly. Pei Zhilai said goodbye to Lin Zhaoxi, and the two went to take pictures hand in hand.

Ji Jiang and Lin Zhaoxi clasped their hands together, hoping to return to the strawberry world when taking pictures, but it backfired. Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang made various excuses to ask the photographer to take another picture, but they all fell short, and they were both dumbfounded. Ji Jiang decided to return to the orphanage, find a family to take him in, and then work hard to enter the entertainment industry. Lin Chaoxi persuaded him to go back to Ji’s house. Ji Jiang was worried about being kicked out of the house. Lin Chaoxi wanted Lin Zhaosheng to take in Ji Jiang. promise.

Lin Zhaosheng took a taxi to take Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang home. Lin Zhaoxi once again found the torn photo of the group photo, and she was in a trance. She and Ji Jiang successfully traveled back to 2018. Lin Chaoxi turned on the phone and saw that they were still traveling The time to go to the Cheese World was still uncertain. Lin Zhaoxi turned on the computer and made sure that they really returned to the Strawberry World. The two of them were very excited.

Lin Chaoxi suddenly received a call from Bao Xiaomeng and learned that Lin Zhaosheng had finally woken up. Ji Jiang accompanied Lin Chaoxi to the hospital, and Lin Zhaosheng was in a trance. Bao Xiaomeng recognized her idol Ji Jiang and was excitedly incoherent. Lin Zhaoxi saw that something was wrong with Lin Zhaosheng, so she asked Bao Xiaomeng what was going on. Bao Xiaomeng had to admit that Lin Zhaosheng woke up suddenly a few days ago. He insisted that it was 1993. He was only in his 20s, but in the mirror was a 40-year-old face, and Lin Zhaosheng fainted on the spot.

Ji Jiang suspected that Lin Zhaosheng had also crossed over. Lin Zhaoxi was so anxious that Lin Zhaosheng woke up again. He didn’t know Lin Zhaoxi, and he didn’t know how he was in the hospital. Lin Zhaoxi described in detail how he was attacked. Lin Zhaosheng didn’t believe it at all. Calling Zhang Shuping, a college classmate, Lin Chaoxi had no choice but to go to Doctor Ma.

Dr. Ma gave Lin Zhaosheng a comprehensive test and found out that he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease due to a car accident a few years ago. Now he has cognitive impairment, and I am afraid it will be difficult to recover. Lin Zhaosheng still didn’t believe that he was forty years old, but the fact was in front of him, and he had to compromise.

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