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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 7 Recap

The leaders of the Education Bureau arranged a park expansion project for the students in the training camp, including farming experience, physical games and camping activities, and reported the matter to Zhang Shuping. Zhang Shuping firmly disagreed. The Jin Cup competition is less than a month away. , I couldn’t find time to play these, but the Education Bureau arranged for reporters to follow up and report, and also wanted photos of the students’ activities.

Chen Chengcheng came to the office to complain to Zhang Shuping in disgrace, and framed Lin Chaoxi for beating him. Zhang Shuping brought Chen Chengcheng to the classroom to ask Lin Chaoxi to hold him accountable. Lin Chaoxi went to help Lin Zhaosheng move books early in the morning. She didn’t see Chen Chengcheng at all. He accidentally knocked Chen Chengcheng to the ground while running. Chen Chengcheng told the truth in public that he accidentally fell. Zhang Shuping didn’t believe it at all, and believed that Lin Chaoxi had knocked him down.

Pei Zhi stood up to defend Lin Chaoxi. Zhang Shuping determined that Lin Chaoxi was lying, and punished her and Pei Zhi’s two groups to follow Xie Ran to dig sweet potatoes. Xie Ran brought the classmates to the sweet potato field. The classmates were so happy. Ji Jiang wanted to see Lin Zhaosheng, but Pei Zhi offered to cover them both.

Lin Zhaosheng came to the sweet potato field on a motorcycle. Xie Ran thought he was a reporter from the City Express. Lin Zhaosheng made a mistake, so he took his classmates to dig sweet potatoes, roast them, and took a lot of photos of labor. Zhang Liang asked Chen Chengcheng to call Lin Chaoxi out, then fell on purpose, and then framed Lin Chaoxi, and asked the team members to testify together. In fact, Zhang Liang was so angry that he gritted his teeth. He brought the team members to find Chen Chengcheng to settle accounts and forcibly drove him away.

Lin Zhaosheng took the students to bake sweet potatoes, and took the opportunity to tell them the beauty and far-reaching significance of mathematics. The students listened with gusto and Xie Ran saw that Lin Zhaosheng was not a reporter. Lin Zhaosheng had to admit that he was the parent of the students. Lin Chaoxi saw Lin Zhaosheng and Xie Ran chatting. Got to be in full swing, showing a knowing smile.

When Lin Chaoxi learned what Zhang Liang had done, he came to him to make a theory. Zhang Liang not only did not admit his mistake, but also plausible. Lin Zhaoxi was worried that her and Pei Zhi’s group would be eliminated, so she asked Lin Zhaosheng to give them twelve homework tutoring, and Lin Zhaosheng agreed. Lin Chaoxi went to the cafeteria to eat every day and ate with Lin Zhaosheng. The two chatted and chatted very speculatively.

From that day on, after the lights went out every night, Lin Chaoxi took the students from the two groups to the mail room for class. Because of staying up late at night for class, Lin Zhaoxi and her classmates dozed off on their desks during the day.

In a blink of an eye, the day of the knockout exam came. As three students voluntarily left the training camp, there were only 10 groups left to participate in the knockout round. Lin Zhaoxi and the group members were confident. They answered the questions seriously and the results came out soon. The first place, Pei Zhi’s group was the fourth place, and Lin Chaoxi’s group was the fifth place, and the students cheered happily.

There were only 27 people left in the training camp. Zhang Shuping congratulated them, but Lin Zhaoxi was not happy. He was worried that the classmates in the photo would be eliminated. Ji Jiang tried his best to comfort her. Lu Zhihao scored 82 points in the test. He wanted to thank Lin Zhaosheng. Pei Zhi was worried about being discovered and decided to surprise Lin Zhaosheng at night. Their conversation was overheard by Zhang Liang’s group, and the classmate hurriedly reported the matter to Zhang Liang.

Lin Zhaosheng asked the canteen chef to help fry the peanuts. When he came to pick it up, he passed by Zhang Shuping, and the two exchanged a few words and then left.

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