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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Chaoxi called the remaining seven classmates together and announced her decision in public. Ten of them were divided into six groups, with her and Pei Zhi as the group leaders. Lin Chaoxi firmly believed that the average score of the two groups would not be at the bottom. But Xiaotian and others were still not confident, and they were worried that they would drag Lin Chaoxi down. Lin Chaoxi encouraged them and Ji Jiang cheered them on, so they reluctantly agreed.

Zhang Shuping brought the students to the library and asked them to read all the mathematics books on the bookshelf within a month. These are the content of the next elimination exam. The students looked at each other in fright and wanted to protest against Zhang Shuping. Zhang Shuping asked Pei Zhi to talk about how he read these books. Pei Zhi summed up the books on the bookshelf, and then read them by category. Zhang Shuping agreed with his learning method.

The students in the training camp were divided into 14 groups. They began to study in groups. The teacher took classes every morning, and the rest of the time was for the students to study by themselves. Lin Chaoxi organized the study outline and asked the group members to study according to the outline. Then came the intense training life. The students did not dare to slack off. Lin Zhaosheng and Yaoyao broke up. He considered repeatedly deciding to resign and find another job. He called and asked a friend to help introduce the job.

The elimination exam is going to be held tomorrow, and Xiao Tian has no idea in her heart. She is worried about dragging the group down. She is so scared that she can’t stop crying. Lin Chaoxi persuades her kindly. At the beginning of the exam, all the students were gearing up, answering the questions earnestly, and invigilating the exam.

The results came out soon, Zhang Shuping announced the results of the exam, Zhang Liang’s group averaged first place, Pei Zhi got full marks, his group ranked seventh, Lin Chaoxi’s group won eleventh, with a slight advantage of 0.5 points Not eliminated.

Zhang Shuping asked Xie Ran to notify the parents of the lower three groups to take their children home. He announced the rules for the next elimination exam. From now on, they will be divided into groups freely. If each group does not have five people, it will be automatically disbanded, and half of the students will be eliminated in this exam. ,

The classmates are very nervous, Xiaotian can’t bear such a lot of pressure, she decides to leave the training camp, Lin Chaoxi is very anxious, she is one of the pictures in the group photo, if she leaves early, all the efforts of Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang will be It was in vain, and the two of them persuaded Xiaotian not to leave.

Lin Zhaosheng called to greet Lin Chaoxi, Lin Chaoxi spit out bitterness to him, Lin Zhaosheng was very dissatisfied with Zhang Shuping’s approach, and advised Lin Chaoxi not to fight against him. Ji Jiang and Lin Zhaoxi often hid and whispered. Lu Zhihao suspected that they were in a puppy love, and Pei Zhi stood up to defend them.

Zhang Liang wanted to replace Chen Chengcheng, but Chen Chengcheng refused to do it, Zhang Liang took the opportunity to ask him to drive Lin Zhaoxi away. Pei Zhi also felt that something was wrong with Ji Jiang and Lin Chaoxi, so he asked Ji Jiang the reason, but Ji Jiang had no choice but to tell him and Lin Chaoxi’s experience of traveling through the balanced world in 2018.

Lin Chaoxi got up early to clean the playground. Zhang Shuping came to her and didn’t understand why she was in a group with those students with poor qualifications. Lin Chaoxi pointed out that Zhang Shuping’s rules were unreasonable, Zhang Shuping didn’t buy it at all, and even scolded her. Pei Zhi came later. He already knew about Lin Chaoxi and promised to help Lin Chaoxi return to the strawberry world.

Li Ming flinched and left the training camp. Qu Ge and Wang Lu also wanted to leave. Lin Chaoxi tried hard to persuade them to stay and let them join her and Pei Zhi’s groups respectively. Ming Chen was very dissatisfied and worried about them. The two dragged their feet, so they discussed with Xiao Tian and left before the exam. Lin Chaoxi was too anxious to do anything, Pei Zhi persuaded her kindly and encouraged her to face it strong.

Lin Chaoxi called to complain to Lin Zhaosheng, only to know that Lin Zhaosheng was now a guard at the base. Lin Chaoxi trotted all the way to look for him, and hugged him tightly.

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