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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Chaoxi and Zhang Liang started the game. Ji Jiang saw the other party looking for the students from the experimental primary school in the Children’s Palace extra-curricular class to cheer. He also went to the students from the Red Star Elementary School to cheer for Lin Chaoxi. He only came to Lu Zhihao, and Lu Zhihao was still temporary He defected to support Zhang Liang, while Pei Zhi gave Lin Zhaoxi guidance. Zhang Liang was eager to win, and accidentally made a mistake. Lin Chaoxi was calm and calm, and used this mistake to easily win, Zhang Liang had to leave angrily.

Lin Zhaosheng came to hear the news and witnessed Lin Chaoxi’s demeanor with his own eyes. He couldn’t help but admire her. Lin Zhaosheng wanted to test Pei Zhi’s strength. Pei Zhi lost twice in a row. The two of them wanted to learn mathematics and apply for Zhang Shuping’s Olympiad training camp. Lin Zhaosheng reluctantly agreed, revealing that he and Zhang Shuping were rivals in love. Lin Zhaoxi asked Lin Zhaosheng to take a group photo with her, and Lin Zhaosheng agreed.

Mother felt that learning mathematics was useless, and forced Pei Zhi to learn Go, but he didn’t like it, so he skipped class and followed Lin Zhaosheng to learn mathematics. Lin Zhaosheng taught him according to his aptitude and asked Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang to do exam papers every day, which made Pei Zhi a lot easier. Lin Zhaosheng asked him to read the literature on mathematics. Ji Jiang was very dissatisfied. Lin Chaoxi advised him to study hard, otherwise he would not even be able to pass the training camp. , Ji Jiang had to calm down and do the test paper.

In a blink of an eye, the day of the training camp selection test came. Zhang Liang, Pei Zhi, Ji Jiang and Lin Zhaoxi came to participate on time. Lin Zhaosheng was late and Lin Zhaoxi was disappointed. Pei Donglai sent Pei Zhilai for the test. Lin Zhaoxi clearly remembered that Pei Donglai was there He died when he was in junior high school. Ji Jiang wanted to remind Pei Zhi that Lin Chaoxi didn’t know the specific reason. He was worried about causing unnecessary panic, so Ji Jiang had to give up.

Half an hour after the exam started, Pei Zhi finished the test paper, Zhang Liang and Lin Zhaoxi both had the last big question left, Zhang Liang completed it faster, Lin Zhaoxi finished the test paper and came out, Lin Zhaosheng and Pei Zhi had been waiting for her, Ji Jiang Then they came out, and Lin Chaoxi forced Lin Zhaosheng to pay them to have dinner to celebrate.

Pei Donglai received a call from his wife and learned that Pei Zhi had never been to the Go class. He hurried to the Youth Palace and learned that Pei Zhi skipped class to study mathematics with Lin Zhaosheng. Pei Donglai and his wife came to Lin Zhaosheng. Pei Zhi made it clear that he did not like being a wife. , wanting to learn mathematics with Lin Zhaosheng, but mother Pei firmly refused, insisting that Lin Zhaosheng is a liar, Lin Zhaosheng took out his postgraduate diploma and achievements in mathematics, but mother Pei still refused to let Pei Zhi come to the Children’s Palace to study.

Nearly 2,000 students signed up, Zhang Shuping personally selected 80 students, Zhang Liang, Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi all got full marks in the exam, and most of the students were wrong on the last question. Pei Donglai tried his best to please Pei Zhi, but Pei Zhi didn’t buy it. He wanted to go to Zhang Shuping’s Olympiad Math Training Camp. Pei Donglai had to intercede for him. He also took Euler’s seven bridges to test his wife. He repeatedly emphasized the importance of learning mathematics. He wanted to make more friends in the training camp and broaden his horizons. Pei Donglai helped him, and Pei’s mother reluctantly agreed.

Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang got their wish to be admitted to the Zhang Shuping Olympiad Math Training Camp. The two packed up their luggage and prepared to leave. Lin Zhaosheng didn’t show up for a long time. Lin Zhaoxi went to the mail room to find him. Lin Zhaosheng asked his colleagues to give Lin Chaoxi a package in advance. He hid in Yaoyao’s dance studio and followed Lin Chaoxi’s every move.

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