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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 3 Recap

Lin Zhaosheng refused to recognize Lin Zhaoxi. Lin Zhaoxi was persistent and entangled with him. Yaoyao, a dance teacher in the Youth Palace, was Lin Zhaosheng’s girlfriend. She came to the mail room after class to find Lin Zhaosheng. Ji Jiang followed him to learn mathematics, and Yaoyao didn’t ask any more questions, just got on Lin Zhaosheng’s motorcycle and left gracefully.

Pei Zhi was going to go back to the Go class. Lin Zhaoxi remembered that after he studied in Germany, he was angry and didn’t get any news. He yelled at him. Now, I apologized to Pei Zhi again and again.

Lin Zhaoxi remembered what happened in 2010. She and Pei Zhidu were awarded the school’s top three students, and the winning classmates came to the stage to accept the award together. Lin Chaoxi stumbled into the next to Pei Zhi. Smart and eager to learn, his grades are far ahead, and he is also a math genius. Female classmates all laughed at him and called him an alien.

Lin Chaoxi learned from his classmates that the two people’s names had the same strokes and strokes, and there was an inextricable relationship. Lin Chaoxi wanted to change his name to Lin Dongxi. , which is the same as the strokes of Pei Zhi’s name, Lin Zhaosheng disagreed.

Pei Zhi studied mathematics with Lin Zhaosheng every week. Lin Zhaoxi couldn’t be more happy. She was incoherent and insisted on studying with Pei Zhi, but she couldn’t understand.

After Ji Jiang listened to Lin Chaoxi’s story, he didn’t expect the two of them to have such a relationship. Ji Jiang brought Lin Chaoxi to the secret base when he was a child, and the big head followed, revealing that Professor Ji, who taught at the university, had adopted him. Ji Jiang was saddened. He cried a lot. If he didn’t come out with Lin Chaoxi, Professor Ji would adopt him. This completely changed Ji Jiang’s fate. Lin Chaoxi apologized to him again and again, but it didn’t help. Lin Chaoxi was very sad. Lin Chaoxi felt that she was too stupid because she refused to recognize her.

Lin Zhaoxi liked mathematics since she was a child, but facing Lin Zhaosheng and Pei Zhi, two math geniuses, she felt ashamed and felt that she was an ordinary person. She didn’t even get into the Zhang Shuping Olympiad Math Training Camp. There was disappointment in his eyes, and he was about to persuade her well. Lin Zhaoxi wanted to go back to take care of the unconscious Lin Zhaosheng, and Ji Jiang also wanted to return to his original life.

Mr. and Mrs. Jia came to the orphanage to adopt the child. Mr. Li recommended Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang to them. They deliberately made trouble and scared Mr. and Mrs. Jia away. Teacher Li saw that the two of them were intentional, and gave them the facts and reason, but Lin Chaoxi didn’t want to be claimed. Her goal now is to study hard and be admitted to the Zhang Shuping Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp.

Teacher Li fully supports her idea. Lin Zhaoxi went to see Lin Zhaosheng as soon as she had time. Lin Zhaosheng was moved by her sincerity, and gradually relaxed his vigilance, and the two got along very well.

Zhang Shuping went to the Education Bureau to apply for the Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp, explained the importance of mathematics to the staff in detail, and finally got the approval. If not, Lin Chaoxi wanted Pei Zhi to teach him, so he brought Ji Jiang to the Youth Palace to find Pei Zhi. Pei Zhi and Zhang Liang are classmates, both of them are learning Go here. Pei Zhi won Zhang Liang effortlessly. Zhang Liang was unconvinced and vowed to surpass Pei Zhi in his heart.

Ji Jiang begged Pei Zhi to teach him, Zhang Liang tried his best to stop him, and joked that Ji Jiang was stupid and stupid, Ji Jiang was very angry, Lin Chaoxi fought for Ji Jiang, Zhang Liang played games with them, Lin Chaoxi won easily, Zhang Liang did not Convinced, he brought four students who were the best in mathematics to challenge them. They claimed to be “winning the five tigers”. Zhang Liang brought four boxes of Go pieces, and whoever got the last one would win.

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