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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 11 Recap

Ying Yuan expressed his heart to Yan Dan and vowed not to miss her in the next life. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan kissed passionately across the veil. Xiaomengdie broke into a butterfly and flew around them. Yan Dan uses Xiaomengdie to enter Yingyuan’s dream. Yingyuan proposes to her in her dream. The two of them wear wedding dresses and swear to the heaven. Happiness comes too suddenly. Yan Dan is intoxicated and unable to extricate herself from it. Xian Shi, Xiang Ying Yuan repeatedly confirmed whether he really loved her, and Ying Yuan vowed to love her in the next life.

Soon after the marriage, Yan Dan became pregnant, and Ying Yuan took good care of her and obeyed her. Yan Dan successfully gave birth to his son Goudan. Goudan was stubborn by nature and ran away from home if he didn’t like it. Yan Dan wanted to leave with Goudan, but Ying Yuan caught him, so they had to stay. The three lived a warm life. Happy little days.

Ying Yuan woke up in a daze, feeling uncomfortable all over, Yan Dan would look for him by his bedside, only to realize that it was just a sweet dream. Huo Di in Ying Yuan’s body had another attack. He was in unbearable pain and didn’t want Yan Dan to be involved. He forced Yan Dan out. Yan Dan tried his best to smash the door, but Ying Yuan didn’t open it. When the door came in, she wanted to help Ying Yuan cool down, but Ying Yuan resisted desperately and asked her to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, she would be left alone, and Ying Yuan did not want her to face life and death.

Ying Yuan took out the lotus agarwood incense burner he carved by himself and gave it to Yan Dan as a souvenir. From now on, they will never see each other again. Yan Dan only hopes that Ying Yuan can recognize her when she is reborn, otherwise she will push Ying Yuan off the bridge. , Ying Yuan smiled bitterly and did not speak, he knew that it was impossible for him to open his eyes again. After Yan Dan came back from Diya, he immersed himself in reading ancient books, and made sure to gouge out his heart and put it in Fuxuan Cauldron to refine the antidote, so that Yingyuan could be saved.

Yan Dan came to the Miaofa Pavilion to get the cauldron to refine the antidote, but Zhixi found out on the spot, Yan Dan told the story of her working overtime to take care of Ying Yuan, and she wanted to use her heart to refine the antidote. Yuan, Zhixi was grateful for Ying Yuan’s life-saving grace, and felt that this matter would help her to become an immortal, so she agreed to let Yan Dan take the tripod. Zhixi helped repair it, and the fluorescent lamp was hiding to the side to see clearly.

When Yan Dan came to Diya, he first placed Anshui San in the agarwood incense burner, and Ying Yuan could sleep peacefully with a stick of incense. Yan Dan reluctantly plucked out his heart and put it into the cauldron. He used all his spiritual power to refine the antidote. With unremitting efforts, the antidote was finally made. Yan Dan was weak. She insisted on feeding Ying Yuan, hoping that Ying Yuan would wake up soon. If Ying Yuan found out that she and Xiao Xian Shi were the same person, she would definitely be very surprised. .

Zhixi calculated that the time was almost up, she knew that Yan Dan would be weak after cutting out her heart, and she would definitely not have the energy to take care of Ying Yuan. Zhixi wanted to take care of Ying Yuan, and Ying Yuan would never treat her badly when she woke up. Zhixi wanted to go to Diya, but was intercepted by Ying Deng halfway, Ying Deng wanted to kill her on the charge of guarding and stealing, and specially prepared the piercing drum, Zhixi resisted desperately, but the piercing drum was powerful, and Zhixi gradually lost. Being severely injured, Zhixi knew that Ying Deng had a deep love for Yuan, and kept claiming that Yan Dan had stolen Ying Yuan.

Tian Bing was ordered to return Fu Xuan Ding, Yan Dan did not want to implicate Zhi Xi, pretended to be Zhi Xi, and gave Fu Xuan Ding to Tian Bing, and Tian Bing took her to accept Tian Lei’s punishment. Ao Xuan and Chao Lan devote themselves to their cultivation, and with the immortal spirit of Hanging Heart Cliff, the two of them quickly transformed into human figures. The two of them were overjoyed and played around on Hanging Heart Cliff.

Ying Deng could see at a glance that the torture was taken lightly. She didn’t want to implicate Zhi Xi, so she accepted the punishment for her. After intensive training, Yu Mo finally dared to see Yan Dan in the sun. He saw that the flower petals on his wrist were different. He was worried that Yan Dan would be in danger, so he couldn’t wait to jump out of the water. Ao Xuan was not convinced. He cultivated into a human form before him, and he fought against Yu Mo when he could not tell the difference. Yu Mo was eager to save people. He had no heart to fight. Turned over to the ground, and then walked away. Ao Xuan was so angry that he went to Marshal Huo De to complain.

Yan Dan accepted Tianlei’s punishment for Zhixi. She was bruised and bruised all over, and finally fainted. Zhixi saw this scene from a distance, and her heart was mixed. Yingdeng wanted to take the opportunity to kill Yan Dan, but Yu Mo came to save him in time. Zhixi was worried that the matter would be exposed, so she did not dare to return to the Miaofa Pavilion, so she had to go to Diya to find Yingyuan.

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